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Ashram Cast - Exploring The Talented Actors And Actresses Behind The Hit Series

Ashram cast has been making waves in the Indian entertainment industry since the release of the hit web television series, "Ashram" on MX Player in 2020.

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Ashram casthas been making waves in the Indian entertainment industry since the release of the hit webtelevision series, "Ashram" on MX Player in 2020.
The series follows the story of a self-styled godman and the various individuals whose lives he impacts. The show has garnered critical acclaim for its gripping plot, well-drawn characters, and strong performances from its talented cast.
In this article, we will take a closer look at the actors and actresses who brought the world of "Ashram" to life, exploring their backgrounds, their contributions to the series, and their future prospects in the entertainment industry.

The Cast of Aashram | Behind the Scenes | Aashram Chapter 2 - The Dark Side | Bobby Deol | MX Player

Ashram Cast Interview

Several members of the Ashram Cast have given interviews about their experiences working on the show.
In these interviews, they have discussed topics such as their character development, the challenges of shooting in a remote location, and their relationships with other cast members.
Bobby Deol, who plays the lead role of Baba Nirala in the series, has given several interviews about his role. In one interview with The Indian Express, he talked about the emotional journey his character goes through in the show.
He also spoke about how he prepared for the role, saying, "I had to look at myself and find that anger within myself, which I have never shown in my life."
Actress Aaditi Pohankar, who plays the role of Pammi, has also given interviews about her experience working on Ashram.
In an interview with Firstpost, she discussed how she approached her character, saying, "I think the best way to approach Pammi was to understand her emotions and what she is going through."
Other members of the cast, such as Chandan Roy Sanyal, Tushar Pandey, and Darshan Kumaar, have also given interviews about their roles in the series.
Fans of Ashram may be interested in watching these interviews to gain a deeper understanding of the show and its characters.

Ashram Cast Real-life Partners

While the Ashram Cast is known for their on-screen chemistry, some viewers may be interested in learning about the actors' real-life partners.
Many of the cast members are private about their personal lives, but some have spoken about their relationships in interviews and on social media.
Bobby Deol, who is married to Tanya Deol, has been vocal about the importance of his family in his life. In an interview with Hindustan Times, he said, "My family is my backbone. They are my strength."
Aaditi Pohankar, on the other hand, has not revealed much about her personal life, but has shared some posts on Instagram that suggest she is currently single.
Chandan Roy Sanyal, who plays the role of Bhopa Swami in Ashram, is in a long-term relationship with his partner, Payal.
He has shared several posts on Instagram featuring her and has spoken about their relationship in interviews.
In an interview with Times of India, he said, "I'm lucky to have Payal in my life. She has been with me through thick and thin."
Tushar Pandey, who plays the role of Satti in Ashram, has not revealed much about his personal life, but has been linked to actress Mridul Madhok in the past.
Darshan Kumaar, who plays the role of Ujagar Singh in the series, is married to actress Pooja Kumaar.
Overall, while the Ashram Cast may keep their personal lives private, some information about their relationships can be found through interviews and social media.

Ashram Cast Season 2 Release Date

The release date for the second season of Ashram has already been announced. The series premiered on MX Player on August 28, 2020, and the second season, titled "Ashram: Chapter 2 - The Dark Side," was released on November 11, 2020.
The second season picks up where the first season left off, and continues to follow the story of Baba Nirala and the people in his ashram.
The second season features the same cast as the first season, with Bobby Deol reprising his role as Baba Nirala.
Fans of the series were excited to see the continuation of the story and the return of their favorite characters.

Ashram Cast Awards And Nominations

The cast of Ashram has received critical acclaim for their performances in the series, and the show itself has been recognized with several nominations and awards. Here are some of the nominations and awards received by the Ashram Cast:
  • Bobby Deol was nominated for the Best Actor in a Leading Role (Drama) category at the Filmfare OTT Awards 2020 for his performance as Baba Nirala in Ashram.
  • Chandan Roy Sanyal was nominated for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Drama) category at the Filmfare OTT Awards 2020 for his portrayal of Bhopa in Ashram.
  • Darshan Kumaar was nominated for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Drama) category at the Filmfare OTT Awards 2020 for his role as Ujagar Singh in Ashram.
  • The series was also nominated for the Best Web Series category at the Filmfare OTT Awards 2020.
  • Ashram won the Best Web Series award at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2021.
Overall, the cast of Ashram has received praise for their performances in the series, and the show has been recognized for its impactful storytelling and direction.

Ashram Cast Character Names

Here are the main character names of the Ashram Cast:
  • Bobby Deol as Kashipur Waale Baba Nirala, the leader of the fictional ashram in the town of Kashipur.
  • Chandan Roy Sanyal as Bhopa, the right-hand man of Baba Nirala.
  • Aaditi Pohankar as Pammi, a lower-caste girl who becomes a disciple of Baba Nirala.
  • Darshan Kumaar as Ujagar Singh, a police officer investigating the criminal activities in the ashram.
  • Anupriya Goenka as Dr. Natasha, a psychologist who helps Ujagar Singh with his investigation.
  • Tridha Choudhury as Babita, a rich girl who becomes a disciple of Baba Nirala.
  • Tushar Pandey as Satti, Pammi's younger brother who is also involved with the ashram.
  • Vikram Kochhar as Sadhu, another disciple of Baba Nirala who helps him in his criminal activities.
  • Sachin Shroff as Hukum Singh, a politician who is connected to the ashram and its criminal activities.
  • Rajeev Siddhartha as Akki, a journalist who investigates the ashram and its activities.

People Also Ask

What Other Projects Has Bobby Deol Worked On Besides Ashram?

Bobby Deol has worked on a number of projects besides Ashram, including films like "Barsaat," "Gupt," "Soldier," and "Race 3," among others.

Who Plays Pammi In Ashram?

Pammi is played by actress Aditi Sudhir Pohankar in Ashram.

What Other Roles Has Chandan Roy Sanyal Played Besides In Ashram?

Chandan Roy Sanyal has appeared in a number of films and television shows besides Ashram, including "Kaminey," "Rang De Basanti," and "Jazbaa," among others.

Who Plays The Character Of Bhopa Swami In Ashram?

Bhopa Swami is played by actor Tushar Pandey in Ashram.

Has Aaditi Pohankar Acted In Any Other Web Series Besides Ashram?

Yes, Aaditi Pohankar has acted in other web series such as "City of Dreams" and "Layla Majnu," among others.

Final Words

Ashram Cast has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the Indian entertainment industry. The talented actors and actresses who brought the characters of "Ashram" to life have captured the hearts of viewers with their nuanced performances, adding depth and complexity to the story.
With the success of the first season of "Ashram," fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the second season, and are looking forward to seeing what this talented cast will bring to the table next.
Whether they are playing heroes or villains, each member of the Ashram Cast has shown incredible range and skill, and is sure to have a bright future ahead of them in the world of Indian entertainment.
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