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What Are Banishing Spells And How To Cast Them?

If you want to release yourself from something (or someone) in your life, banishing spells can be immensely calming and powerful. You can be stuck because of an ex, a bully at work, or a restricting worldview. Whatever it was that brought you here, banishing spells can assist you with both purification and escape.

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If you want to release yourself from something (or someone) in your life, banishing spellscan be immensely calming and powerful. You can be stuck because of an ex, a bully at work, or a restricting worldview. Whatever it was that brought you here, banishing spellscan assist you with both purification and escape.
The banishing spells in this essay, however, are not of the black magicvariety and are not meant to control or hurt someone. They are only concerned with assisting the spellcaster in making the most tranquil removal of all negative energy from her life.

What Is A Banishing Spell?

Casting a spell to banish something from your life or future is referred to as a banishing spell. This can include things, emotions, actions, routines, energetic environments, and people. Witches and pagans frequently used banishing rituals to expel evil spirits or negative energies.
Cleaning your house is akin to banishing something from it. You do a form of banishing when you organize your closet and donate old clothing. Additionally, you are banishing your ex when you delete their phone number from your phone and replace all thoughts of them with something else.
Depending on the importance of the thing you desire to banish, banishing spells might be little or powerful. Greater attention and energy are needed for larger spells.
Your intention is crucial when doing any kind of ritual or spellwork. A banishing spell won't likely work if you're undecided and unclear of whether you wish to banish the object in question.
You must be certain about what you wish to expel and why. Take it as a no if you're not sure whether to banish anything or not. For now, at least, say no.
Numerous methods, including smoke purification, crystals, candles, magic jars, baths, burning paper, meditation, prayer, chanting, manufacturing poppets, and more, can be used to cast banishing spells.
When crafting your own banishing spell, keep in mind that magic is a very personal thing. Take the spells in this post as a starting point, but don't feel obligated to strictly adhere to them.
Keep in mind that the subject of your banishing spell will determine how long the spell lasts. There are some banishings that are permanent, some that need to be replenished on a regular basis, and yet othersthat only lessen the frequency or severity of the item you're attempting to get rid of when it's inescapable (for example, social media trolls).
The feelings and pain associated with those toxic people cannot be removed from you, even though it is possible to eliminate them from your life. You must perform that shadow task, and no amount of wizardry will enable you to avoid it.
A word of advice: don't rely only on a banishing spell to protect yourself if you are experiencing abuse, harassment, or bullying. Please ask trusted family members, instructors, women's groups and charities, the police, or other professionals for assistance.

Casting Instructions For Banishing Spell

Put the water basin in the center of a circle of candles. Light the candles and proceed around the circle counterclockwise, calling upon each element as you go. Since it is a banishment spell, the elements must be invoked in the reverse order (spirit, earth, fire, water, air).
Prayer for the spirit: "Spirit, I welcome you to this circle and ask that you pull negative influences from me."
Prayer for the earth: "Earth I welcome you to this circle and ask that you take bad energy from me."
Invocation for fire: “Fire I welcome you to this circle and ask that you burn away my curse.”
Prayer for the water: “Water I welcome you to our circle and humbly request that you purify and cleanse me."
Prayer for the air: “Air You are invited to my circle, and I kindly beg that you expel my curse."
Once this is complete, walk to the center of the circle, take the bowl, and recite: "With this water, I embody my curse, as it flows from the bowl so shall my curse flow from me. This is my will, so mote it be." Onto the ground, pour the water.
Blowing out the candles in the following order, starting with the air candle and moving clockwise: air, water, fire, earth, and spirit, completes the circle. Each candle must be extinguished with a thank-you to the element. (For example, "thanks air").
If you want to change the wording or if you have any inquiries, feel free to message me.

How to Cast a Banishing Spell | Wicca

People Also Ask

What Are The Common Tools Used In Banishing Spells?

  • Herbs: It's a good idea to burn some herbs to purify your area before casting any spells. Lavender, sage, and palo santo are all effective.
  • Black candles: When doing any kind of banishing, protection, or letting go magic, they are the preferred candles. Use a fresh one, please.
  • Essential oils: Because they aid in cleansing, protection, and the promotion of serenity, the essential oils juniper berries, lavender, and cedar wood are ideal for banishing rituals.
  • Crystals: For protection and banishing spells, black crystals like tourmaline, onyx, and obsidian are ideal.
  • Cord: A piece of string, wool, wire, or rope that symbolizes an energetic cord.

What Is The Best Banishing Spell?

There are six best banishing spells you can do:
  • Speak it banishing spell
  • Let it go banishing spell
  • Balloon banishing spell
  • Cord banishing spell
  • Waning or dark moon banishing spell
  • Protection spell

Is Banishing Spells Effective?

Banishing spells are effective when you cast them correctly.

Final Statement

Eliminating negative emotions and individuals from our lives can feel tremendously liberating and lead us to believe that we are making spiritual progress.
However, some people overreact and begin severing ties with everyone they encounter. Here, proceed with caution. Only use banishing spells if you are positive that something has to be removed. They shouldn't be used as a substitute for having uncomfortable but necessary challenging conversations with others or for conducting shadow work to deal with our wounds and trauma.
Therefore, before you begin, be sure to define what you wish to banish and why. When you are truthful with yourself, you can then confidently decide whether to move forward with your decision to banish, whether to accept things as they are, or whether to focus your efforts on moving or fixing whatever needs fixing.
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