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Brittney Noell - Recognized For Being The Wife Of Rapper Logic

Brittney Noell is a lifestyle blogger and the owner of her own company, but she is perhaps best known as the wife of Logic, whose true name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall. Logic is an American rapper. In the year 2022, Brittney will become 25 years old. She was born and raised in the United States. The wedding of Logic and Brittney Noel took place in September 2019. Together, they have raised a son.

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Brittney Noellis a lifestyle blogger and the owner of her own company, but she is perhaps best known as the wife of Logic, whose true name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall. Logic is an American rapper.
In the year 2022, Brittney will become 25 years old. She was born and raised in the United States. The wedding of Logic and Brittney Noel took place in September 2019. Together, they have raised a son.

Quick Facts About Brittney Noell

Real NameBrittney Noell Hall
Profession(s)Instagram Star
BirthdayJanuary 1, 1997
HometownLos Angeles, California, United States
Age25 years
BirthplaceLos Angeles, United States
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian

The Worklife Of Brittney Noell In The Professional World

The year 2019 saw the debut of her apparel business, Brittany Noell Designs. However, after a year of working on it, she eventually stopped sewing garments and stopped putting any effort into it. In addition to being a full-time mother, Brittany launched her self-titled blog.
This site includes writings on many lifestyle topics, including healthand beauty. In her internet area, she discusses the sources of her fashion inspiration and shares recipes with readers. In addition, she discusses her roles as a mother and a famous wife.
Brittney also discussed the reasons she was reluctant to start a blog. She said that being in the limelight was nerve-wracking for her. She has the opinion that using social media may be risky and that users can be quite cruel to one another. Even though she believes she has a tough exterior, there are still certain things that are capable of causing her significant emotional distress.

Physical Stats And Hobbies

Her precise height and weight are unknown. Her eyes are blue, and while her hair is naturally light brown, she has been dyeing it blonde for a few years. Speaking about her physical appearance, she has a very slim and toned frame that she keeps up with frequent exercise and hobbies.
She enjoys going biking and shooting with her hubby when she's not taking care of Bobby. She started painting, making ceramics, and riding horses because she wanted to discover new interests after giving birth to Bobby. In one of her blog posts, she wrote:’
I used to horseback ride when I was little, and I’ve always loved horses, but then when we moved I fell even more in love. We live close to a horse farm, and I was able to see the horses every day. I started taking lessons, and I absolutely loved it.- Brittney Noell
She revealed a passion for music and started taking guitar lessons. Brittany enjoys taking pictures of new plants for her Instagram account and posting them there.
Brittney Noell With Her Son
Brittney Noell With Her Son

Some Interesting Facts About Brittney Noell's Husband

  • Sir Robert Bryson "Bobby" Hall II is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is also known by his stage name Bobby. "Logic" is his stage name, however, most people just call him "Logic." He began to rap while he was in his adolescent years.
  • Sir Robert Bryson Hall II gave birth to Logic on January 22, 1990, in Rockville, Maryland. His name at birth was Logic. A significant portion of his boyhood was spent in the West Deer Park neighborhood located in Gaithersburg.
  • In the years leading up to his signing with Def Jam Recordings in 2013, Logic released several mixtapes independently. Within the same calendar year, he was allowed to tour alongside musicians like Kid Cudi, Big Sean, and Tyler, the Creator.
  • The year 2014 saw the release of "Under Pressure," the first studio album by Logic. Earlier in the year, he had said that it would just feature him and not any other musicians and that it would be all about him. The album debuted on the Top Hip-Hop/R&B Chart on Billboard at position number two and quickly rose to the top spot.
  • Since that time, Logic has collaborated with a wide variety of skilled musicians, including Wiz Khalifa, Childish Gambino, Yo Gotti, Marshmello, and 2 Chainz, among others.

Brittney Noell As Rapper Logic’s New Wife

Few people were surprised when Logic announced he was expecting a baby just one year after divorcing Jessica because he has always preferred to be private about his life.
Logic first met Brittney Noell at the beginning of 2019, and she was later seen traveling on a private jet with him to one of his concerts in Las Vegas. Brittney is the creative director of the LA-based womenswear company Brittney Noell Designs.
His application for a marriage license, which gives them 90 days to get married under California law, became public knowledge on July 19th.
When asked about his love of the game of chess in an interview, Logic mentioned how much he and his wife enjoy playing the game together. That supported rumors that they had exchanged vows in a quiet ceremony.

Brittney Noell's Net Worth

Her successes in the world of business have enabled her to amass a net worth of around one million dollars at present. On the other side, her spouse Logic is an American rapper and producer who has a net worth of $14 million.
Logic has quickly risen to become one of the most famous and financially successful rappers in the world ever since his meteoric rise to fame in 2018.
Logic spent $1.9 million on the purchase of a home in Tarzana, California, in the year 2016. After living there for two years, he decided to sell the home for $2.35 million.
In April of 2018, Logic paid $3.57 million for a home that he purchased in the city of Calabasas, California. It had only been a few short months since he had submitted the paperwork necessary to divorce his first wife. In November of the year 2020, he listed the home for sale for $5 million.

People Also Ask

How Long Has Logic Been With Brittney Noell?

Brittney Noell and Logic were wed in September 2019. They only have a son.

When Did Logic Meet Brittany Noel?

Early in 2018, soon after divorcing his ex-wife, Jessica Andrea, Logic met Brittney Noell.

How Did Logic Meet Brittney Noell?

Logic and Brittney first connected at the beginning of 2018, and in April, just after calling it quits on his marriage to Jessica Andrea, he flew her to Vegas for a performance.


The balance between Brittney Noell's personal and professional lives is currently being tipped due to her satisfaction with her current situation. Besides serving as an inspiration to her peers and future generations, she hopes to accomplish many goals in the future.
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