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Can You Meet Someone In Your Dreams - Meaning & Interpretation

You must first learn if can you meet someone in your dreams before you can interact with whomever you want in a dream and do whatever you want with them. Your ability to control your dreams improves as you learn how to lucid dreams. Then all you have to do is intend or want a certain individual to appear to you in your dream. It just needs that. Some dreamers just ask the dream to bring them out loud, while others only need to think about them for them to appear.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Sep 14, 2022
You must first learn if can you meet someone in your dreamsbefore you can interact with whomever you want in a dream and do whatever you want with them. Your ability to control your dreams improves as you learn how to lucid dreams.
Then all you have to do is intend or want a certain individual to appear to you in your dream. It just needs that. Some dreamers just ask the dream to bring them out loud, while othersonly need to think about them for them to appear.
Of course, to achieve this, lucid dreaming must be a regular and controlled occurrence. The quickest and simplest method to do this is to adhere to the straightforward directions of a reputable lucid dreaming course.
You can lucid dream, as can everyone else. Learning the technique only requires patience and perseverance, but once you do, there are no limits to what you may do. So why not check it out right now?

How To Share Dreams With Someone?

Let's have a look at some mutual dream exercises you may perform when dreaming lucidly or non-lucidly.

Experiment 1 Dream Mashing

Find a dream mate who is willing to participate in this experiment. Pick a waking-day activity that you and your partner can perform together. Consider going to a sporting event, going on a nature hike, visiting the zoo, or seeing a movie.
Talk with your ideal mate about your unforgettable encounter before you go to bed that night. Set a clear purpose for your dream about your joint experience, and discuss the aspects that you both found most fascinating.
Your ideal dream will reflect your waking experience or a closely related subject. It would be best if you become aware. In the dream, locate your meshing partner and engage in lucid dialogue with them.
As soon as you awake, write down every aspect of the dream, including the time you believe it occurred. With your companion, compare your notes to see how many dream symbolsyou can match.
Don't sway each other's dream reports or alter your memories to match their narrative. If both of you mention having a dream dialogue, pay close attention to the specifics. This would be a good illustration of a planned fantasy of meshing.
This study is merely a sort of dream incubation; it contains no paranormal elements. It's a very nice illustration of how your ideas and experiences affect your dreams, especially when those events are interesting or unusual.

Experiment 2 Fulfilling Dreams

Invite your lucid dreaming buddies to participate in this experiment. Alternatively, you may look for others on your lucid dreaming forum. The objective is for both people to remember to set up the meeting in their lucid dreams at the same time and on the same day.
To use this method to share dreams, the first step is to learn how to have lucid dreams. Decide where you will meet up. If you two are locals, you may pick a location that you are both acquainted with, such as a park or town square.
Alternatively, pick a well-known location for a gathering, such as Stone Hence or the Eiffel Tower. To ensure that you and your companion have the same idea of where to meet, be careful to thoroughly plan your route.
If you both get to the same place in your lucid dream, it could just be a coincidence or a meshing dream. Therefore, you need to take it a step further by engaging in unexpected dialogue. Share a new story with them or think up a secret phrase on the fly.
You would produce anecdotal evidence for shared dreams that may call for further inquiry if you reported the same special dialogue.
Dream Text on Green Leaves
Dream Text on Green Leaves

The Truth About Visiting Other People In Lucid Dreams

In a lucid dream, you are free to go anywhere and spend time with anybody. No exclusions apply. The individual might even be dead in real life. The individual might even be entirely made up and a creation of your mind.
You see, in a well-orchestrated lucid dream, it is quite feasible to imagine and then engage with any particular individual. You must keep in mind, though, that this is only a depiction and not the actual person.
No matter how skilled you are at lucid dreaming, it is impossible to physically interact with someone in a dream. However, this does not imply that the character won't appear, feel, or behave naturally. Lucid dreams frequently make many individuals feel quite real (there are very specific reasons for this).
Even in lucid dreams, dream characters frequently express their personalities and goals. Therefore, it's common for the dream image of someone you wish to meet to be extremely different from how they are.
This is especially true with dream characters that stand in for real people that you don't know.
The portrayal of that person in your lucid dream, however, is far more likely to seem more realistic and true to that person's character if you know them well or at least have a working understanding of them (such as a celebrity).
There are occasions when a dream character in a lucid dream resembles a real person so closely that it might be difficult to realize they are in a dream. Rest assured that they are not, though!
In a lucid dream, you are free to visit whomever you choose. Because you have complete control over your lucid dreams, you can create any scenario and share it with whomever you want. That individual is not real, and that is a big but.
Anyone you encounter during a lucid dream is only a representation of that person made by your subconscious mind.
You may occasionally encounter people in your lucid dreams who appear so genuine that it defies the mind that they are mental constructs, especially when they do or say things that are foreign to you.
This tale of an exceptional lucid dream serves as the ideal illustration of this. The American dreamer inquires about a dream character's height in a lucid dream. The man replies by describing the dreamer's height in millimeters alone.
As you are aware, the preferred height measurement in the USA is feet and inches (and also in Ireland, and the UK). The dreamer uses this as proof that man could have existed. After all, why wouldn't a dream figure respond using the same scale as the dreamer?
You can demonstrate how the character in the dream was much more likely to be a fabrication of the subconscious mind by using two arguments to refute the claim that he was a genuine person.
To begin with, your subconscious mind is quite wise. It has access to every piece of knowledge you've ever come across. A fantasy character with a centimeter height may be created.
Second, I'm not aware of any country in the world that measures human height in millimeters. Only very tiny objects are measured in centimeters. Anything exceeding 1 meter is not measured in millimeters.
The standard is meters across the majority of Europe and other regions of the world that do not use feet and inches. Therefore, it is clear that he was a dream character because the dreaming narrator gave his height in millimeters.

Dream Encounters With Someone

In your dreams, you frequently run into people you've never met before. They could seem deformed or have an abstract shape. Through your dreams, you can go to far-off spiritual levels.
They can take you on a boat to another world. In these spiritual worlds, you sometimes meet your astral counterparts, who are the dream selves of your soul mates.
Before joining you in the physical realm, these astral duplicates frequently leap ahead and come across you first. Sometimes they do this by entering your dreams.
Even in your dreams, you may interact with them. You will get hints and clues from them if they are especially there to leave you with any messages.
Because of this, the subject of dream interpretationis so well-researched. Your subconscious will turn on automatically when you run into your soul match.
You are struck by a strong feeling of familiarity right away. You'll get a feeling that you've known them your entire life. Likewise, you frequently see other individuals in your dreams. This strong sense of déjà vu will elicit feelings never before felt.
This is why you experience an immediate spark and an unfathomable sense of closeness once you meet your soul mate. Some people think that your soul mate shows up as a spirit guide in your dreams.
They just invade your dreams to direct you in their direction. In some way, everything in the universe is connected, and this sometimes makes it so that you dream about your soul partners.
It all works together to advance the pursuit of your one true love. So either your spirit guide or the enigmatic plans of the cosmos are at work, but they both use dreams as a channel to communicate with you. You must pay close attention to these dreams to interpret their hidden meaning and to get clarity.

Soulmates And Twin Flames Meeting In Dreams

If you believe in the twin flameor soulmate theories, having a dream about someone could mean that they are your other half. Whether it's merely to complete one another or to go on an amazing journey together, you two were destined to meet.
Even if you don't think you have a twin flame or soulmate, it's still an interesting idea to think about. Do you regularly have dreams about people before meeting them? What happened in the dream?
White and Pink Flowers Beside A Canister
White and Pink Flowers Beside A Canister

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Have Never Met?

What do you say or do when you run across a famous person and have the chance to speak with them? Do you ever feel in awe? You wouldn't be able to control your joy, we're sure, if the person is someone you cherish, appreciate, and respect.
Furthermore, there's a potential that if you're a fan of the celebrity, you could even dream about them more than once. So what does it mean when you have a dream where you meet a renowned person? Each dream has a message, according to dream interpreters.

Meaning Of Dreams About Meet Someone

It is believed that dreams are frequently influenced by recent events, interactions, or other problems in your life.
Dreams can serve as a coping mechanism during traumatic events, a threat preparation tool, and a memory-preservation tool.

To Play Out Scenarios

One potential explanation for why you dream is to safely experiment with various scenarios. It's possible that your brain prepared you for meeting someone new by making your dream about meeting someone you have never met.
This would be more likely if nothing in your dream was known to you and everything was brand new.

To Deal With Trauma

Dreams may also be used to assist people to recover from trauma. It's possible that you imagined meeting someone new to assist you to cope with trauma.
This would be more likely if you had just ended a friendship or had another life event that would have left you feeling lonely. In this instance, it could be your brain's attempt to make you feel more sociable.

To Remember Things

Another possibility is that the goal was to help with memory. If a portion of the dream mirrored an actual event, it's possible that the dream served as a way for the dreamer to recall the actual event.


It's also possible that the dream was just what your subconscious mind was thinking about while you were asleep, with no intrinsic meaning.
This would be particularly likely if you were having trouble falling asleep or had recently been under stress.

Consider What Else Happens In The Dream

Taking into account the rest of the dream's events might be beneficial. Things that truly happened in real life could have happened because you were dealing with trauma or remembering prior incidents.
On the other hand, if it doesn't incorporate things that happened to you in the past, it's more likely to be meaningless or to act out a situation.

How To Visit People In Their Dreams - Telepathic Dream Communication

Consider What Has Happened In Your Life Recently

It may be beneficial to think about recent events in your life since the dream might be a reaction to anything that has occurred to you recently.
It could be your brain's method of assisting you in meeting new people, for instance, if you recently relocated to a new place.

People Also Ask

What Does It Mean When You Meet Someone In Your Dream?

It generally reflects your thoughts and feelings about them during the day.

Can Two People's Dreams Connect?

You are tempted to think that shared dreaming is not conceivable in the light of what you know now.

Is It Possible To Share A Dream With Someone?

Dreams are shared, mostly with loved ones, friends, and in romantic relationships.


This article focuses on how can you meet someone in your dreams, an elderly instructor, or a leader in your dreams, and how it relates to your day-to-day life.
You might think these dreams are random, but sometimes they can mean something, and you discussed all the possibilities that can lead to these dreams.
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