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Can You Use Lotion To Masturbate? Useful Option For Masturbation

Everal dudes like to go natural, while others prefer to use lotion. Can you use lotion to masturbate? Many men use lotion beforehand to spice up their masturbation experience. Men who use lotion report an increase in ejaculatory success.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Oct 07, 2022126 Shares1.7K Views
Masturbation is a kind of self-gratification for males. Whenever their lover is not present, they feel a need to relieve the sexual tension. It's something that a lot of guys do, and it's very safe for them to do so. Depending on the man, masturbation might be an occasional occurrence, a daily ritual, or something he never does at all.
Several dudes like to go natural, while othersprefer to use lotion. Can you use lotion to masturbate? To spice up their masturbation experience, many men use lotion beforehand.

Can You Use Lotion To Masturbate?

Any lubricant that suits your own taste is fair game. Soaps and shampoos may be very irritating to sensitive skin, so it's essential to avoid using them. Both discomfort and illness may be avoided in this way.
Knowing how much lubrication to use is also crucial. If there isn't enough, things become awkwardly slippery; if there is too much, things become slippery and unpleasant (and expensive if it leaks all over your sheets).
Generally speaking, a quarter-sized quantity is ideal for anal or vaginal play. But everyone has their own tastes, so you should try various things until you discover what suits you. Keep in mind that you should never subject your genitalia to anything that causes discomfort.
For a change, try fingering each other instead of penetrating each other. Or you could simply go to bed together and snuggle with no sex at all. As long as both partners are over 18, there is no such thing as an inappropriate method to engage in sexual activity. You may use a hydrating lotion for masturbation.
Many men use lotion beforehand to spice up their masturbation experience. Men who use lotion report an increase in ejaculatory success. When compared to masturbating with one's bare hands, the sensation of applying lotion is unparalleled. A man's penis may get red and dry without the use of a lotion.

Masturbation with or without lubrication - Dr. Vasan S S

Why You Use Lotion To Masturbate?

Some guys may not talk about it, but many men do engage in masturbation. Most often, guys apply lotion to their privates in an effort to spice things up when masturbating. Most men have taken to masturbating with little more than their bare hands, and they no longer find the act exciting or satisfying. During masturbation, lotion may serve as a reliable companion.
The lotion is useful, so use it. For males, this means faster ejaculation since the added slipperiness encourages them to act swiftly. If you masturbate daily, you shouldn't bother saving time and effort by forgoing lotion. Too much rubbing has caused your penis to become irritated and cracked.
You can do it with your bare hands if you masturbate often enough. But what about the males who do this three times a day? It's not a good plan at all. The lotion softens the skin and decreases friction. Keep in mind that the penis is a delicate region and that certain creams may cause irritation.
Some people, I've been told, even masturbate with their saliva. To me, it seems like a lot of trouble and could even be unpleasant to smell. When given the choice between using their own saliva or a lotion, most men would choose the latter.
For men who are used to using lotion, masturbating without it might be quite uncomfortable. If you're just starting out, you may enjoy it even without lotion if you relax your grasp. In general, though, some would advocate the use of lotion to increase pleasure, while others would not. Lotion usage is optional and depends on individual preference.

People Also Ask

Why Do Men Masturbate With Lotion?

To make masturbation more exciting, men use lotion. Lotion makes it more slippery, allowing men to ejaculate more easily.

Is It Harmful To Use Lotion As Lube While Masturbating?

It's OK to apply lotion when masturbating since it will lessen the friction that might damage the penile skin.

Is Lotion Good To Masturbate?

In most cases, at the very least, this is a smart move. How frequently you wash your hands and what you do thereafter with dirty hands may have an effect.

Final Words

Masturbating may be done with a showerhead, a shower gel, or even a lotion. The method you employ to achieve your goals is product-specific. Although most men have some kind of lotion lying around, not all of them are suitable for use on the sensitive skin of the penis.
Use natural, scent-free lotions whenever possible. Those creams are tailor-made for male masturbation. The most noticeable benefit of applying a lotion is the sensation of a softer penis. A possible downside of lotion is that it can dry out more quickly than a lubricant, which lasts longer.
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