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Carla Esparza Net Worth - The First UFC Women's Champion

Carla Esparza net worth is $1 million and a big portion of that comes from her extensive UFC career. Esparza won $100,000 for her submission victory against Rose Namajunas at the TUF Finale in December 2014. Namajunas was also the opponent she won the most money against. At UFC 274, to be specific. She received a whopping $232,000 for her second championship victory.

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UFC women's strawweight champion is Carla Esparza. As a veteran of the UFC, Carla Esparza is a rare breed among female competitors. The exemplary career of the two-time strawweight champion.
Carla Esparza net worthis $1 million and a big portion of that comes from her extensive UFC career. Esparza won $100,000 for her submission victory against Rose Namajunas at the TUF Finale in December 2014. Namajunas was also the opponent she won the most money against. At UFC 274, to be specific. She received a whopping $232,000 for her second championship victory.
Carla's exceptional wrestling and cardio make her a top contender in the UFC strawweight category. More importantly, Esparza's record of victories through submission suggests she is a specialist in this area.

Quick Facts About Carla Esparza

NameCarla Esparza
Birth PlaceTorrance, California, USA
Net Worth$1 Million
ProfessionMixed Martial Arts

Carla Esparza Career

The former UFC Strawweight Champion's introduction to mixed martial arts came when she joined the varsity wrestling team at Redondo Union High. Esparza received a scholarship to wrestle at Menlo College under the tutelage of two-time Olympic medalist Lee Allen after he won many national and regional titles.
Carla was named to the Women's Wrestling All-American Team in 2008 and 2009 after she and her high school team achieved national prominence. After that, she began training with Squad Oyama, the same team Esparza is presently a part of, and began expanding her MMA repertory.
The Cookie Monster went on to win her first six MMA bouts, with three victories coming by way of submission. Carla became known early in her career as a submission artist because of this.

Carla Esparza | Career Retrospective

Carla Esparza Personal Life

Originally from California, Carla Esparza was born in Torrance on October 10, 1987. A lot about her mother and father is kept under wraps. Mr. Esparza traces his ancestry to Ecuador, Mexico, and Ireland.
May 2022 saw her tie the knot with doctor and UFC 274 champion Matthew Lomeli. She had just beaten Rose Namajunas in the last fight.

Carla Esparza UFC Career

UFC debuted the "Cookie Monster" in 2014. At The Ultimate Fighter: A Champion Will Be Crowned Finale, she faced Rose Namajunas in her maiden UFC bout. With her victory in The Ultimate Fighter 20 Women's Strawweight Tournament, Esparza became the first woman to ever hold the title of women's strawweight champion.
In her first defense, she dropped the title, giving it to Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Mariah Esparza has defeated such formidable opponents as Maryna Moroz, Cynthia Calvillo, Virna Jandiroba, Michelle Waterson, and Marina Rodriguez.
Cookie Monster's been on a roll lately, winning four straight matches and climbing the standings. She won a split decision against Michelle Waterson and Marina Rodriguez in 2020. She will be fighting Yan Xiaonan at UFC Fight Night 192 on May 22, 2021. The fighter has an 8-4 record in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

People Also Ask

How Old Is Carla Esparza?

She is 35 years old.

Where Is Carla Esparza From?

She is from Torrance, California, USA.

What Belt Is Carla Esparza?

Esparza defeated Rose Namajunas to claim the first-ever strawweight championship.

Final Words

Carla's MMA record now stands at 17 wins, 6 defeats, and 0 draws. She's undefeated with a record of 3 knockouts, 4 submissions, and 10 decisions. The mixed martial arts practitioner is rated number four in the UFC at strawweight. She has won championships in both the UFC and Invicta FC, and she also has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
Carla's involvement in the UFC reality series' 16-woman competition helped her win the UFC belt and increase Carla Esparza net worth. She also attended the first women's championship for Bellator MMA.
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