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Cassie Pérez - Daughter Of Popular Guitarist Chris Pérez

Cassie Pérez is famous because she is the first child of Chris Pérez, an American guitarist, songwriter, and author. Cassie Pérez is also the daughter of Vanessa Pérez, an actress and performer who got divorced in 2008 and now goes by the name Vanessa Villanueva.

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Cassie Pérezis famous because she is the first child of Chris Pérez, an American guitarist, songwriter, and author.
Cassie Pérez is also the daughter of Vanessa Pérez, an actress and performer who got divorced in 2008 and now goes by the name Vanessa Villanueva.
Chris and Vanessa Pérez got married in 2001, but in 2008, things started to go wrong in their marriage.

Quick Facts About Cassie Pérez

NameCasie Pérez
BirthdayDecember 23, 1998
ProfessionAesthetician and Phlebotomist
Net worthUnknown

Cassie Pérez Biography

Chris Pérez's daughter, Cassie, was born on December 23, 1998. She was born in the US city of San Antonio, Texas. She is the oldest daughter of Chris Pérez and Vanessa Villanueva, his second wife. She's turning 24 this month.
When she was young, she was the first child in her family, so she was very loved. She went to a local school in Texas to finish High School.
The media don't really talk much about her childhood, which is a shame. But we know that she is in the process of getting her bachelor's degree right now.
After her parents broke up, Cassie moved in with her mother. She is close to her dad, though. She seems to post a lot of pictures of herself with her dad on Instagram.
Her father is the thing that inspires Cassie the most. She has a good voice and can play the guitar well, just like her father.

Cassie Pérez Career

The young woman has already taken the first step toward making her own money. She stopped being a musician after she graduated from high school and went into a different field. She has been certified by the Texas Cosmetologist Association as an aesthetician.
She is also a Phlebotomist, which means she is a nurse or other healthworker who has been trained to draw blood from veins for testing or donation. She has also worked as a Medical Aesthetician at a store called Massage Envy in Texas.
Besides that, she runs her own business. She cares a lot about her skincare, and because she is so into it, she decided to take a chance and open her own spa store.
Ethereal Beauty is the name of Cassie Perez's health and beauty brand. Her beauty hub offers services for beauty and relaxation, such as back facials, vajacials, bootylicious, skin enhancement, skin vacuums, and more.

Cassie Pérez Parents

Christopher Gilbert Pérez was born in San Antonio, Texas, USA, on August 14, 1996. He is from Mexico and plays the guitar, writes songs, and writes books. He is best known as the lead guitarist for the bands Tejano and Selena y Los Dinos.
Vanessa Villanueva, Cassie Perez's mother, was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA, in 1971. She is an American actress best known for her role in the 2015 TV show Forgotten Memories. Vanessa Villanueva had a successful acting career, and when she married Chris Pérez, she became even more well-known.
She is Chris Pérez's second wife. John Zara brought Chris and Vanessa together. Before they got married in October 2001, they had been together for three years.
Cassie Pérez holding a brown guitar
Cassie Pérez holding a brown guitar

Cassie Pérez Siblings

Noah Pérez, Cassie's younger brother, was born on April 5, 2005, in Texas. He grew up in Corpus Christi with his mother and sister.
Noah is close to his parents, but it is sad to say that he was born with Down Syndrome. Even though he was born with a disability, he likes music.
He takes piano lessons to further his interest in music. As of right now, he is still focused on school and hasn't made any decisions about his future career.

People Also Ask

Is Cassie Pérez On Social Media?

Cassie Pérez has a very busy Instagram page under the name @cassie.gabrielle.perez. She already has more than 18,000 followers.

Is Cassie Pérez Dating?

Mark Munoz is the name of the person Cassie Pérez is seeing. Since 2017, they have been together.

How Tall Is Cassie Pérez?

Cassie Pérez is about 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs about 55 kilograms. She is shorter than her siblings and not as heavy as them.


Cassie Pérez is one of the few kids of famous people who doesn't follow in their parents' footsteps and instead makes her own way. She is working hard to build her brand and get the word out about it. She cares a lot about her family, especially her sick brother, and has a loving relationship with her partner.
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