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Chandler Belfort - An American Entrepreneur And Former Stockbroker

JOrdan Belfort and Nadine Caridi are the parents of Chandler Belfort. Her father may be recognized if you've seen "The Wolf of Wall Street." You must have gotten a peek at her early life in the Jordan Belfort-based film. You'll get a strong idea of what her upbringing would have been from it.

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Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi are the parents of Chandler Belfort. Her father may be recognized if you've seen "The Wolf of Wall Street." You must have gotten a peek at her early lifein the Jordan Belfort-based film.
You'll get a strong idea of what her upbringing would have been from it. The Wolf of Wall Street movie has helped Jordan Belfort's daughter become more well-known online. In Hollywood, it was a success.
Despite all the difficulties and upheaval in her life, she never gave up hope. In New York, Chandler offers mental healththerapy. Let's read about the life of Jordan Belfort's daughter. Belfort was of white ancestry and was born into a Christian home. She was also born under the solar sign of Leo.

Quick Facts About Chandler Belfort

Full nameChandler Winter
Maiden nameChandler Ann Belfort
BirthplaceManhattan Beach, California, USA
BirthdayJuly 29th, 1994
ParentsJordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi
Age28 years old
SpouseConnor Winter
Currently residingNew York, New York, USA
Sun signsLeo
Marital statusMarried
GrandparentsMax Belfort and Leah Belfort

Early Life Chandler Belfort

Jordan Belfort, a notorious stockbroker, and Nadine were married for 14 years before welcoming Chandler, their only daughter, into the world. Since Jordan was in a second marriage, he made an effort to always make his daughter happy. But regrettably, this joy did not last for very long.
Jordan and Nadine began quarreling often. Jordan and Nadine divorced shortly after, in 2005. Jordan did, however, become worse and worse as he became wealthy. Many people supposedly knew about his adulterous relationships with women. Jordan even acknowledged that he kicked Nadine down the stairs while high.
Sadly, Chandler, a little child, saw all of this marital violence. Following the divorce, Chandler moved in with her mother and brother. Jordan, on the other hand, attempted self-change while in treatment. He was addicted to drugs, yet he was unable to stop. Soon after, Nadine got remarried, providing Chandler with the father figure she was missing.
Currently, Chandler's family includes three additional stepsisters from her stepdad's first marriage. John Macaluso, her stepfather, is a well-known business billionaire from New York. It should be emphasized that Chandler and John, her stepfather, are quite close.
Chandler Belfort With Mother
Chandler Belfort With Mother

Chandler Belfort's Education

Chandler attended Vistamar School until she graduated. She then attended Muhlenberg College, where she earned a bachelor's degree in Spanish language and literature, psychology, and the arts. Chandler Belfort also holds a master's degree in psychology from New York University. She works as a mental healthcounselor right now.

Chandler Belfort's Career

After graduating from high school in 2012, Chandler wasted little time in pursuing her aspirations. In 2012, she enrolled at Allentown, Pennsylvania's Muhlenberg College. She decided to major in psychology and Spanish literature and culture for her Bachelor of Arts degree.
Chandler had already begun studying how to assist otherswith mental health concerns after three years at the institution. She performed very well in her role as a workshop facilitator at her college's One Love Foundation.
Her job was to raise people's awareness of domestic abuse and teach them safe ways to handle relationship issues. She worked there up until her graduation. In 2017, Chandler enrolled in New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. In 2019, she earned her Master's in Mental Health Counseling.
She worked at Berkeley College as a Mental Health Counseling Intern while pursuing her Master's degree. Finally, she obtained her licensure as a mental health counselor after graduating in 2019.
Since July 2019, she has worked as a private practitioner. Anxiety, sadness, and relationship problems are her areas of expertise. Her typical customers are adults and teenagers. She bills between $100 and $150 for every session.

Chandler Belfort Struggles

There are surely many issues that come with being the daughter of a notorious person. Since her early years, Chandler Belfort has had several challenges. She had to see her parents divorce and separate when she was a little child.
She also had to deal with the difficulties of growing up in a household that often garnered the attention of the media. As her mother remarried, she saw her family disintegrate before coming back together. So the young person's life hasn't exactly been a bed of roses. Chandler, though, never let the difficulties get to her.
Her capacity to tolerate and endure is what drove her to make decisions. And eventually, she succeeded in achieving her goal. She will soon rank among the highest-paid counselors in the whole world.

The Marriage Of Chandler

In Connor, Chandler Belfort has discovered love. She delayed getting married, in contrast to her parents. She was away from her family in 2012 when she met Connor on the East Coast.
At Muhlenberg College, Connor Winter studied business marketing and finance with Chandler. He was a member of the Investment Society and participated in varsity lacrosse and football. As their love strengthened, they ultimately made the decision to advance their relationship in December 2019.
After becoming engaged in December 2019, Chandler and Connor were married in September 2021. Winter said that amid a Winter family custom of discovering a pickle ornament on the Christmas tree, he proposed in the house they built together.

Some Interesting Facts About Chandler Belfort

  • Chandler's mother, Nadine Caridi, is a licensed family therapist.
  • Chandler Belfort has a younger brother named Carter.
  • Her horoscope is Leo.
  • She is an American national.

Physical Appearance

Belfort is fairly obviously a female given her height of 5 feet 2 inches. Her body measurement is unclear, but she has maintained her weight at around 52 kg. Even though she looks a lot like her father, this modest, middle-high brunette looks like any other neighborhood girl.

Chandler Belfort's Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $150,000. Chandler Belfort likes to live a very quiet life and does not want to display her way of living on social media. She also works as a mental health teacher and gets paid according to her students. Her income is not restricted in any way, making it impossible to calculate her actual net worth.

People Also Ask

What Does Chandler Belfort Do?

She is a mental health instructor.

Who Are The Parents Of Chandler Belfort?

Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi.

How Old Is Chandler Belfort?

Chandler Belfort is 28 years old.


The success of Chandler Belfort's parents has shown that one may achieve prosperity without using dishonest means. There is a lot to learn about her personal life. Chandler Belfort's pleasure with her present circumstances is now tipping the scales between her personal and professional lives. She aspires to achieve a lot in the future and inspire her mates and younger generations.
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