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Cryomancy Spells - How To Use Them And What They Do

Cold, icy, and frosty magic is known as "cryomancy." Whether for constructive or destructive purposes, cryomancers wield the power of cold. In addition to its attacking potential, cold magic may also be employed for healing and defense. It is possible to change an object's temperature with cryomancy spells.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Mar 07, 2023
Cryomancy is a kind of evocation that emphasizes working with water and ice. In contrast, pyromancy is its antithesis. There is philosophical controversy about the function of cryomancy in thermodynamics, and some wizards prefer the term "sounds better" to "cryomancy."
The scope of cryomancy spellsextends well beyond the freezing of a single cup of water to include more complex techniques like ice sculpture and the extraction of water from thin air. Combat effectiveness as a '-mancer' discipline is matched by its commercial viability thanks to the huge demand for cooling products such as ice cream, frozen snacks, and clothing designed to ward off the effects of extreme humidity and heat.
The first thing to do is decide what kind of spell you wish to perform. Three distinct categories exist for the many cryomancy spells:
  • Cryo-Defense spells may be used to ward against the effects of extreme cold.
  • Spells belonging to the Cryo-Offense school are cast with the intention of inflicting harm on an opponent via the use of cold magic.
  • Cryo-Utility spells are multipurpose and may be used to encase foes in ice, create ice platforms, and more.
The next step, after deciding what spell to use, is to locate an area to perform the spell onto. Any source of heat or warmth may serve as the point of focus (e.g., a torch). Then, in order to effectively perform your spell, there must be a direct line of sight between you and the target location.

Chronomancy Spells

Synergenesis, based on the Middle Finger of Vecna, has adapted a new school of magic for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

The Strongest Spell in Dungeons and Dragons

Alavar's Spacetime Anomaly

With your actions, you rip a hole in spacetime and tear at the very foundations of reality. You twist the space around you, creating a 30-foot radius sphere that stays put.
A caster of this spell may target anywhere from one to all creatures within their line of sight. For the duration of the spell, any creature within the area of effect may use a bonus action on each of its turns to teleport up to 30 feet to any vacant spot within the region of effect that the creature can see.

Curse Of Aging

You subject another being to a complex ceremony in an effort to alter their chronological age. The target may attempt a Wisdom saving throw to resist if it's not wanting to. If the target successfully resists the spell, the spell will have no effect.
The age of the target is either decreased by up to 3d10 years or increased by up to 3d10 years, depending on your preference. This spell cannot be used to make a target younger than the age of maturity or older than the typical lifespan for its race. This may also be reversed using a remove curse spell or equivalent magical procedure.

Expeditious Retreat

You can now travel at lightning speed thanks to this spell. Casting this spell grants you access to the Dash action as a bonus action on all subsequent turns until the spell ends.

People Also Ask

Can You Replace A Cryomancer Spell With Another Spell?

Another perk of this class is that after you level up, you may swap out one of your known cryomancer spells for another spell from the cryomancer spell list, provided that the new spell is of a lower level than the ones you already know.

Is Cryomancy The Bane Of Pyromancy?

One of the flaws of Nether creatures is that Cryomancy is inherently effective against Pyromancy. It stands to reason that Pyromancy is likewise a threat to Cryomancy. There are three distinct magic abilities available to those who practice cryomancy: ice spikes, solid ice, and cold resistance.

What Is Charisma For Cryomancer?

Since the efficacy of a cryomancer's spells depends on the caster's capacity to make their will felt in the world, charisma is the spellcasting talent you need to use them.

Final Words

To wield cold magic, a wizard must be a cryomancer. They have mastered the art of ice magic and can call forth all kind of icy beasts. Although there are numerous advantages to using cryomancy spells, this path is not for everyone. Cryomancers are often hired when they need someone to freeze their opponents.
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