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Crystal Ball Symbol Meanings - Understand What Crystal Balls Are

Leaded glass or translucent stone spheres called crystal balls are typically the size of a grapefruit and are used for "scrying," or seeing the invisible. There are numerous crystal ball symbol meanings, but scrying is the most prevalent.

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Leaded glass or translucent stone spheres called crystal balls are typically the size of a grapefruit and are used for "scrying," or seeing the invisible.
The practice of crystallomancy, or scrying with crystal balls, enables the seer to learn riddles and secrets, see into the future, converse with angels and spirits, and, in certain cases, speak with the dead.
There are numerous crystal ball symbol meanings, but scrying is the most prevalent.
We'll discuss what a crystal ball is and how to use one in this article.

Definition Of A Crystal Ball

All crystal balls are spherical but not crystal. They range from tiny "palm crystals" to huge crystal balls that need stands. Crystal balls are formed of leaded and unleaded glass, quartz, beryl, calcite, obsidian, and amethyst.
A perfectly polished crystal ball is placed in a stand to make gazing easier. Glass or crystal spheres should be air-free (though colored glass is acceptable). If made of glass or stone, it should be flawless and finely polished.

How A Crystal Ball Works

Most people picture a gypsy sitting in front of a crystal ball when they hear the term. The stone isn't communicating to the user. The Seer, Scryer, or Fortune Teller is reading the sphere.
They probably got the information from their Higher Self because crystal balls connect seers to their Higher Selves. Thus, their subconscious minds get universal wisdom. We all know this, but othersare more open-minded and can access this "magic."
A person holding a small white transparent crystal ball on their palm
A person holding a small white transparent crystal ball on their palm

The Metaphysical Uses Of Crystal Balls

Here are a few examples of how you can apply your crystal ball to your metaphysical work.

Group Harmony

To promote harmony among attendees, place your crystal ball in the middle of the table, room, or gathering. Maybe you're setting up a study group, a focus group, or a seance. The crystal ball can equalize your space and foster an atmosphere of cooperation and compromise among all of the people in the room because it is claimed to spread energy evenly.

Crystal Healing

With all the buzz about healing stones, crystal balls are perfect for crystal healing sessions. Holding a crystal ball in your client's hands as you cure is simple.
The client's chakras can be activated by holding the sphere above them. Use crystal balls to form a grid around their aura.


The most common historical and contemporary method of using the divine orb is scrying or gazing into a crystal ball. Any colored stone that appeals to you can be used for this.
Others are drawn to the mystery of the volcanic black Obsidian ball, while some are drawn to the clarity of a transparent Quartz ball. You have a sizable choice at your disposal because there are so many different gemstones in the world.


Using crystal balls during meditation can help you into a meditative state and is similar to scrying. The crystal ball is simple to grasp while meditating due to its round form. The healing energies can be included into your meditation session depending on the stone you choose.

People Also Ask

What Are The Benefits Of A Crystal Ball?

A crystal sphere increases your space and self-resonance by dispersing good energy in all directions due to its flawless symmetry. By encouraging a perfect energy flow so that you can function effectively, the spherical shape also helps to clear out chaotic settings.

What Happens If You Break A Crystal Ball?

It is evidence that you have successfully completed a stage in your life's journey. The stone that has come to symbolize that part of your trip is proceeding according to the normal course of life, which includes birth, life, death, and eventually rebirth.

Where Do You Place A Crystal Ball?

According to vastu, crystal balls that are hung in windows to let the sun's rays into the home draw more positive energy. Install 8 crystals in each corner. Crystals can be hung in windows to draw sunlight.


Like other stones, your crystal ball can be cleansed and charged. The techniques will also differ based on the material from which your sphere is polished, just like with your other stones.
For instance, owing of its delicate structure, you shouldn't clean an Angelite or Selenite ball in water. A Quartz or Amethyst sphere, on the other hand, is completely safe with water, mineral oils, or natural glass cleaners.
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