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Dave Gerhardt - The Life Of The B2B Expert

Dave Gerhardt, the founder of Exit Five and a former vice president of marketing at Drift, has spent the last few years working for various SaaS marketing firms, including HubSpot and Constant Contact.

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Dave Gerhardt, the founder of Exit Five and a former vice president of marketing at Drift, has spent the last few years working for various SaaS marketing firms, including HubSpot and Constant Contact.
Dave derives immense satisfaction from the process of establishing new categories, introducing new products, expanding audiences, and attracting the attention of the appropriate people.
Former marketing executive of Drift, which is currently valued at $1 billion, as well as Privy (9 figure exit). At this point, Dave has his own firm and has built a website (community for B2B marketing pros).
He also performs some one-on-one consulting work with a select number of B2B firms that are experiencing rapid growth. When it was first published in 2022, his book, Founder Brand, shot straight to the top of Amazon's marketing category best-seller list.

Quick Facts About Dave Gerhardt

NameDave Gerhardt
BirthdayJune 9, 1987
ProfessionBusiness analyst, podcaster, and entrepreneur
Net worth$3 million
Dave Gerhardt wearing a grey long sleeve t-shirt with a smile on his face
Dave Gerhardt wearing a grey long sleeve t-shirt with a smile on his face

Dave Gerhardt Biography

Dave Gerhardt, who was born in the United States of America on June 9, 1987, attended a local high school for his high school education and then went on to complete his education at Wagner College in Staten Island, which is located in the state of New York. Later, in 2009, Dave completed his education and received his Bachelor of Sciencedegree in marketing and journalism.
He is an American business analyst, podcaster, and entrepreneur, and he is best recognized for his work on the network for business-to-business marketing professionals known as Exit Five. In 2019, the business was initially established under the name Dave Gerhardt's Marketing Group (DGMG), but later adopted the name Exit Five.
Through the use of articles, videos, templates, and podcasts, Exit Five educates the general public on the topic of business-to-business marketing. Dave has worked as a marketing counsel for metadatalo, Goldcoast, and Hatch, prior to assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer at Alyce. In addition to that, he is a podcaster and the host of the Exit Five B2B Marketing Podcast.

Dave Gerhardt Career

Dave is the founder of Exit Five, a community for Business to Business marketing pros (B2B). The main objective of Exit Five is to help new members know how to navigate the world of B2B marketing. The company was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Burlington, Vermont.
The company was initially known as Dave Gerhardt's Marketing Group (DGMG). Exit Five enlightens individuals about the world of B2B marketing through articles, videos, templates, and podcasts.
Being a successful business analyst, Dave works as a marketing adviser for several organizations and companies. They include, Goldcoast, Hatch, and Alyce. Dave is also a frequent guest lecturer at Harvard Business School since 2016.
Previously, he worked as the chief brand officer at drift from August 2021 to December 2021. Dave has also worked as a marketing manager at HubSpot, a product marketing manager at constant contact, and an account representative at Lois Paul & Partners.
He is also a podcaster currently hosting the Exit Five B2B Marketing Podcast. In this weekly podcast, Dave teaches the public how B2B market operates today. He also hosts top marketing leaders in order to help his listeners have a better understanding of the same. His podcast has aired over 20 episodes.

Books By Dave Gerhardt

Founder Brand: Turn Your Story Into Your Competitive Advantage

In his book Founder Brand, marketing guru Dave Gerhardt explains how to develop your brand by presenting yourself as the company's story, heart, and soul. This is a practical manual that will first teach you how to tell your tale, and then it will teach you how to leverage your story as a marketing plan.
You will discover how social media acts as a bridge between your company and its clients, the platforms that are suitable for your company, and how to measure the outcomes in order to accurately determine the value of using social media. This book is the perfect resource for founders, CEOs, and marketing teams looking to locate the niche for their firm, strategize for the future, and develop brand awareness that establishes the legitimacy and trust that your products deserve.
Young Dave Gerhardt wearing a shirt with a smile on his face
Young Dave Gerhardt wearing a shirt with a smile on his face

Conversational Marketing

Conversational Marketing is the go-to manual for increasing the number of sales and improving the quality of leads generated. The conventional approaches to marketing and sales have been unable to keep up with the manner in which internet-savvy customers make purchases of goods and services in the modern era.
The majority of businesses are still using technologyfrom the 20th century to communicate with customers in the 21st century, despite the fact that modern messaging apps, which enable real-time conversations and instant feedback, have completely revolutionized the way in which we interact in both our personal and professional lives. The immediacy that today's consumers have come to anticipate cannot be met by the use of online forms, email enquiries, or follow-up sales calls.
Conversational marketing and sales are a part of a new technique that centers on having real-time, one-on-one discussions with clients using chatbots and messaging. Conversational marketing and sales are also known as inbound marketing and sales.
Conversational marketing enhances the overall customer experience, generates more leads, and assists you in converting more leads into customers. This is accomplished by enabling your company to connect with customers in real time, at a time that is most convenient for the customers themselves.

Dave Gerhardt Net Worth

Everyone can see, just by looking at the way he lives his life, that he has amassed a respectable quantity of the wealth that he has lawfully gained over the course of his life. Dave has an average net worth of $3 million.

Dave Gerhardt, CMO of Privy, #NoFilter Season 1 Episode 6

People Also Ask

How Old Is Dave Gerhardt?

On June 9, 1987, in the United States of America, he was born to his parents, who are known for their unconditional love and support. As a result, his age is calculated to be 36.

Is Dave Gerhardt Married?

Yes, he is currently enjoying a blissful marriage relationship with the lovely woman who is his wife, and the two of them are the proud parents of two wonderful children, a daughter and a son.

Is Dave Gerhardt On Social Media?

Indeed, he does have a Twitter account, and the handle for it is @davegerhardt.


Opinion writer and business consultant Dave Gerhardt is recognized as having one of the most brilliant marketing minds in the United States. He assists companies with brand development and marketing strategy.
Dave has gone around the world giving speeches and advising marketing teams and startup founders in his capacity as a guest professor at Harvard Business School. Burlington, Vermont is where he and his family make their home.
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