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DeSantis Muted On Trump's Indictment As Former President Launches Lewd, Homophobic Attack

Donald Trump delivered a particularly below-the-belt jab at Ron DeSantis on Monday, following the Florida governor's somewhat quiet response to the former president's impending indictment. Desantis muted on Trump's indictment.

Author:Suleman Shah
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Mar 22, 2023160 Shares2.2K Views
Donald Trump delivered a particularly below-the-belt jab at Ron DeSantis on Monday, following the Florida governor's somewhat quiet response to the former president's impending indictment. Desantis muted on Trump's indictment.
Mr. DeSantis stated to reporters, in relation to the Stormy Daniels hush money issue, that he does not know "what goes into paying hush money to a porn actress to secure silence over some sort of supposed affair – I cannot comment on that."
The governor did accuse "prosecutors backed by George Soros" of using their position "to impose a political agenda on society at the expense of the rule of law and public safety."

DeSantis on possible Trump indictment: 'I've got real issues I've got to deal with'

Trump's Attack On DeSantis

In a recent statement, Trump referred to DeSantis as "gutless" and "a total disaster", accusing him of being "too weak" to stand up to the "radical left".
Trump also made a number of lewd and homophobic comments about DeSantis, which drew widespread criticism from both sides of the political aisle.
Ron DeSanctimonious will probably find out about FALSE ACCUSATIONS & FAKE STORIES sometime in the future, as he gets older, wiser, and better known, when he’s unfairly and illegally attacked by a woman, even classmates that are ‘underage’ (or possibly a man!). I’m sure he will want to fight these misfits just like I do!- Trump, Post on Truth Social
The post featured a grainy, unconfirmed photo of a guy who resembled Mr. DeSantis, supposedly drinking heavily and dancing with minors at a party while teaching at a school in Georgia.

DeSantis Remains Muted On Trump's Indictment

While Trump was launching his attack on DeSantis, the Florida governor remained muted on the recent indictment of Trump by the Manhattan District Attorney's office.
The indictment includes charges of tax fraud and other financial crimes, which could carry significant prison time for the former president if he is convicted.
DeSantis has been a vocal supporter of Trump in the past, but has been largely silent on the recent developments in the legal case against the former president.

Reactions To Trump's Attack

Trump's attack on DeSantis drew criticism from a number of prominent politicians and public figures, including members of his own party.
Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger tweeted that Trump's comments were "disgusting" and "unacceptable", while former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt called Trump's attack "vile" and "evil".
Democratic politicians also condemned Trump's attack, with Congressman Ted Lieu calling it "repugnant" and "hateful".
During the weekend, many Trump supporters criticized Mr. DeSantis for being silent on what steps he would take to prevent Mr. Trump, who resides in Palm Beach, from being extradited to New York should he be prosecuted.

Final Words

Trump's lewd and homophobic attack on Governor DeSantis is the latest in a series of controversial statements by the former president.
While DeSantis has remained muted on the recent indictment of Trump, many in the political world are watching closely to see how the case against the former president unfolds.
The attack on DeSantis has drawn criticism from both sides of the aisle, with many condemning Trump's comments as vile and unacceptable.
As the legal case against Trump continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how his political allies will respond and whether the former president will face consequences for his alleged crimes.
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