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Egg Cleanse Meaning Symbolism - Powerful Witchcraft

Are you looking for egg cleanse meaning? An uncooked egg is used in an age-old shamanic ceremony to purge your body and spirit of harmful and demonic energy. Although analogous customs have been discovered in many other cultures, Mexico and Mesoamerica are home to the most common forms of this spiritual purification with an egg.

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Are you looking for egg cleanse meaning? An uncooked egg is used in an age-old shamanic ceremony to purge your body and spirit of harmful and demonic energy.
Although analogous customs have been discovered in many other cultures, Mexico and Mesoamerica are home to the most common forms of this spiritual purification with an egg.
The egg cleanses reading might indicate a variety of different things depending on how all three variables are combined. You smell foul water or notice blood. This is a warning that something bad is afoot.
It's possible that magic was used against you. It could also imply that you have a condition or ailment that you're not aware of. Water with tiny blood stains. This is a negative omen and could have been brought on by powerful witchcraft.
The murky water is a sign that the spirit or vitality has left.
The yolk of an egg resembles a face. You are opposed. The opponent is male if the face appears slim; the enemy is female if the face appears round. The yolk appears to be an eye. This implies that there is a bad omen.
The egg whites have cobwebs. Someone wants you to fail out of jealousy. It may also mean that you're embroiled in a complex circumstance. Water with tiny bubbles. This is a signal that the protective spirits absorbed the bad energy.
Clearwater is devoid of unusual forms, smells, and blood. This indicates that nothing unusual is happening in your immediate environment. You're secure.
Spikes or needles There may be people in your vicinity who have ulterior motives. As they drain your good energy, they are frequently referred to as energy vampires.
The egg should be disposed of in the garbage or flushed down the toilet when you are through reading it. The egg contains bad energy and should not be eaten.

What Is An Egg Cleanse Meaning?

Uncooked eggs can be used for egg cleaning, which utilizes them to roll all over your body without necessarily touching it to absorb and release any bad energy. One raw, simple egg is all that is necessary.

Some Of Touted Benefits For Egg Cleansing

  • Cures for ailments and diseases.
  • Get rid of evil, negative energy, and poor luck.
  • Expel any bad energy from your body.
  • Look for bad spirits.
  • Find out whether an evil eye has cursed you.
  • It determines if you have enemies.
Both practitioners and believers claim that it can essentially fix anything wrong with you or that something can be wrong.
Now, it's up to you whether you choose to accept it. To you, how powerful is a raw egg? Nevertheless, we'll go through every detail of this spiritual egg cleansing.
Satanist women holding a cross upside down
Satanist women holding a cross upside down

Origin Of Egg Cleansing And Egg Cleanse Symbolism

The term "egg cleansing" comes from a rite in which participants utilize an egg to purge their bodies and spirits of any bad energy that may be impacting their lives. Egg cleansing is a centuries-old technique that first gained popularity on social media in early 2020.
The term "limp as," which refers to the process of egg cleansing, comes from the Mesoamerican dynasty. Practitioners will use raw eggs and eggshells to get rid of any bad energy they feel around them or in their surroundings.
By expelling negative energy, this ritual makes the subject more receptive to positive energy, which brings about fresh luck and opportunities. When they developed unforeseen ailments, people in the past would do the egg cleansing procedure.
Additionally, clearing the energy is advisable before beginning a new endeavor, following a breakup, or separating oneself from other "energy vampires" in your life.

The History Of Egg Cleansing And Egg Cleanse Meaning

The Mexican egg cleansing, which was previously detailed, is the most well-known form of this age-old shamanic practice, which may be found all around the world. "Limpia de Los loss," which translates to "egg cleaning," is the name of this spiritual purification practice in Mexico.
The Curanderos, who are Latin American traditional healers or shamans, have been passing it down for generations. The egg cleanse is used in a somewhat different form in Italy and the Philippines, where this ritual is very common.


Benedicaria is a family-based spiritual tradition that the Italians used to heal illnesses and fight off evil. Although they do roll an egg all over your body to treat the evil eye, they first give the egg a holy water bath.


The Filipinos utilize a divination method called pagtatawas in which they use an egg to identify evil spirits and demons.
Young Man and Woman in Black Robes Holding Magic Wands and Book
Young Man and Woman in Black Robes Holding Magic Wands and Book

How To Do An Egg Cleanse?

The only ingredients required are an egg, water, salt, and lemon juice to perform the cleanse the Mexican way.
  • Cleanse the egg.
  • The egg must be cleaned to remove any early bad energy.
  • In a cup of water with some salt and lemon juice, wash the egg.
  • Fill a second glass with water.
  • Take a different glass and half-fill it with water.
  • Allow this sparkling cup to warm up.
  • Inform the egg of your intentions.
  • Speak to the egg by grabbing it and telling it what you want it to do.
  • Getting rid of negative energy or washing away curses and bad luck are a couple of examples.
Your body should be covered with the egg. Roll the egg all over your body, paying particular attention to your arms. Although it's not required, the egg can physically touch your body if you wish it to. As you do that, visualize the egg absorbing all the adversity.
In the water that is at room temperature, crack one egg. Let it stand on the glass once it has been cracked for five to ten minutes.Analyze the outcomes. The meaning of the egg in the water glass might vary depending on how it appears.
You must begin again with a brand-new egg if the one you are using cracks while you are doing it.

Scrub The Egg With Saltwater And Lemon Juice

The egg is cleaned to remove any unwanted energy it may have gathered. A squeeze of lemon juice is added after a tablespoon of salt has been added to a glass of water. While gently washing the egg in the water, offer your preferred prayer.
The egg should be thoroughly cleaned before being gently dried with a cloth. Although it is not required, many spiritual authorities advise cleaning the egg.

Fill A Glass Halfway With Room Temperature Water

Take a transparent glass and fill it up with tap water approximately a quarter of the way. Wait a few minutes for the water to reach room temperature before beginning your egg cleanse.

Set An Intention With The Egg Before The Cleanse

Obtain your egg and hold it in your palms while allowing it to slightly warm up. By blowing or speaking your intention into the egg, describe any poisonous or negative energy you'd like to cleanse yourself of. Say something along the lines of,

Run The Egg Over Your Head, Ears, And Face

Holding the egg in one hand, begin by settling into a comfortable chair or sleeping position. The egg should be rubbed around the back of your head, then it should be moved over your face and ears. Put your eyes closed and massage the egg all over your eyelids and lips.
Switch off the lights and light a candle to further enhance the ambiance. Concentrate on sending any bad vibes into the egg. Bad energy is drawn out of your body and absorbed by eggs.

Move The Egg Down Your Body, Running It Along Yourself

Imagine the egg removing the bad energy from you as you move from head to toe. Small, clockwise rotations of the egg are used to expel any negative energy. While doing this, you can either keep your thoughts clear or recite a prayer of your choice.
If you're cleansing with it, run the egg gently in tiny circles over the person's body. Keep them quiet as you move gently from head to toe so that you can concentrate on expelling bad energy.
Replace the egg with a fresh one if it cracks at all while being cleaned.

Place The Cracked Egg In The Glass Of Water

Pick up the water from earlier and delicately crack an egg into it when the egg cleansing is finished, trying to keep the yolk intact. Allow the egg to sit for five to ten minutes so you can examine the water and analyze the findings.
The outcomes of your egg cleansing will let you know how much negative energy you have been enduring, and they could even be able to reveal the root of your bad vibes.
Blindfolded Woman With a Candle
Blindfolded Woman With a Candle

How To Read An Egg Cleanse?

It takes around 5 to 10 minutes for the egg to settle into the glass of water, which is what you are supposed to do. You should stare directly through the glass when attempting to read the findings.
Avoid attempting to view it from above and below. If you do, you could be able to absorb the harmful energy that was contained in the egg again.

The Egg Cleanse Reading Is Based On Three Factors:

  • The yolk's form.
  • The design of egg whites.
  • The water's shade.

Does Egg Cleansing Work?

Do you think this shamanic ritual has a chance of succeeding? Can a raw egg have negative energy and determine whether you've been cursed? Because the yolk of the egg is all-seeing, can you detect whether you have enemies?
It's a bit difficult for you to accept that an uncooked egg is capable of doing all of this. The egg does not even come into contact with your body to complete the procedure. If you believe this, you may "egg cleanse" yourself in the grocery store by grabbing a bag of eggs and waving them all over yourself.
In fact, by returning this egg pack, which is filled with all of your bad energy, to the shelf, you may prove to be history's greatest villain.
In this manner, the egg will be purchased by an unwitting person who will then absorb all of your bad energy. You've successfully cursed someone. Therefore, kudos to you.

Alternative But More Practical Egg Cleansing

Surprisingly, Asian culture has a similar tradition whereby an egg is used to heal the body. The use of a boiled egg makes a difference. This traditional family practice is carried out anytime someone has an injury like a bruise or a tumble.
They would apply the boiled egg to the damaged region all over. The fried egg is supposed to hasten the healing of the bruises.

People Also Ask

Where Does The Egg Cleanse Ritual Come From?

It’s believed that egg cleansing is an ancient, spiritual healing practice that originated in Mexico and Mesoamerica.

What Tools Needed For Egg Cleansing?

Things needed are 1 egg (at room temperature), copal, frankincense, garden sage, or palo santo (to burn), a white candle, a small white cloth, a small bowl of salted, lemony water, a glass of water, andSalt

What Are The Tips For Egg Cleansing?

It can be done at any time of the day. Make sure the room you’re using has a window so that negative energy can leave. Do your egg cleanse alone unless you’re performing it on someone else.


If you believe in it, an egg cleansing may be able to purge your body of bad and filthy energy.
If not, you can still use an alternative method of egg cleansing, such as boiling the egg and applying it to bruises to hasten their healing. Sciencedoes, in fact, back up the cooked egg remedy!
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