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Evil Names - The Names You'll Always Remember

Evil names are ideal for vampires, warlocks, goblins, and other evildoers. A first and last name might be used to form an evil name. Rearranging the last names and first names of potential candidates is one way to inject originality and variety into the process.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Dec 07, 2022
Evil namesare ideal for vampires, warlocks, goblins, and other evildoers. A first and last name might be used to form an evil name. Rearranging the last names and first names of potential candidates is one way to inject originality and variety into the process. Using the many tools at your disposal, you may create a name that perfectly expresses who you are.
Use these names for your next fictional creation or in your next video game. There are both popular names and more creative ones here. All of them have a sinister, ominous quality in their pronunciation. These names are great if you want to instill terror in your antagonists and prove to your readers that your character is really wicked.

Evil Names For Boys


Abaddon is a Hebrew name that means "wreckage" or "disaster." Abaddon is the Angel of the Abyss in the Christian New Testament. He commands an army of horse-sized enormous locusts. The locusts had wings, lion's fangs, human faces, and scorpion-stinging tails.


Blverkr is an Old Norse name that meaning "malefactor" or "evil-doer." Odin used the name Blverkr while working for Baugi throughout the summer. He accomplished the labor of nine guys at the time.


For good reason, Draco sounds similar to Dracula. Although it is said to be derived from the Latin word for "dragon," "drac" also signifies "devil" in Romanian. This name is inspired from the Harry Potter fantasy book series, which includes Draco Malfoy, Harry's school adversary.


The name Abchanchu has no recognized significance. The word Abchanchu refers to a shape-shifting vampire from Bolivian folklore. He assumes the appearance of an elderly, helpless wanderer. When people quit assisting, Abchanchu strikes and eats their blood.


This name has Welsh origins. It means "masculine" or "manly." If you search up the name Andras in the "Dictionary of Demons," you'll find it there. In that work, he is referred to as the "Author of Discord." He had an angel's body and a raven's head. And he mounted a ferocious black wolf.


Ahriman is the current Persian equivalent of the Avestan "Angra Mainyu," which translates as "evil spirit." Ahriman is the Lord of Darkness and Chaos in early Iranian religion, and he is the source of all human disappointment, struggle, and confusion.


Buer is a Germanic name that means "temporary residence." Buer rose to prominence in the 16th century as the Great President of Hell, commanding 50 legions of demons. He appeared during the Sagittarius epoch, was capable of curing all ailments, and bestowed familiars on those who practiced magic.

Demonology: A-E List of Demon Names, Devils, & Evil Spirits

People Also Ask

What Are Some Dark Names?

  • Adrienne
  • Dusk
  • Gray / Grey
  • Keir
  • Lamya
  • Layla
  • Lisha

What Are Some Dark Evil Names?

Abaddon, Armaros, Dagon, Lestat, Abyzou, Batibat, Euryaleand Lamashtu.

What Name Means Dark?

Other dark baby names in the US Top 1000 include Blake, Colton, Delaney, Kiera, Layla, Melanie, Phoenix, and Sullivan, in addition to Jett and Raven. Many word names, such as Ebony, Mahogany, Sable, and Midnight, conjure up ideas of gloom.

Final Words

The majority of the evil names have a long and illustrious history. Choose one of the unusual names for your kid to stand out from the crowd.
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