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Football Studio Casino - A New Way To Make More Money

Evolution's Football Studio Casino is a live dealer card game. It's a great game for people who have never been to a live casino before, especially football fans. The rules of the game are like those of Dragon Tiger or two-card baccarat.

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Evolution's Football Studio Casinois a live dealer card game.
It's a great game for people who have never been to a live casinobefore, especially football fans.
The rules of the game are like those of Dragon Tiger or two-card baccarat.
To win, you either pick "Home," "Away," or "Draw," which means "Tie."
Because it's easy to use, it's a great way for people who like bettingon sports to try out live casinos. Read our review of Football Studio Casino to find out more.

How To Play Football Studio Casino

The rules and general flow of action in Football Studio Casino are not ground-breaking by any stretch of the imagination. Actually, it's just a dumbed-down version of Baccarat with all your favorite sports references left in.
From one of Evolution Gaming's studios comes a live broadcast of the action. There are three possible outcomes to choose from when placing a wager in Football Studio Casino: Home, Away, and Draw.
The player's objective is to correctly guess which of the dealer's two cards will be of the higher value. The dealer takes two cards once the bets have been made. They are dealt face up into the two fields, with the winner being announced when the cards are turned over.

Features Of Football Studio Casino

The advantages of Football Studio Casino include:
  • You may view scores and results from your favorite teams in the football results and fixtures section. Select your league by clicking "Add League," and all results will be shown here.
  • The presenter is available for general conversation about football and is also happy to share their predictions for forthcoming games.
  • Talk to your other players during in-game chat about football-related news! The host will join in on the humor as well.
The football casino studio with two cards showing the figures and a winning message
The football casino studio with two cards showing the figures and a winning message

Football Studio Casino Strategies

The winner is whichever card has the greatest value out of the two. On the other hand, you can only win if you wager on a draw if both cards have the same value. Regardless of how simple the game is, there are a few strategies you can use to improve your chances of winning.

Martingale Strategy

Martingale has a drawback in that losses can spiral out of control very quickly. You must multiply your past losses at home or away by two in order to apply the Martingale technique. As an illustration, if you wager 15 cents at home and lose, you wager 30 cents the next time. You stake 60 cents if you lose once more, and so on.

Review Past Results

With few betting alternatives, you can only choose who will win or lose, so looking at recent match results is your best bet. On the information table at the bottom of the screen, you may observe which teams have previously prevailed. Players can grasp the odds and play intelligently by keeping an eye on them and keeping track of rewards throughout the game.


The odds are 1:1 whether you gamble at home or away, so you can double your wager. From 15 cents, or 1 euro, up to 1450 CAD, or 1000 euros, can be wagered per hand. Each hand allows for more than one bet. If you like, you can wager on all three.

Football Studio Casino's Return To Player

The odds decrease if you choose to wager on a draw, so you can choose the Return To Player (RPT) percentage of Football Studio Casino. It will get harder to succeed in the long run.

People Also Ask

Is It Possible To Use A Bonus For Football Studio Live?

Consider joining a live casino bonus-offering online casino. If so, you may use your bonus to play Football Studio Live and, with some luck, turn it into real money.

Should I Try Football Studio Casino?

Football Studio Casino is an easy-to-play game designed for enthusiasts of the sport who enjoy playing online and keeping up with game outcomes. You can hand in your betting slip, play on the home and away teams, and receive match information from the dealer and the screen. While playing Football Studio Live, you can wager swiftly and effectively.


Due to its authentic casino environment, Football Studio Casino has quickly become a go-to for fans looking to get the inside scoop on their favorite matches, especially when there are a number of simultaneous matches. Football Studio Casino gets rid of the need to keep switching screens, which is a common source of stress for people who would rather gamble as they watch a game.
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