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Gargi Sawant - Known For Role In "Aarya" Movie

Gargi Sawant is an up-and-coming actress who has only recently established herself in the Bollywood industry. She made her first appearance in the critically acclaimed serial known as Aarya, which was shown on the Hotstar Special streaming platform.

Author:Suleman Shah
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Oct 07, 2023
Gargi Sawantis an up-and-coming actress who has only recently established herself in the Bollywood industry. She made her first appearance in the critically acclaimed serial known as Aarya, which was shown on the Hotstar Special streaming platform. She comes from a non-acting background, but she has already made a significant impact on the Bollywood scene with this series.
One of the crucial milestones in Gargi's career was when she worked with Sushmita Sen, who had previously held the title of Miss Universe in 1994. Sharing the screen with a legend like Sen was surely a watershed moment in Gargi's career.
It provided her with a stage on which to study, develop, and perfect her abilities under the guidance of an experienced war veteran. This event not only demonstrated Gargi's flexibility but also emphasized her capacity to compete on an equal footing with her more experienced co-actors.

Quick Facts About Gargi Sawant

Real NameGargi Sawant
Nick NameGargi
ProfessionModel and Actress
Date of Birth24 November 1995
Age27 Years
Birth PlaceMumbai, Maharashtra
Gargi sawant wearing black dress
Gargi sawant wearing black dress

Early Life Of Gargi Sawant

Gargi Sawant was born into a Maratha family, which is historically regarded as one of the most prominent warrior families in the Indian state of Maharashtra. On November 24th, 1995, she was born in the city of Mumbai, which is situated in the state of Maharashtra in India. Her country of origin is India.
Her mother's name is Isha, and her father's name is Mangesh Sawant. Her father is a member of the law enforcement community and serves his country in that capacity. Throughout their younger years, Gargi Sawant and her elder sister, Ruta Sawant, had a strong bond with one another.
The two of them have an exceptionally tight bond due to the fact that her sister is someone who can be relied upon as both a friend and a trusted confidante. Since she was a child, she had always been an amazing dancer, and this talent had proven to be of great aid to her during her whole acting career.
After completing her primary education at the Hiranandani Foundation School, Gargi decided to continue her studies by enrolling in the secondary program at the Gopal Sharma Memorial School so that she could get her secondary diploma there.
She attended the R.A. Podar College of Business and Economics, which is where she earned her bachelor of business degree in business administration. After this, she decided to pursue a degree in mass mediacommunication; thus, she enrolled at Ramnarain Ruia College and eventually graduated with a bachelor's degree in the subject. The performance artist is currently employed in the entertainment sector.

Career Of Gargi Sawant

Gargi Sawant began her career at a very tender age and quickly rose through the ranks. She started out as a belly dancer and has since participated in a number of other dance events, including those held at the Pune International Dance Congress and the Annual Student Dance Showcase. Prior to that, she had trained at the Urja Art Studio in Mumbai. It is there that she satisfies her passion for dancing and continues to enhance her skills as a belly dancer.
She is talented at dancing, but in addition to that, she has a passion for modeling and getting her hair and makeup done for fashion shows. In addition to this, she has been included in a variety of photoshoots for well-known companies in the fashion and jewelry sectors. She rose to fame and garnered a great deal of acclaim very rapidly as a result of her inherent attractiveness as well as her modeling skills she had.
After that, she did not begin her career in the acting industry until very recently, when she was cast in the webseries "Aarya" on Hotstar. Her performance in this series represents her first foray into acting, and it is the first time that the entertainment business is exposed to her natural skill and irresistible allure.
Gargi's unconventional upbringing is one of the most interesting aspects of her biography, and it is one of the things that makes her ascent to prominence so remarkable. She has burst through the obstacles and made the most of the chance to demonstrate her innate knack for the trade of acting, despite the fact that she does not come from a traditional performing family.
Her work in "Aarya" serves as an introduction to the world of Indian entertainment, and it hints at a bright future for her in that industry thanks to her ability to embody characters naturally and to get completely absorbed in the story.
"Breathe: Into the Shadows" was a television series, and Gargi Sawant portrayed the character of Chandni Rawat in the show. The first episode of the online series "Breathe: Into the Shadows" was made available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.
The narrative of the series centers on a distraught father who is willing to stop at nothing in his quest to recover his abducted daughter. Chandni Rawat, played by Gargi Sawant, is connected to Abha's sister, Chechi, in the show. The viewers have praised her work in the series for the roles she has played.
In addition to all of these things, she was highlighted on the front page of the monthly edition of the Marathi magazine "Menka" which was released in July of 2018.
Gargi sawant Smiling
Gargi sawant Smiling

Gargi Sawant Role In "Aarya"

Gargi Sawant plays the part of Pallavi, a woman who is ingeniously knit into the fabric of the riveting tale, in the engrossing Indian crime-thriller drama "Aarya." The plot of the show is very compelling. The series, which made its debut on Disney+ Hotstar in 2020, has its origins in the popular Dutch drama "Penoza." It presents viewers with a plot that is both original and intriguing, full of mystery, suspense, and drama, and it was adapted from those sources.
The series gains an additional layer of complication and depth because of Gargi Sawant's performance as Pallavi, which contributes to the complex network of connections and feelings that constitute "Aarya."
As Veer's girlfriend, Pallavi finds herself drawn into a murky underworld filled with political intrigue, power plays, and complicated family connections. As the story progresses, the viewer will be left wondering about her genuine motivations and allegiances due to the existence of her character, which adds an element of suspense to the situation.
Sushmita Sen, who plays the title character Aarya Sareen in "Aarya," is the driving force behind the show's success. Aarya is shown as a courageous and resolute lady who is compelled to travel perilous terrain in order to ensure the safety of her family.
Chandrachur Singh plays the key character of Tej Sareen, Aarya's husband, whose actions set off a sequence of events that comprise the core of the series' storyline. This part gives Chandrachur Singh the opportunity to shine as an actor.
The television series "Aarya" goes into the seedy underbelly of crime, corruption, and power battles to tell a narrative of surviving against the odds, being determined, and the importance of family.
The character of Pallavi, played by Gargi Sawant, adds to the depth and mystery of the story by weaving her own narrative thread against this background. The appearance of Pallavi demonstrates the multifaceted individuals that are included in the series, each of whom makes a unique contribution to the developing plot.
The performance that Gargi Sawant gave as Pallavi has not gone unnoticed by anybody. Her performance captures the nuances of character and the range of feelings that are needed to merge inconspicuously into the vivid world of "Aarya."
Gargi has gained praise and admiration for her on-screen presence as well as her ability to completely immerse herself in the skin of her character. As a result, her introduction into the field of acting has been marked by a successful debut performance.
The part of Pallavi that Gargi Sawant plays in "Aarya" gives an indication of her acting aptitude and paves the way for her future aspirations in the field of Indian entertainment.
The series, which has a complicated plot and a large cast of characters, highlights Gargi's capacity to work alongside experienced performers and deliver a performance that adds value to the unfolding story. The audience is looking forward with great anticipation to Gargi's future contributions to the fields of acting and storytelling as she continues on her path.

Personal Life Of Gargi Sawant

Gargi Sawant does not have a partner at this time. It's possible that she would want to concentrate on her job rather than become engaged in a romance.

The Physical Appearance Of Gargi Sawant

Gargi Sawant is an impressively tall person, measuring 5 feet, 4 inches (162 cm) in height. She has been endowed with dark brown eyes that are very bright, as well as dark brown short hair that reaches her shoulders. Gargi Sawant probably tips the scales at around 50 kilograms (110 pounds).
She has excellent control over her taste buds, despite the fact that she enjoys a wide variety of foods. She loves Indian cuisine, and when it comes to sweets, ice cream is her go-to choice.
Even if she is getting a tuck, her appearance is still quite sweet and childlike. She is always trying new things with her appearance and keeping her admirers and followers up-to-date on Instagram with those changes.

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Some Interesting Facts About Gargi Sawant

  • Gargi Sawant is a gifted Indian actress and model who was born on November 24th, 1995, in the city of Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra.
  • She honed her talents and developed her enthusiasm for dance while attending classes at the Urja Art Studio in Mumbai. She specializes in belly dancing.
  • Gargi discovered that she had a love for modeling in addition to her abilities as a dancer, and she participated often in photoshoots for well-known fashion and jewelry companies.
  • Gargi first tried her hand at acting not too long ago, and she quickly landed a part in the highly anticipated web series "Aarya" which is shown on Hotstar. Gargi is an accomplished dancer and model.
  • Her first acting role was in the film "Aarya," which gave her the opportunity to demonstrate to a larger audience both her natural acting ability and her seductive charisma.
  • Gargi's unorthodox upbringing in a family that was not traditionally involved in the performing arts contributes to the one-of-a-kind path that she has taken into the entertainment business.
  • Her performance in "Aarya" serves as an introduction to Indian entertainment and hints at a bright future owing to her ability to embody characters naturally and completely immerse herself in the plot. Her part in "Aarya" serves as an introduction.
  • In addition, Gargi portrayed the role of Chandni Rawat in the online series "Breathe: Into the Shadows," which is now accessible to watch on Amazon Prime Video.
  • She was featured prominently on the cover of the July 2018 issue of the Marathi magazine "Menka."
  • Amitabh Bachchan is one of her favorite actors, while Deepika Padukone and Sushmita Sen are two of her favorite actresses. Amitabh Bachchan is one of her favorite actors.
  • Gargi has explored hobbies like acting and dance in addition to her job, demonstrating both her adaptability and her enthusiasm for the arts.
  • Her refined and classic aesthetic is reflected in her affinity for the color white, which occupies a particular place in her heart.

Net Worth Of Gargi Sawant

Gargi Sawant has a net worth of 30 lakhs INR. She has earned this much through her career as a model and as an actress.

People Also Ask

When And Where Was Gargi Sawant Born?

Gargi Sawant was born on November 24, 1995, in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

What Is Gargi Sawant's Profession?

Gargi Sawant is a model and actress.

In Which Web Series Did Gargi Sawant Make Her Acting Debut?

Gargi Sawant made her acting debut in the web series "Aarya."

What Role Did Gargi Sawant Play In The Series "Aarya"?

In "Aarya," Gargi Sawant portrayed the character Pallavi, the girlfriend of Veer.

Apart From Acting, What Other Passion Does Gargi Sawant Have?

Alongside acting, Gargi Sawant is passionate about modeling and has been part of photoshoots for fashion and jewelry brands.

What Was Gargi Sawant's Role In The Web Series "Breathe: Into The Shadows"?

In "Breathe: Into the Shadows," Gargi Sawant played the character Chandni Rawat.


Gargi Sawant has established himself as a multi-talented powerhouse in the Indian entertainment industry. Gargi's career, from her early days as a talented belly dancer to her ascension as a promising model and actor, demonstrates her tenacity, adaptability, and unmistakable love for her work.
Her unusual upbringing and her outstanding web series debuts in "Aarya" and "Breathe: Into the Shadows" illustrate her capacity to submerge oneself in a variety of characters. Gargi Sawant's career in the business seems promising, promising fans a fascinating and durable presence on film thanks to her inherent charm, commitment, and rising notoriety.
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