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Gisela Meyer - Biography Of The Daughter Of Coach Urban Meyer

Gisela Meyer is a volleyball player and child star from the United States. She is well-known because she is the daughter of well-known Urban Meyer. She is also well-known as a volleyball player who has been playing for the NFL since 2015.

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Gisela Meyeris a volleyball player and child star from the United States.
She is well-known because she is the daughter of well-known Urban Meyer.
She is also well-known as a volleyball player who has been playing for the NFL since 2015.
She is also well-known because she is married to Brian Pruett, who is one of the most-watched American fitness trainer and baseball player.

Quick Facts About Gisela Meyer

NameGisela Meyer
BirthdayMarch 26, 1993
ProfessionVolleyball player
Net worth$1 million

Gisela Meyer Biography

Gisela Meyer was born to Shelley Meyer and Urban Meyer on March 26, 1993, in Gainesville, Florida, US. She also has two brothers and a sister. Their names are Nichole Meyer and Nathan Meyer. She is an American citizen and a Christian. Her race is white, and she was born in the United States.
Meyer is 5 feet 7 inches tall, which is 170 cm. She weighs about 54 kg, which is about 119 lbs, and her body measurements are 32-28-34 inches. She has a slim body type. Her eyes are gray and her hair is blonde.

Gisela Meyer Career

Gisela's family was always active, so she decided to join in. Because of this, she became interested in volleyball. She joined the team when she was a freshman at her college.
She had been a good volleyball player for years, and as a senior she won the Atlantic Sun Setter of the Year award. Also, after she played volleyball, she chose to become a coach. So, she joined the volleyball team at FGCU and worked as a coach.
Gisela does know more than just volleyball, though. She also gave waterboarding a try. Also, Gigi didn't try the sport for the first time until she was ten years old.
Then she met Andy Wilcox, a former pro skier who taught her many tricks like flipping upside down, backflipping, and so on. And after she learned the sport and practiced it, Gigi joined the wakeboarding club team at FGCU.
Gigi won many titles while she was playing the sport, such as the Women's A title at the NCAA wakeboarding championships, the Women's A division at the Wake Games, the Lally's Board Bash, and many more. Along with these sports, Gisela and her husband started a fitness brand called GFIT.
Gisela Meyer's father walking her down during her wedding
Gisela Meyer's father walking her down during her wedding

Gisela Meyer Relationship

Brian Pruett is a baseball player from the United States. He went to school at Florida Gulf Coast University as well. His college major was mass communications. They met at college and became friends, and then they started dating.
As their feelings for each other grew, Brian and Gisela soon got engaged, and in October 2020, they got married. Since both of them are crazy about fitness, the couple decided to do something. So, Brian and Gisela started the fitness brand GFIT together.

Controversies In Gisela Meyer Life

A video of Gigi's dad, Urban Meyer, went viral in October 2021. A blonde girl in her mid-twenties was seen dancing closely with the American coach. Shelly, Gigi's mom, was taking care of their grandchildren at the time.
Within hours, the video went viral, and many people asked about Gisela's father. By doing this, Gisela's mother quickly asked the coach for help.
Gigi told people that her father tried to keep the girl away from him and not pull her close. She and her mother stood by him during all of the trouble. Some people also agreed with the women, while othersstarted to criticize them.

People Also Ask

Why Is Gisela Meyer So Famous?

Gisela Meyer is well-known because she is her father's daughter.

Who Is Gisela Meyer?

Gigi is one of the three kids that Urban has. Her Instagram shows that she is the CEO of GFIT and also works as a fitness coach.

Is Gisela Meyer Married?

Yes, she is married to American baseball player Brian Pruett. Together, they own the fitness brand GFIT.


Gisela Meyer has a lot of followers on Instagram and is very active on her other social media sites, telling her fans about all the things she is doing. Her Instagram feed is full of posts about her family, work, and fitness.
She also posts about her business on Instagram. So, if you want to know more about her business and her personal life, you can follow her on social media.
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