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Healing Birth Trauma Adults - How To Deal With It?

Both the delivering mother and her partner may experience trauma and fear during childbirth. According to research, up to 45% of moms claim to have gone through "birth trauma." So, healing birth trauma adults is necessary.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Oct 05, 2022
Both the delivering mother and her partner may experience trauma and fear during childbirth. According to research, up to 45% of moms claim to have gone through "birth trauma." So, healing birth trauma adultsis necessary.
Birth trauma is not well defined in the literature, although it can be any experience that the expectant mother or her partner finds upsetting or unpleasant and that results in continued anguish for a while after the birth.
Medical issues for the mother or baby, emergency C-sections, a lack of respect and compassion from medical staff, resuscitation at birth, the baby being transferred to the NICU, or experiencing intense pain or feeling out of control during labor are all examples of birth trauma.
Repetitive and bothersome thoughts, flashbacks, or nightmares; avoiding situations, people, and things that bring up the birth, being overly vigilant about potential dangers to you or your child, feeling guilty or taking responsibility for the birth, and having trouble recalling specific details are all signs of birth trauma.
Birth trauma can also affect partners of laboring moms who witness a difficult birth. Birth trauma significantly raises the chance of postpartum depression as well.
According to some research, moms who report experiencing a lot of birth trauma have a 4-5 times higher risk of developing postpartum depression.
Partners who have experienced birth trauma are more likely to experience postpartum depression. Furthermore, studies show that 4 to 6 percent of mothers who have a difficult birth develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Digital illustration of birth trauma therapy
Digital illustration of birth trauma therapy

Steps Of Healing From Birth Trauma And Reclaiming Motherhood

You need to consider these steps for healing birth trauma adults.

Consult A Doctor

Talk to a mental healthprofessional, preferably one who has worked with trauma and/or prenatal mental health. This is especially important if you have signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Talk About Trauma

Permit yourself to describe it as a trauma. Do not let anyone (including yourself) convince you that your trauma was not as bad as it could have been or that you should be thankful.

Look For Social Assistance

During pregnancy and the postpartum period, look for social assistance from support groups, other mothers, friends, or family. According to research, moms who have social support are less likely to have postpartum PTSD.

Share Your Birth Story

Share your birth story with a friend, therapist, lover, or in your journal. Research shows that telling a coherent story about a traumatic event can help people recover and deal with it.

Be Kind To Yourself

Practice kindness for yourself. Remind yourself that the guilt is unreasonable if you feel guilty or guilty about yourself. If you are having trouble, consider what you would say to a buddy who is also blaming himself.

Traumatic Birth Effects On Baby

Birth trauma occurs when a baby's organs or tissues are harmed after a challenging delivery. Injuries to the brachial plexus, brain damage, and other long-term medical issues might result after a traumatic birth.

Traumatic Childbirth

People Also Ask

Can A Traumatic Birth Affect You Later In Life?

Psychological trauma has been found to have long-lasting consequences for people. Unsurprisingly, the effects are noticeable during childhood development and throughout adulthood. Studies today reveal a clear connection between birth damage and ongoing psychiatric issues.

How Do You Heal From Birth Trauma?

  • Don't be critical of yourself.
  • Seek out practical assistance.
  • Accept and seek emotional support.
  • Recognize any attachment you have to your child.
  • Speak with someone.
  • Think about how it will affect your relationship.
  • Try to learn the specifics of what occurred.

Can You Get PTSD From Birth?

Yes. If you endure stressful events during labor or childbirth, you could develop PTSD.


Encourage postpartum care and mental health services for women and their partners for healing birth trauma adults so that the adverse effects could be minimized.
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