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Fame And Flashdance Singer And Actress Irene Cara Dies At 63

Irene Cara, an actress and singer who won an Oscar and sang the theme songs for the hit 1980s movies "Fame" and "Flashdance," dies at the age of 63, her publicist said Saturday.

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Irene Cara dies at 63years old. She was best known for singing the songs for the movies Fame and Flashdance. The newswas posted on social media by her publicist, Judith A. Moose, who said that the cause of death was "currently unknown."
Moose also told a reporter from the Associated Press on Saturday that he had died. Cara died in Florida, where she lived. No one knew the exact date of her death.

Irene Cara Dies At 63

Award-winning singer, actress Irene Cara dies at age 63

Irene Cara, the Oscar-winning singer best known for performing the theme songs to the legendary films Flashdance and Fame, has died. She was 63.
Her publicist, Judith A. Moose, said on social media that she died at her home in Florida. She didn't say what killed her, but she said that it would be made public when more information was available.
It is with profound sadness that on behalf of her family I announce the passing of Irene Cara.
Irene's family has requested privacyas they process their grief. She was a beautifully gifted soul whose legacy will live forever through her music and films. Funeral services are pending and a memorial for her fans will be planned at a future date.
Irene was a gifted woman whose body of work is loved by millions of people the world over. She became an icon for music lovers of the 1980s, and inspired many of today’s most influential singers, such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. We are all mourning her death but will celebrate her legacy as a bright spot in our lives.
Born in New York City, Irene Cara Escalera was raised with a passion for entertainment. By the age of 5, she could play the piano by ear and was taking acting and dance classes.
She played Iris, a member of the band the Short Circus, on the popular educational show for kids The Electric Company from 1971 to 1972.
In the 1976 movie Sparkle, which was based on the story of the Supremes, she played Sparkle Williams and wowed audiences with her singing and acting skills. When the 1980 high school musical Fame came out, the actress became famous overnight.
She not only played the lead character Coco Hernandez, but she also sang the title song, which was groovy and had disco music in it. In 1981, she was nominated for two Grammys because of the song: Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female.
In 1983, Cara lent her voice to another film soundtrack: Flashdance, starring Jennifer Beals and Michael Nouri. Cara helped write the song "Flashdance... What a Feeling," which went straight to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart and stayed there for six weeks.
"Flashdance...What a Feeling" and "Maniac" were both up for record of the year at the Grammys. Album of the Year was nominated for the music from the movie Flashdance. She was one of many songwriters who worked on the album.
Cara, who was born in New York, started her career on Broadway with small roles in short-lived shows. However, a musical called The Me Nobody Knows ran for more than 300 shows. In the mid-1990s, she toured as Mary Magdalene in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, and in 2012–14, her songs were in a tour of the musical Flashdance.
The synth-filled ballad, which won Best Original Song and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the 56th Academy Awards in 1984, was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.
In the same year, the song won Grammys for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media and Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female.
Cara kept working as an actress for the rest of her life. In the 1980s and 1990s, she had roles on both the big screen and the stage. She also made four studio albums: Anyone Can See in 1982, What a Feelin' in 1983, Carasmatic in 1987, and Irene Cara Presents Hot Caramel in 2011.


Irene Cara, an actress and singer who won an Oscar and sang the theme songs for the hit 1980s movies "Fame" and "Flashdance," has died at the age of 63, her publicist said Saturday.
Last Friday, Cara's body was found at her home in Florida. Her publicist, Judith Moose, told AFP that the cause of death is still unknown. Cara is well-known for singing the title song to the 1980s movie "Fame," which is about students at a New York high school for the performing arts.
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