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Jayni Chase - American Actress And Environmentalist

The well-known American actress and environmentalist Jayni Chase has spent the last 20 years devoting her life to environmental community action and education. The Center for Environmental Education was founded by Jayni Chase, a well-known author, and actress.

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The well-known American actress and environmentalist Jayni Chasehas spent the last 20 years devoting her lifeto environmental community action and education. The Center for Environmental Education was founded by Jayni Chase.
Chevy Chase, a well-known actor, had a key role in Saturday Night Live's first season, for which he received three Emmy Awards. His other prominent works include Foul Play, Fletch, Hot Tub Time Machine, The Chevy Chase Show, and Community, among others.
Model and environmentalist Jayni Chase received a lot of praise for her work on National Lampoon's Vacation, Biography, and The Annual Tel Aviv Gala Presents Goldie Hawn Salute.

Quick Facts About Jayni Chase

Full NameJayni Ann Luke
BirthdayAugust 24, 1957
Age65 years old
Marital StatusMarried
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California
ChildrenCydney Cathalene Chase, Caley Leigh Chase, Emily Evelyn Chase
ProfessionActress, Author, and Activist
ParentsFrank E. Luke (father), Beverly Luke (mother)
Eye ColorGreen
SpouseChevy Chase

Biography Of Jayni Chase

On August 24, 1957, in Los Angeles, California, United States, Jayni Chase was born. She is 63 years old and, according to astrology, she is a Virgo. She is of Caucasian descent and holds American citizenship. Likewise, Jayni Ann Luke is her real name.
There is currently no information known about her parents, including their names. In a similar vein, information on her other family members, including her siblings, cousins, and any other relatives, has not yet been made public.
She appears to like keeping her personal and family life private, away from the spotlight and the public. She is well-known on her own, yet despite this, she has never discussed her family in public.
She attended North Hollywood High School, which is relevant to her educational background and credentials. She later enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she earned a communications degree.
Headshot of Jayni Chase Wearing Glasses
Headshot of Jayni Chase Wearing Glasses

The Relationship Status Of Jayni Chase

Jayni is a mother of two who is married. The writer's spouse is the American actor, comedian, and writer Chevy Chase. On the set of one of Chevy's movies, the charming pair got together.
She was assisting with production at the time. They quickly began dating and were married on June 19, 1982, in a private wedding ceremony in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California.
Since then, the couple has been cohabitating for over 38 years without displaying any signals of separation or divorce. Their first child, a girl named Cydney Chase, was born in 1982, and their second child, a daughter named Caley Chase, was born in 1984. The third child of the pair, Emily Chase, was born in 1988.
Jayni's prior romances or affairs have not yet been brought up in public. On the other hand, her spouse had already been married twice before he wed her. Her husband's first wife was Susan Hewitt. They were married in 1973, but they got divorced in 1976. In 1976, he wed Jacqueline Carlin; however, the two separated in 1980.

The Career Of Jayni Chase

Jayni Chase began her career as a member of the cast and crew of motion pictures. She has experience working as a production coordinator, location secretary, actor, and guest star in films and television shows. Her well-known works include The Last Laugh, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? National Lampoon's Vacation, and others.
In addition to being an actor, Jayni is a passionate advocate for environmental awareness and the preservation of animals. She actively participates in a number of environmental initiatives. Additionally, Jayni writes for the Huffington Post, where she focuses on writing about environmental issues.
In 1988, she started the Project ECO School, which later became the Center for Environmental Education (CEE). She wrote "Blueprint for a Green School" during this exercise. Over 7,500 sources of knowledge that might help schools become green are included in the book. Children's environmental education was a goal of the Center for Environmental Education. Jayni thinks that what kids learn in school will have an influence on the future.
The media and local communities are involved in this endeavor to raise awareness of the environment, its causes, and its impacts. The center also instructs students in ethical consumer behavior and develops several campaigns and initiatives, including zero-waste lunches, volunteer work, fundraising, and more.
Jayni disbanded the Center for Environmental Education's board in 2008. Instead, the resources were allocated to Unity College in Maine.
She formerly served on the Billion Oyster Project's board of directors. She has also worked with other groups, including Friends of the Earth, the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE), the Environmental Media Association (EMA), and others. She also took part in the Clinton Global Initiatives.
She is a member of the Pleiades, a network of women striving to advance sustainability, and the Advisory Board of BEDFORD 2030 Climate Action Now.
The Pharm Stand, owned by Jayni Chase, is a tiny company that debuted in Armonk in 2019. Various cannabinoids have affected her and her two partners, Jason Provost and Chris Singleton, in different ways.
The business is a wellness shop that wants to be a hub for knowledge about cannabinoids and related products. Their objective is to raise consumer awareness of the offerings and inform consumers about the things they are purchasing.

Awards And Accolades Of Her Husband

  • Chevy Chase has won a number of honors throughout the years. A few of them are:
  • Won a Primetime Emmy for SNL's outstanding comedy writing in a variety of music series.
  • AGolden Globe nomination for "Best Actor in a Motion Picture."
  • Comedy or a musical, and foul play for best male debut in a motion picture.
  • Given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Received a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs, California, Walk of Stars.
  • Hasty Puddings honored him as Man of the Year in 1993.
  • The Harvard Lampoons Lifetime Achievement Award was bestowed upon him in 1996.

Social Media

On social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Jayni Chase is active. She often blogs about Campaigns, the environment, and spending time with her family.
She has 878 followers on Twitter and 4.4K followers on Instagram. Through the comments on her post, her fans and friends express their support and gratitude for her.

Jayni Chase's Net Worth

Jayni has a variety of jobs that allow her to earn enough money to live comfortably. The range of Jayni Chase's net worth is between USD 5 million and USD 10 million.
Chevy Chase, her spouse, now has a net worth of around $60 million and anticipates growth in that amount. The family also takes part in a lot of fitness-, charity-, and donation-related events.

People Also Ask

How Old Is Jayni Chase?

Jayni Chase is 65 years old in 2022.

When Did She Get Married?

On June 19, 1982, Jayne Chase married Chevy Chase.

What Is Chevy Chase's Net Worth?

Chevy Chase presently has a $60 million USD net worth.


She also contributed to the Huffington Post. The Center for Environmental Education was founded by her. This nonprofit prioritizes protecting the environment. Jayni Chase's pleasure with her present circumstances is now tipping the scales in favor of her personal life over her career. She aspires to achieve a lot in the future, in addition to inspiring her classmates and younger generations.
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