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John Buultjens - The Man With The Story Behind The Movie 'The Ride'

The story of John Buultjens' life is a strange one with a happy ending. He overcame a lot of problems and worked really hard. John Buultjens used to be a big name in BMX, and now he is the global brand manager for Haro, the most well-known BMX company.

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The story of John Buultjens's lifeis a strange one with a happy ending. He overcame a lot of problems and worked really hard.
John Buultjensused to be a big name in BMX, and now he is the global brand manager for Haro, the most well-known BMX company.
How he made it through his first ten years, was saved by a great couple, and was given the chance to go in a different direction.

John Buultjens Early Life

John Buultjens was born on March 16, 1971, in Glasgow, which is in Scotland. His mom's name is Margaret Craig, and no one knows what his dad's name is.
John is 51 years old in 2022. As a child, John grew up with his two sisters and older brother, Rory McCord.
John's biological family was violent and abusive to him when he was a child. When he was only three, he ran to see his father and was instead thrown into an electric fire.
He says that he still remembers how burning he felt at the time. Even though John had to fight for his life as a child, he was still abused and hurt, even during the holidays.
When John was 7, he saw his father hurting his mother, so he got a knife to protect her. He was ready to kill anyone, even his own father, but he was knocked out.
After this happened, John's mother put him in a foster care program in Scotland, where he was later adopted by another family. And that's when things started to change for him.

John Buultjens Parents

Margaret Craig and a man whose name is unknown gave birth to John Buultjens. Growing up in a family where people beat each other up was hard for him. Margaret died soon after putting him and his siblings in foster care, and his father died soon after that.
When John was 10, Marianna and Eldrige Buultjens took him in as their own child. Marianna, his foster mother, is from Scotland, and his foster father is from Sri Lanka. The first time Marianna and Eldridge met was at a party in Glasgow, Scotland. On December 22, 1974, they got married.
John had trouble getting along with this family, especially Eldridge. It was because of Eldridge's skin color. He was embarrassed by how Eldridge looked.
Still, he says now that he didn't go to school and that his biological family believed in white supremacy back then. He also says he feels bad about how he felt at the time.
But his parents teach him well and he has different ideas. John also said that Eldridge taught him what love was and did so much for him for the first time.
John Buultjens and Ludacris on the first day on set for the movie The Ride
John Buultjens and Ludacris on the first day on set for the movie The Ride

John Buultjens Relationships

John was in a relationship when he after to Australia when he was in his 20s. In 2005, he got married to the woman. But no one knows what his wife's name is.
Together, they also have a daughter. But things didn't work out, and in 2011, when their daughter was only four years old, his wife asked for a divorce.
John's ex-wife took custody of their daughter, and John hasn't seen her since. He worked hard his whole life and put his family last so he could be successful.
John Buultjens seems to be in a relationship with a woman based on his social media profiles and posts. He often posts pictures of her with a note thanking her for being in his life. John recently said that, like other boys, he was abused as a child by a female night nurse.
He also said that an older girl named "Evon" (Yvonne) abused him sexually when he was 12 years old, and that he might be having a second child he doesn't know anything about.

John Buultjens Kids

John Buultjens is married and has a daughter. His daughter's name is Mackenzie Mae, and her nickname is Mack.
Mackenzie Mae was born on February 6, 2007, and she is now 15 years old. She lives in Ocean Grove, which is in Australia. She goes to high school in Melbourne, which is also in Australia. On his chest, John has a tattoo of the face of his daughter.
John Buultjens wearing a singlet and a black trousers and black boots
John Buultjens wearing a singlet and a black trousers and black boots

John Buultjens Health Issues

John's abusive childhood and BMX career have caused him to get hurt and have healthproblems over the years. His father beat him and even threw him into an electric fire because he came from a violent family.
As a BMX competitor, he was always taking risks that could have cost him his life, but that didn't stop him from loving to ride. He said that he had four fractures in his skull, twenty-four broken bones, hairline fractures, and five bulging discs.

John Buultjens Career

From 1984 to 1988, John Buultjens went to school at Harris Academy in Dundee, Scotland. He has been a chef, a BMX rider and racer, an actor, an author, a CEO, and a global manager, among other things.
John took almost six months to get used to his new family, the Buultjens. Then, when he was 10, his foster dad Eldridge took him to the movies.
The movie was E.T.; The Extraterrestrial, which was made by Steven Speilberg. When he saw the bikes flying, something in him lit up. As he watched, he could feel the freedom he had been looking for.
Eldridge gave John a BMX bike as a gift. John would use it to do his stunts. He thought that riding could help him get away from his violent past.
Slowly, he started to work hard on the BMX Circuit in his area. Even though he knew how dangerous the field was, he kept pushing himself further.
John moved to Australia when he was in his 20s. There, he paid more attention to the competitions. John also loved taking care of his bikes.
He found that he really liked taking bikes apart and putting them back together again. So, he started his own business and became the CEO all by himself. Because his business made him more well-known as a bike rider and designer, he now designs bikes. Haro Bikes reached out to him after seeing how far he had come and offered him a job as a global brand manager for the company.

John Buultjens Haro BMX collection from 1982 to 1993

Destiny Calling

Bob Haro, who started Haro Bikes, was the most famous stunt rider in the movie that was the inspiration for John: The Extraterrestrial. John decided to move to California after accepting the offer.
Ali Afshar, a Hollywood producer, got in touch with John while he was in California. Ali was looking to buy one of his bikes.
The next year, everything was the same. Ali called John to buy one of his bikes. One day, they went to lunch together and talked about how much they loved bikes.
And that's when Afshar heard John's story about his past. Afshar liked his story, so with John's permission, he turned it into a movie. After 18 months, a movie called "The Ride" came out. John also wrote a book about his life in which he talked about going to parties, taking drugs, and the possibility that he might have another daughter.

John Buultjens Net Worth

As of 2022, John Buultjens has a net worth of about $2.5 million. He earns about $1.5 million as an actor.
John's total earnings as a BMX racer, CEO, and brand manager add up to more than $2 Million. He makes about $385K a year, on average.

John Buultjens Social Media

John Buultjens is currently active on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. He has 12,000 Instagram followers, 713 Twitter followers, and 621 TikTok followers.

People Also Ask

At What Age Was John Buultjens Adopted?

He got burned when he was thrown into a fire, and his father knocked him out during one attack. John was put into care on Christmas Eve. When he was ten, he was fostered, and then his foster parents adopted him.

Who Is John Buultjens Wife?

John Buultjens had a daughter from a previous marriage. The public is not yet aware of the name of his ex-wife.

Who Adopted John Buultjens?

John was in the system for three years before he was taken in by Marianna Buultjens, who was from Scotland, and her husband, Eldridge Buultjens, who was from Sri Lanka. At first, Buultjens was embarrassed by his adoptive father because of racial feelings he had as a child.


When popular rapper and musician Chris Bridges, also known as Ludacris, read the script for the movie The Ride, which tells the story of John's life, he wanted to be in it. The part of Buultjens' adoptive father was given to Bridges.
In the movie about his life, Buultjens played the role of his abusive biological father. John may have had the hardest time of his life when he had to play the cruel person who hurt him as a child. At the same time, it helped him feel better and helped him find peace.
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