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Justice Tarot Card Meaning - A Symbol Of Law, Balance, And Order

Have you ever been wronged by someone, or worse, victimized by someone in your life? Accept responsibility for your actions and wait for the dust to settle before moving on. The Justice Tarot card meaning is the same as Major Arcana Number XI.

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Have you ever been wronged by someone, or worse, victimized by someone in your life?
Accept responsibility for your actions and wait for the dust to settle before moving on.
The Justice Tarot card meaningis the same as Major Arcana Number XI.
The goal of justice is to right wrongs, collect debts, and deal with the consequences of karmic actions (both positive and negative ones).
However, not all disputes will be resolved through the court system.
Karma and justice have a way of giving life lessons to everyone.
One of the best things about this Justice tarotcard is that it always results in a level playing field for everyone.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning And Significance

Justice Tarot Card on the right with words Justice Tarot Card Meaning And Significance
Justice Tarot Card on the right with words Justice Tarot Card Meaning And Significance
The Justice tarot card depicts a figure sitting in between two pillars, just like what we see in the Hierophant and the High Priestess tarot cards.
These pillars are a symbol of law, balance, order, and structure.
Behind the figure, we can notice a loosely hanging purple-colored veil that signifies compassion and empathy.
Holding a sword (weapon) in her right arm, she displays the rational, orderly attitude required to administer appropriate punishment.
The double-edged blade of the sword indicates that our choices always have repercussions, and the upward-pointing sword denotes a solid and definitive decision.
As the symbol of her impartiality, the scales in her left hand (intuitive) show that intuitionmust be balanced by logic.
Justice is depicted as wearing a red crimson cloak with a green mantle and a crown with a tiny square on it to indicate well-ordered thoughts.
To serve as a constant reminder of the metaphysical ramifications of your acts, she exhibits a tiny white sneaker hidden beneath her attire.

Justice Tarot Keywords

A quick review of the key phrases associated with Justice, both upright and reversed, in the Major Arcana are as follows.
Check them out before we go into the card’s deeper meanings and how it influences your life.
  • Upright – Upright Attitude, Clarity, Truth, Transparency, Cause & Effect
  • Reversed – Prejudice, Injustice, Lack of Accountability, Dishonesty
  • Numerology – 11
  • Planet – Venus
  • Element – Air
  • Yes or No – Neutral
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign – Libra

Justice Upright Card Meaning And Guide

Justice tarot card on top of a blue table with a crystal behind it
Justice tarot card on top of a blue table with a crystal behind it
The Justice Upright tarot card symbolizes justice, impartiality, honesty, and the law.
You have been summoned to pay for your past deeds, and you will be held accountable for them.
You have nothing else to fear if you have acted in accordance with your Spiritual Self as well as for the collective good of others.
If you didn’t, you will be confronted and forced to take responsibility for your actions.
The Justice card isn’t as black-and-white as it may seem, in case this has you trembling in your boots.
You may have committed things that you now regret.
This card emphasizes that justice will be served impartially and without prejudice.
Be prepared to own up to your mistakes and face the resulting repercussions.
The Justice tarot is a strong indication that justice will be served if you are looking for it.
Legal proceedings involving you may be taking place, and you might be waiting for the outcome of those proceedings to be decided.
A decision will be made soon.
No second chances or retrials may be granted when the upright Justice card shows up. So, you must accept the outcome and go along.
When you’re faced with a decision that could have long-term consequences, the Justice card is likely to appear.
Consider the consequences of your actions, both for yourself and for others.
Pick the path that best serves the greater good by interacting with your innate guide (which is your intuition) and by asking for advice.
Your actions will be scrutinized, so be prepared to defend your choices.
“Do I hold by my beliefs and accept the repercussions of my actions,” is an important question to ask yourself.
Dig deeper into the shadows of right and wrong until you discover a place where you may stand with integrity and strength in your heart.
Justice, at its essence, is a quest for the truth.
You’ll realize that things aren’t as simple as you’d hoped as you investigate your own truth.
Take a deep breath and get ready to discover what the word “truth” means to you.
Think about what you believe is right and what you consider, to be honest, and fair, and only then act on it.
Don’t become too comfortable in your own skin since this may not be as simple as you believe.
Be ready to face the challenges thrown against your belief system.

Justice Reversed Card Meaning And Guide

Justice Reversed can imply that you’re aware of the fact that you’ve done something wrong on the inside.
You do have a choice because others may not have noticed it yet.
It’s your decision whether or not to own your faults and take decisive action to fix them, or to keep it quiet and hope that no one notices.
When it comes to making a decision, go with what you feel is best for your own well-being.
Also, if you’re not prepared to take full responsibility for your acts, Justice Reversed indicates you may try to avoid responsibility by placing blame on others.
Because of this, you’re being deceitful with yourself and others, and you’re unable to see the bigger picture.
Reevaluate your circumstances, this time with the goal of identifying areas in which you can take ownership of your actions.
As soon as you’ve admitted to a mistake, do everything in your power to right the situation.
Liberate yourself from any shame or guilt, and you’ll be able to make sound decisions.
It’s possible that the reversal of justice is a sign that your subconscious mind is in full force.
You may be constantly assessing your actions and slamming yourself on the brakes when things go awry.
If this resonates with you, begin by forgiving and accepting yourself as you are.
Recognize that everyone makes errors, and treat them with a little care and compassion.
Please acknowledge your inner voice for bringing this to your attention, and trust that you may now let it go.
Consider whether or not you are harboring any prejudices or biases that could unjustly influence your decision-making process.
Especially if you are about to make an important judgment that will have an effect on others.
It’s possible that you may need to gather more information or examine your own personal judgments in order to arrive at a well-informed conclusion.
If you’re involved in a legal case, you can be concerned about the outcome being unfair, or you might be disputing the ultimate verdict, which would challenge the legal process itself.
It’s possible that the administration of justice will be complicated by legal issues or some other factor.

Justice Tarot Card In Love And Relationships Reading

The Justice card is associated with making decisions and choices in the context of love and relationships. What’s your worth?
Regardless of whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, compromising for less than what you deserve is never an option.
Even if everyone around you is getting married or engaged, staying single is often the only option.
There are moments when you have to say goodbye to a lovely relationship that you might have treasured all these years.
You must first be truthful to yourself, and only then can you move forward, says justice.
A court battle may be on the horizon if your partnership is coming to an end.
No one can tell for sure if things will go your way (or not).
It’s still possible to learn valuable lessons from justice even if the conclusion isn’t favorable.

Justice Tarot In Health And Spirituality Reading

In termsof healthand spiritual growth, this Justice card interpretation is rather clear.
In order to achieve justice, one must strive for harmony in all aspects of one’s life.
The most important question which you should be asking yourself is, “Am I taking good care of myself?”
When we hear the word “self-care,” we tend to take it for granted.
The most important thing you can do for yourself is to look for your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
Take it one step at a time if you find yourself overwhelmed or unsure of how to proceed.
Take modest steps toward each of your three goals, and even before you realize it, you’ll be in a state of equilibrium!

Justice Card In Money And Career Tarot Reading

The Justice tarot card is an extremely favorable card in financial tarot readings since it will deliver whatever you could be expecting.
Professional and friendship problems are no different.
Prepare to be publicly justified if someone has harmed you.
As for a warning or a caution, the Justice card advises you not to engage in any dishonest or deceptive activities.
Despite the allure of quick money schemes, they always carry a karmic burden. Avoid them at all costs.

Justice In Yes Or No Tarot Reading

Fairness, balance, and objectivity are all important to the concept of justice.
As a result, it is rarely used to answer yes or no questions.
If this is all you want to know, ask yourself the following questions.
Why should I do this?
Is this going to have a negative impact on me or someone else?
Will I be content if I can get a yes (or a no) in response?
You’ll get the answers you’re looking for if you spend some time thinking about these questions.

Drawing The Justice In Tarot Reading

That concludes our look at the Justice tarot card’s interpretation!
Is the Justice tarot card’s meaning relevant to where you are in your life right now?

Why Do I Keep Pulling The Justice Tarot Card?

You’ve made it a point to keep the issue open, and this has prompted you to pay close attention to it.
As a result, your spirit guides or subconscious mind are assisting you.
Hope this was helpful. There is a message trying to get your notice if you keep receiving the same card repeatedly.

What Does Justice Card Mean?

The Justice card implies that a fair decision would be made.
Justice is just like a sword, and it will not be persuaded by the outward appearance of a situation in making its decisions.

Does The Justice Card Mean Karma?

However, the Justice card is not solely about karma in the “reap what you sow” sense.
For those who have shown cruelty and brutishness, this card could be a warning that karma is about to come around to them and they’d have to pay for their misdeeds.

What Does The Justice Card Mean In The Future Position?

The Justice card depicts a circumstance in which you need to make a decision at this time.
What you’re working on now will eventually lead you to make a huge decision if this card shows up in the future position of your Tarot reading.

Is Justice A Good Card?

To those involved in employment issues, the Justice card can indicate that things would eventually work out in your favor so long as you’ve been genuine, honest, and fair.

What Is Justice In A Relationship?

With regards to Relationships, the Justice card emphasizes the ability to comprehend and accept one’s partnership, express one’s sentiments, and evaluate one’s feelings in a way that leads to mutual happiness.
Your contentment is fueled by a clear sense of self-awareness and a strong sense of self-worth.
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