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Justin Ryan Simpson - The Successful Son Of O.J. Simpson

Justin Ryan Simpson is the son of O.J. Simpson, the infamous football player who was charged with the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Simpson, and her boyfriend, Ron Goldman. Simon Justin Ryan tried his hardest to establish a reputation for himself, working alongside his biological sister, Sydney Brooke Simpson.

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Justin Ryan Simpsonis the son of O.J. Simpson, the infamous football player who was charged with the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Simpson, and her boyfriend, Ron Goldman. Simon Justin Ryan tried his hardest to establish a reputation for himself, working alongside his biological sister, Sydney Brooke Simpson.
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He has succeeded as a real estate businessman because of his perseverance and hard work. Justin Ryan is credited with founding the real estate company Coldwell Banker Homes and for pioneering the fields of business and property management.

Quick Facts About Justin Ryan Simpson

Real NameJustin Ryan Simpson
Age34 years old
ProfessionReal Estate Agent
Birth DateAugust 6, 1988
Birth PlaceCalifornia, USA
Height5 ft 8 inches
Star SignLeo
Eye ColorBlack
Weight65 Kg
Net Worth$3 million
Full NameJustin Ryan Simpson

Education Of Justin Ryan Simpson

In termsof schooling, the celebrity earned a bachelor's degree in entrepreneurial and small business operations from Florida State University in 2010. He previously attended Pinecrest, Florida's Gulliver Preparatory School.

Murder Of Justin Ryan Simpson's Mother

His mother was Nicole Brown Simpson, a German-American model who was fatally shot in front of her Los Angeles apartment. Nicole and her companion Ron Goldman were both murdered on June 13, 1994.
Due to unfortunate family circumstances, little Justin was raised by his grandparents, Jimmy Lee Simpson and Eunice Simpson. Sidney Brooke Simpson is his elder sister.
Justin's parents separated when he was just four years old. His mother was killed two years later, and his father was charged with her homicide. 2017 saw the release of O.J. Simpson.
By no means should any typical kids ever have to experience these situations. However, despite having a difficult upbringing, he continued to push toward a career in real estate.

Justin Ryan Simpson's Father

Orenthal James Simpson, better known as O.J. Simpson, was born on July 4, 1947. When his parents split in 1952, he was left to be reared by a single mother. O.J. is a former NFL player who is now active in acting and media.
In 1994, Nicole and Ron Goldman were both killed in front of their homes in Los Angeles. At the time, Justin Ryan was five years old. As the main suspect in the killing, Orenthal was taken into custody. Before being exonerated, he spent eight months in detention.
The defense team for O.J. in what became regarded as the trial of the century included Robert Kardashian. Many people were unaware that his late Nicole Brown and ex-wife Kris Jenner were close friends. The trial further split the family as Robert fought for O.J.'s innocence while his ex-wife supported the prosecution.
Kim and Khloe, their children, regrettably attended certain court hearings, which did not sit well with their mother. Justin Ryan Simpson was only five years old, so they hardly ever spoke to each other. The former NFL athlete was detained once again in 2008 and released on October 1 of that year.
A headshot of Justin Ryan Simpson
A headshot of Justin Ryan Simpson

Justin Ryan Simpson’s Career

Justin is self-supporting. He didn't want to use his father's money in any way. Perhaps JR utilized that tenacity to create his empire. Simpson began his profession in real estate after receiving his degree from Florida State University. Consequently, this young businessman began working as a real estate sales professional at Muffley & Associates Real Estate.
Through Wealth Teacher, you may begin building your own wealth if you share Justin's business ambitions. Start with modest investments, and over time, you could well be on your way to becoming a millionaire as well.
He began working as the real estate sales manager at Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate in 2015 and quickly gained a reputation for having excellent negotiating abilities. As of 2018, Justin works full-time with DHM Real Estate Group as a sales representative. At the same time, he founded Bolder Property Management, his own business. Justin has a quiet lifein the Sunshine State and appreciates it.

Some Interesting Facts About Justin Ryan Simpson

  • He was born on August 6, 1988.
  • He is the child of the late Nicole Brown and former NFL star O.J. Simpson.
  • Justin attended Florida State University to further his studies.
  • He is a real estate broker.
  • Sydney Simpson, his sister, and Jason L. Simpson, his stepbrother, complete his family.
  • Football appeals to him.
  • Brad Pitt is his first choice for a role.
  • Green is one of his favorite hues.

Social Media Presence Of Justin Ryan Simpson

He doesn't have an internet presence, which is one of the reasons he still leads an unremarkable existence. He does have a Facebook profile for his real estate company, and it has gotten a lot of good comments.
Additionally, he often shares pictures of the homes he sells, and he's been away long enough to have lost contact with his father. However, he doesn't divulge any private information online.

Justin Ryan Simpson's Net Worth

His estimated net worth at the time was $3 million. JR established a significant reputation for himself only through his company. He is, after all, the most well-known businessman today. Justin Ryan Simpson's rise to fame and success in real estate was sparked by his excellent customer service approach, along with his negotiating and communication abilities.
Additionally, Justin has a $226,000 three-bedroom house. Sidney, his sister, owns a firm that supplies food and beverages for get-togethers and social occasions. Sidney is also in the real estate industry. Her whole wealth is $10,000. Despite being a formidable sister-brother team at the moment, Justin's net worth is certain to increase significantly very soon. His financial account seems to be on a wonderful trajectory for future growth.

People Also Ask:

What Is Justin Ryan Simpson's Age?

Justin Ryan Simpson is 34 years old.

What Does Justin Ryan Do For A Living?

Justin Ryan Simpson is a realtor.

What Is Justin Ryan Simpson's Zodiac Sign?

Leo is Justin Ryan Simpson's horoscope sign.


The most popular celebrity kid who has grown up in the limelight on social media is Justin Ryan Simpson. It was difficult to learn about every significant event in his personal and professional life, however, since he has managed to live a life apart from entertainment. Anyway, we hope the information we provided was useful to you all.
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