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Keisha Chambers - Wife Of 'Alex' Of Grey's Anatomy

American model and agency booker Keisha Chambers is best known as the wife of famous actor Justin Chambers. Keisha Chambers was born in the 1970s.Are you interested in knowing Keisha Chambers net worth?

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American model and agency booker Keisha Chambersis best known as the wife of famous actor Justin Chambers. Keisha Chambers was born in the 1970s, but no one knows her exact date of birth. Are you interested in knowing Keisha Chambers net worth?
The actor Justin Chambers, Keisha's husband, became famous because of the movie "Grey's Anatomy," which he starred in. This brought Keisha into the public eye. Keisha is an American citizen who comes from an African-American background.

Who Is Keisha Chambers?

Keisha Chambers wearing a black outfit with her husband, Justin Chambers wearing suit
Keisha Chambers wearing a black outfit with her husband, Justin Chambers wearing suit
Keisha Chambers was born in 1970, but the exact month and day have never been known because she has chosen to stay quiet about it. She was born and raised in the small city of Ohio, London, by her parents and two brothers. She is the youngest of five children in her family.
The famous modeling agent Keisha Chambers is of Hispanic, African, and Caucasian descent, according to her biography. Keisha was raised by a middle-class family, which was known. She was the last child in the family and the only girl.
Her parents and two older brothers took care of her because she was the youngest and the only girl in the family. They worked hard and gave up a lot for her. Even though she didn't grow up in a fancy house, she was still able to finish school.

Keisha Chambers Professional Career

Since she was a child, Justin Chambers's wife has wanted to be a model. Because of this, she chose to work as a booking agent for a modeling agency. Even before she married her husband, she worked as a modeling agency booker for the well-known Calvin Klein company.
As part of her job, she used to find work for her clients and hire models. Later in her career as a booking agent for a modeling agency, she worked as a PR manager for her agency.
Right after she got married to Justin Chambers, she quit her job and started working as his manager. She planned his day-to-day activities and trips.
There is no doubt that Justin's wife, Keisha, has helped him do well in his field. She is getting more attention now than when she worked as a modeling agency booker because of her relationship with Justin Chambers.

Keisha And Justin Chambers Married Life

Justin Chambers and his wife Keisha Chambers

As of 2022, she is a married woman. She met her husband, Justin Chambers, through Calvin Klein's advertising campaign in the United States of America. He is an American actor and used to be a model. Justin and Keisha Chambers got married in 1993 after dating for a couple of years behind closed doors.
When Justin worked on ads for Calvin Klein and Keisha worked at a modeling agency, they met. Since they got married, the couple has had a great relationship.
She has two daughters, Kalia and Maya, who are twins. Their names and the years they were born are as follows: Isabella Chambers was born in 1994, Maya Chambers in 1997, Kalia Chambers also in 1997, and Eva Chambers on March 30, 1999. Jackson Chambers is the name of her son. He came into the world in 2002.

Keisha Chambers Net Worth

Chambers and Justin have a combined net worth of about $18 million as a couple. Chambers hasn't said how much she makes, but she probably gets most of it from modeling. From his Grey's Anatomy episodes, Justin makes more than $9 million a year.
At the moment, the Chambers family lives in a $1.5 million penthouse in Los Angeles. A BMW and a Porsche are among the luxury cars they own. Justin is a member of the Pentecostal Christian Church and has given money to that church.

People Also Ask

How Much Does Justin Chambers Make Per Episode Of Grey's Anatomy?

Up until season 15, when he left Grey's Anatomy, Justin Chambers, who played Alex Karev, made $9 million per season, or about $375,000 per episode.

Is Justin Chambers Still Married To Keisha?

He has five kids with his wife, Keisha Chambers, who works for a modeling agency. He met her when he was modeling for Calvin Klein. Since 1993, they have been married.

How Long Has Justin Chambers Been Married?

He has been married to Keisha Chambers for 29 years, and when he told her he was leaving the medical drama in January 2020, she was happy for him.


Taking into account that she is married, Keisha Chambers is thought to have a net worth of $18 million. It's good for both her and her husband. Her income is thought to come from her work as a modeling agent.
She is married to Justin Chambers, who is a well-known actor and model. She was born in London to a family from the lower middle class. She is an American citizen and lives in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America.
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