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Krista Visentin - The Beautiful Wife Of Canadian TV Host David Visentin

Krista Visentin is from Canada and is married to a famous person. She is best known for being married to Canadian actor, realtor, and TV host David Visentin.

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Krista Visentinis from Canada and is married to a famous person.
She is best known for being married to Canadian actor, realtor, and TV host David Visentin.
Since 2008, David has been a co-host of Love It or List It on both W Network and HGTV.
Who is David Visentin's wife? Read on to find out more interesting things about her.

Quick Facts About Krista Visentin

NameKrista Visentin
ProfessionReal estate agent
Net worth$1 million

Krista Visentin Biography

In 1970, Krista Visentin was born (her exact birth date is unknown). This means that by 2022, she will be 52 years old. The real estate agent was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is a white Canadian citizen. Her race is white. Even though she became more famous when she married the popular TV host David Visentin, not much is known about her past, including who her parents are.

Krista Visentin Career

When you're married to a famous person, your lifegets lost in the spotlight, and people often think you're in the same line of work or don't care. Many people don't know that Krista buys, rents, and sells properties in the real estate business.

Krista Visentin Early Life And Marriage

About Krista's life before she met David, almost no information is known. We don't know anything about her family, her childhood, or where she went to school. We also don't know much about her career or what she did before she got married. It is known that she met her future husband while he was working as a realtor. They dated for a few years before deciding to get married in 2006. Now they have a boy and a girl.
The couple lives mostly in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada, where she helps her husband with his real estate business and his work on television. He rarely talks about her in public, and the media hasn't caught them together very often. To protect their privacyand that of their children, they are very strict about keeping their personal lives separate from his work life. Even though they have been together for a long time, there have been no rumors that their relationship is in trouble.

Who is David Visentin's wife Krista Visentin? Untold Facts Revealed

Rumors And Social Media

David's work on TV made him very popular, so many viewers and fans wanted to know more about him, like if he is married or not. People thought that the two co-hosts were in a relationship, especially because they worked well together on screen. David finally said that he is married, and Hillary also said that she is married to someone else. This put an end to the rumors. They have good chemistry on-screen because they are good friends when they are not hosting.

Krista Visentin Net Worth

Being recognized only by the name of the husband, in Krista's opinion, is not quite appropriate. As a result, this has contributed to the mystery surrounding Krista's wealth.
Krista works in real estate. According to sources, a real estate agent makes $87k a year. This number undoubtedly indicates that Krista has made a decent sum of money and leads a posh lifestyle as a result.
Krista is thought to have a net worth of $1 million. Her profession is mostly responsible for her total net worth.

People Also Ask

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Krista Visentin?

Krista Visentin is worth about $1 million, according to estimates. She could make a lot of money at her job in real estate. David Visentin, her husband, is worth $6 million.

How Old Is Krista Visentin?

We don't know Krista Visentin's exact birth date, but we think she was born in 1970 based on what we know about her.

What Is Krista Visentin Maiden Name?

Her maiden name is Krista Grycko.


Krista doesn't have an online presence; she doesn't have an account on any of the major social media platforms, which is one of the reasons there isn't much information available about her previous or present pursuits. On the other hand, her husband has active Twitter and Instagram accounts. Through his accounts, he primarily shares some of his daily undertakings and ideas.
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