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Kyla Wayans - Youngest Daughter Of Damon Wayans And Lisa Thorner

The actor known for the American buddy police comedy-drama, TV series Lethal Weapon, Damon Wayans, is the father of Kyla Wayans. Compared to her father, Kyla is less established. She still has a ways to go. For those who are not close to her, her private life is also a major mystery. She prefers to keep her challenges and triumphs a secret.

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The actress known for the American buddy police comedy-drama, TV series Lethal Weapon, Damon Wayans, is the father of Kyla Wayans. Compared to her father, Kyla is less established. She still has a ways to go.
For those who are not close to her, her private lifeis also a major mystery. She prefers to keep her challenges and triumphs a secret. Kyla is now concentrating on raising her baby. She doesn't seem to be extremely active on social media, which may be the reason.

Quick Facts About Kyla Wayans

Full NameKayla Wayans
Age31 years old
BirthplaceThe United States of America
ParentsDamon Wayans (father), Lisa Thorner (mother)
EducationGraduated from the University of California
Grand ParentsHowell Wayans (grandfather), Elvira Alethia (grandmother)
SiblingsCara Mia Wayans, Michael Wayans, Damon Wayans Jr.

Kyla Wayans Biography

In 1991, Kyla Wayans was born. Her precise date of birth has not been made public. She is now 31 years old. She was also born in the United States. Kayla's mother is Lisa Thorner, and she is the daughter of Damon Wayans.
She also has three brothers and sisters, called Michael Wayans, Cara Mia Wayans, and Damon Wayans Jr. Her father is a well-known American comedian, actor, and author. Additionally, Damon Jr. is a well-known American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. Damon, Kyla's father, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetesin January 2013, according to Tmz News. Due to his healthproblems, he was forced to postpone many events.
Regarding her nationality, Wayans identifies as American, but her race is African-American. In termsof schooling, the actress has not made her educational background public. She could have earned her degree from the local institution.

Kyla Wayans's Parents' Relationship

Damon Wayans and Lisa Thorne are Kyla's parents and they were madly in love with each other. They first met in 1982, and they soon began dating. In 1984, after two years of dating, they exchanged vows in a private ceremony in front of their loved ones.
Personal conflicts and feuds, however, put an end to their magnificent relationship. In 1999, Damon and Lisa filed for divorce, alleging issues with their marriage. The next year, they officially divorced and were no longer living together. Since she and Damon divorced, Lisa has been living alone.
Kyla Wayans And Her Father Damon Wayans
Kyla Wayans And Her Father Damon Wayans

Father Of Kyla Wayans

Damon Wayans, Kyla's father, is a well-known actor. When Damon Wayans and Lisa Thomer were married, they had four children together: two boys and two daughters. In 1999, the couple decided to get divorced. His daughters are Cara Mia Wayans and Kyla Wayans, and he has two sons, Damon Wayans Jr. and Michel Wayans. Wayans was given a type 2 diabetes diagnosis in 2013.
In 1982, he made his stand-up comedy debut. He continued after that. American actor, producer, and writer Damon Kyle Wayans, Sr. is a member of the Wayans family of artists.
He started off doing stand-up comedy before becoming well-known in the 1980s thanks to his appearance on the American TV sketch comedy program "Saturday Night Live." He gained notoriety when he and his brother, Keenen Wayans, launched their own TV series.
The program, titled "In Living Color," debuted in April 1990. Since then, he has also dabbled in acting for the big screen, making appearances in movies like "Major Payne," a military comedy he also wrote and starred in.
Then he had an appearance in Ernest Dickenson's American police comedy "Bulletproof." Later, he appeared in the American TV program "My Wife and Kids," which premiered in 2001.
He portrayed a devoted husband and a father of three kids who educates his kids via his own parenting approach. Wayans won the 2002 People's Choice Award for Favorite Male Performer in a New TV Series for his work in "My Wife and Kids," which was well received throughout the nation.

Kyla Wayans Love Life, Husband, And Daughter

Kyla's personal life is completely secret. Nobody is allowed to intrude on her personal space. There is much interest in learning whether she is married or not. Her partnerships have never been made public. It gives us the impression that Kyla dislikes attention, particularly when it concerns her romantic life.
Kyla did undoubtedly have a lover since she is the mother of Emma, a beautiful young woman. However, no information is available on the father. Whether she's married or not is unknown. Kyla Wayans is a single mother.
Once again, she avoids discussing her daughter in public. Damon Wayans, on the other hand, occasionally creates Instagram posts to express his love for his granddaughter Emma.

Kyla Wayans's Professional Life

Kyla entered the spotlight as the Wayans family's daughter. The majority of her kin are prominent figures in the performing world. She took the same actions that her father did. In 2001, Wayans made her acting debut in the television series My Wife and Kids. During the period March 28, 2001, to March 17, 2005, it was a popular American comedy on ABC.
In addition, Damon Wayans and Don Reo devised the series. Along with her father, Damon, Tisha Campbell, George O. Gore II, Jazz Raycole, Parker McKenna Posey, Jennifer Freeman, and others, the actress also appeared in the film. In addition, Wayans has appeared in the television program The Truth Hurts.
Her father, Damon, is well known for his roles in My Wife and Kids, Colors, Living Color, Waynehead, and Lethal Weapon. In addition, Damon Jr., his brother, is well known for his work in the films Let's Be Cops, The Other Guys, Dance Flick, and others. The Underground, Dance Flick, and My Wife and Kids all starred Michael, Kyla's other brother.

Body Measurements Of Kyla Wayans

The gorgeous actress Kyla Wayans is 1.76 meters tall and weighs around 138 pounds. She too is physically excellent, measuring 36-24-36 inches. She has a waist size of 24 inches, a chest size of 36 inches, and hips measuring 36 inches.

Some Interesting Facts About Kyla Wayans

  • She is Dwayne Wayans' niece.
  • When Kyla was barely nine years old, her parents had a divorce.
  • Howell Wayans and Elvira Alethia are her grandparents.

Kyla Wayans's Net Worth

The estimated net worth of American actress Kyla Wayans is $3 million. She has made money and gained notoriety by appearing in a variety of movies and television programs. She had accumulated enough money to lead a luxurious lifestyle.
Her father, Damon Wayans, is said to be worth around $35 million. Her father is an entertainer, producer, author, and comedian who has accumulated a large fortune. She has more than enough finances to live a complete life, even if she isn't yet dynamic in her industry.

People Also Ask

Where Is Kyla Wayans From?

Kyla Wayans is from the United States.

Who Is Kyla Wayans' Father?

Damon Wayans is her father.

How Old Is Kyla Wayans?

She is 31 years old.


Kyla Wayans' pleasure with her present circumstances is now tipping the scales between her personal and professional lives. She aspires to achieve a lot in the future, in addition to inspiring younger generations. Ever since she was born, she has been in the limelight. Kyla began performing when she was young, but she did not achieve success in the field.
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