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La Tanya Danielle Young - Dr. Dre And Lisa's Oldest Child

La Tanya Danielle Young is a well-known musician's daughter. La Tanya Danielle Young is also Dr. Dre's child from a prior relationship. In other words, Lisa Johnson is the mother of La Tanya. And when La Tanya Danielle Young was born, Lisa was just fifteen years old. Last but not least, Dr. Dre and Lisa's oldest child is La Tanya Danielle Young.

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La Tanya Danielle Youngis a well-known daughter of Dr. Dre and Lisa Johnson.
And when La Tanya Danielle Young was born, Lisa was just fifteen years old. Last but not least, Dr. Dre and Lisa's oldest child is La Tanya Danielle Young. Truly Young, Dr. Dre's youngest daughter, studies cinema and is quite active on social media. America is where La Tanya Danielle Young is originally from.

Quick Facts About La Tanya Danielle Young

NameLa Tanya Danielle Young
Age39 Years
BirthdayJanuary 1983
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height5′ 10″
BirthplaceHouston, TX
Famous asDaughter of Dr. Dre’s

Early Life And Childhood Of La Tanya Danielle Young

Her full birth name is La Tanya Danielle Young, and she was born in 1983 at the Memorial Hospital of Gardena. Young was born in Gardena, California, in the United States of America. The 19th of January is her birthday.
There aren't many details online about her upbringing, schooling, and early life. Young never attended college since she could not pay the fees. On the other hand, her wealthy father never assumed responsibility for making arrangements for her to enroll in college or pay for her healthinsurance. She once resided in Nevada but moved to California in July 2021 in pursuit of better job opportunities.
La Tanya Danielle Young With Dr. Dre
La Tanya Danielle Young With Dr. Dre
Andre Romelle Young is her father, and Lisa Johnson is her mother. Although her mother subsequently admitted that she was only 15 when she became pregnant with her first child, La Tanya Danielle Young, it is believed that her father got her pregnant when she was sixteen. LaToya and Ashley are La Tanya Danielle Young's two siblings whom she shares with her mother, Lisa Johnson.
She also has other half-siblings, whose names are Marcel Young, Andre Young Jr., Bailei Knight, Curtis Young, Truice Young, and Truly Young. La Tanya Danielle Young, meanwhile, is not very close to her father and hasn't spoken to or visited him in about 20 years. But she does desire a close relationship with her father.
The names of the educational institution's La Tanya Danielle Young attended are not yet known, but her educational background and credentials are.

Family Of La Tanya Young

Lisa Michelle Johnson, Andre Romelle Young's ex-girlfriend, gave birth to Lisa Michelle Johnson (her mother). Her father has amassed an $820 million fortune over the last 28 years through his unwavering dedication and labor of love.
LaTanya Young's parents, Lisa and Dr. Dre split up when she was five years old. The source claims that the ex-couple has two more daughters, LaToya Young (who is now 36) and Ashley Young (now 35).
She claimed in interviews that her father used to send her money and cover her rent. However, he has steadfastly failed to contribute any cash for 15 months. The college tuition for La Tanya Danielle Young and her sisters was never covered by Andre Romelle.
Due to her father's numerous affairs and marriages, she has a sizable number of step-siblings. Curtis Young, her half-brother, was born in 1981 to Dr. Dre's then-girlfriend Cassandra Joy Greene. On August 23, 2008, Young's second stepbrother, Andre Young Jr., passed away after a heroin overdose.
Marcel Young, her stepbrother, was conceived as a result of Dr. Dre and Michele's extramarital relationship in 1991. The two children of Dre and Nicole Young, Truice Young (born 1997) and Truly Young (born 1998), were both born by Nicole Young (born 2001).

La Tanya Danielle Young’s Personal Life

Danielle has kept the specifics of her love life a secret, so it's unknown at this time if she's dating anyone. Her four children two sons, D'Andre Young (born in 2013) and Jason III Young (born in 2018), as well as two daughters, Tatiyana (now 16 years old) and Rhiana Young (now 13) are all well-known. She just relocated to Nevada from California, since the latter offers better wages and greater BJO availability.
La Tanya Danielle Young doesn't use any social media platforms and appears to shun them. However, her father and the majority of her siblings are active on Facebook and Instagram, among other social media sites.

Father Of La Tanya Danielle Young

Referring to Andre Romelle Young is better known by his stage name Dr. Dre. He is an American rapper, producer, audio engineer, record executive, and businessman. Dr. Dre is the CEO and creator of Beats Electronics and Aftermath Entertainment. He has served as president and co-owner of Death Row Records in the past. He began his career as a member of the World Class Wreckin' Cru in 1985.
He later achieved success with N.W.A., a gangster rap group. Their trio made explicit hip-hop songs famous by describing the brutality of street life. Additionally, in the early 1990s, Dr. Dre was recognized as a significant contributor to the creation and acceptance of West Coast G-funk, a hip-hop style distinguished by a synthesizer basis and sluggish, heavy beats.

Rumors And Controversy Of La Tanya Danielle Young

In August 2021, Dr. Dre encountered criticism when his daughter stated that she was impoverished, homeless, and residing in a leased SUV. She revealed that she has been attempting to obtain financial assistance from her father for the past two years, but he has refused because she is said to have spoken negatively of him in the past.

Some Interesting Facts About La Tanya Danielle Young

  • Speaking of her line of work, La Tanya Danielle Young is a delivery driver for businesses like DoorDash and Uber Eats.
  • Young also works as an assembler at a warehouse and is paid $15 per hour.
  • Additionally, Dr. Dre's daughter has a substantial amount of debt attached to her name.
  • LaTanya Young is in a predicament where she fears she would also lose her rental SUV automobile since it costs $2300 for three weeks, but she could only afford to pay for one.
  • She didn't even have her father's mobile number, and they haven't spoken in over a year and a half.
  • Her kids never had the chance to meet their renowned granddad.
  • The fact that Young's grandchildren are not prepared to assist them in any manner is equally shocking to them.

La Tanya Danielle Young’s Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is $3 million when considering her earnings and income. However, it is currently uncertain what her primary source of income is. Her father, Dr. Dre, on the other hand, has a total net worth of $800 million.

People Also Ask

How Old Is La Tanya?

La Tanya Danielle Young is 39 years old.

Who Are La Tanya Danielle Young's Parents?

La Tanya Danielle Young's parents are Lisa Johnson and Dr. Dre.

What Is Tanya Danielle Young Famous For?

La Tanya Danielle Young is famous because she is Dr. Dre's daughter.


The success of La Tanya Danielle Young Danielle Young's future career is beyond question. She will be able to succeed more in both his career and personal life with our best wishes for him. best-case scenario, please.
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