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Linzey Rozon - Celebrity Wife Of Actor Tim Rozon

Linzey Rozon rides horses professionally and is best known as the wife of Canadian actor Tim Rozon. Even though she is married to a famous person, Linzey likes to stay out of the spotlight most of the time. Still, she isn't afraid to show support for her husband and has gone with him many times to the red carpet.

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Linzey Rozonrides horses professionally and is best known as the wife of Canadian actor Tim Rozon.
Even though she is married to a famous person, Linzey likes to stay out of the spotlight most of the time.
Still, she isn't afraid to show support for her husband and has gone with him many times to the red carpet.
Let's look at what we know about Linzey Rozon, Tim Rozon's wife.

Quick Facts About Linzey Rozon

NameLinzey Rozon
BirthdayMay 16, 1985
Net worth$1 million

Linzey Rozon Biography

This famous person's wife lives a quiet lifeaway from the spotlight, unlike her husband, who is a respected show business figure. But there is still some information about her that is known.
This lovely woman came into the world on May 16, 1985. She was born with the name Lindsay Govan, but later she took her husband's last name and started going by Linzey on social media. She was born in Quebec, Canada, and grew up in Montreal, Canada. She is a Canadian citizen because of this.
Peter is the name of her father, and Catherine is the name of her mother. Catherine died in 2012, which was very sad. Ashley and James are the names of the wife's two other siblings.
This woman does horseback riding for a living and loves it very much. She has horses that she owns, rides, and trains. We know that she is about 1 m 65 cm tall, which is about 5 feet 5 inches tall. She is also thought to weigh about 121 pounds (55 kg), and she is 36-30-38 inches tall.

Linzey And Tim Rozon Wedding

Linzey met Tim, who would become her husband, at one point in her life. People think they've only been together for a couple of years, but their relationship goes back a long time. People say that they met in the late 2000s or early 2010s. In November 2012, they posted their first picture on Instagram together.
At first, the couple didn't post much on social media about their relationship. But these days, they are more open about showing the world how much they love each other. Linzey often tells her husband, among other things, that she hopes he has a happy Valentine's Day.
They got married in Quebec, Montreal, Canada. It was a beautiful ceremony. On September 6, 2015, they got married. At the wedding, all of their friends and family were there. After the wedding party, they went to the Montreal restaurant Le Bremner for their first dinner as a married couple. They had a four-course meal there.
Linzey holding her husband Tim Rozon while smiling
Linzey holding her husband Tim Rozon while smiling

Linzey And Tim Rozon Marriage

The famous actor's wife goes with him on many business trips and red carpet events. Tim's long-term partner got pregnant with their first child in 2019. The next year, she had a healthy baby boy, and she told everyone on Instagram right away.
Tim also put a picture of the baby's tiny hand with a heartfelt caption wishing him the best in life on Twitter. Tim and Linzey Rozon don't want the media to know what their child's name is, so no one knows what it is. In 2020, they have been married for 5 years. They live in Montreal right now.

People Also Ask

Does Linzey Rozon Train Horses?

Linzey Rozon loves animals, especially horses, with all her heart. She owns horses, rides them, and trains them for a living.

What Are Linzey Rozon's Hobbies?

Linzey loves animals, so in addition to horses, she has goats, ducks, cows, and pigs on her farm, which she and her son often take care of together. Nova is the name of her dog.

Is Linzey Rozon Married?

Yes, Linzey and Tim Rozon got married on September 6, 2015.


The actor husband of Linzey Rozon is also a writer and publisher of books. This means that his wealth isn't all from movies.
Because of royalties from his works, money goes both ways. Tim Rozon also owns and runs the restaurant Garde Manger with Chuck Hughes, a well-known Canadian chef.
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