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Lupus Prayer - Keep Your Faith

Pray daily with believers all throughout the world for His kingdom and will to be done on earth, just as it is in heaven. Read the prayer to get you started, or pray as the Lord leads. Here are a few Lupus prayer for you.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
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Pray daily with believers all throughout the world for His kingdom and will to be done on earth, just as it is in heaven. Read the prayer to get you started, or pray as the Lord leads.
Here is a few Lupus prayerfor you. The key is for us to join together in prayer as one body and confront the principalities and forces that are preventing God's people from realizing His promises for us.
As the Holy Spirit leads, pray. If you require any guidance, please refer to the prayer below. Pray for them and place your hands on them as the Bible instructs if you know somebody who is battling the illness for which we are praying.

Say Your Lupus Prayer

A man praying on a bible
A man praying on a bible
I thank you, Lord! You are a wonderful God! Lord, please have mercy on my body and repair it. Lord, according to your word, Jesus was wounded for our transgressions, you are under the chastisement of our peace, and we are healed by your scars. In the name of Jesus, I declare myself cured. If I abide in you and you abide in me, according to the words of the Lord, I can ask you for anything, and you will grant it.
In the name of Jesus, I beg you to heal me. I beg you to reach out and heal every youngster who has lupus or any other chronic condition. I offer prayersfor all family members who are impacted by my illness, including moms, fathers, siblings, and brothers. I beg you to support them as they travel. Give them the indescribable peace that passes all comprehension, and reaffirm your promise that you'll never desert us.
Remind us that you also pledged not to burden us beyond our capacity. Lord, I offer my child to you in prayer and thank you for giving him life. I ask that your will be carried out. I ask for all of these favors and prayers in Jesus name. Amen

People Also Ask

How Does A Person Get Lupus?

It's likely that a mix of your genetics and environment led to the development of lupus. It seems that individuals who have a hereditary propensity for lupus may develop the condition when they come into contact with an environmental trigger. In the majority of instances, the cause of lupus is unknown.

What Happens If You Get Lupus?

Symptoms of lupus include internal organ problems, rashes, skin sensitivity, and joint pain (brain, lungs, kidneys, and heart). Many of your symptoms may flare up and then disappear in waves. When lupus symptoms are in remission, they may occasionally be slight or undetectable.

How Serious Is Lupus?

SLE can range in severity from mild to potentially fatal. A physician or group of physicians with expertise in treating SLE patients should handle the treatment of the illness. People with lupus can greatly increase function and quality of life by receiving the right medical care, preventive care, and education.


Some people are predisposed to lupus from birth, which can be brought on by illnesses, medications, or even sunshine. Lupus has no known cure, however, medicines can help manage symptoms. Continue to rely on this prayer for lupus to bring you through.
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