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Meleasa Houghton - The Beautiful Ex-Wife To Gospel Singer Israel Houghton

Meleasa Houghton is a well-known gospel singer-songwriter. She was in the group Israel and Race for a few years, where she sang and wrote songs that got her a Dove Gospel Music Award and a Grammy nomination.

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Meleasa Houghtonis a well-known gospel singer-songwriter. She was in the group Israel and Race for a few years, where she sang and wrote songs that got her a Dove Gospel Music Award and a Grammy nomination.
Before they got divorced, she was married to Grammy Award-winning Gospel musician Isreal Houghton for more than 20 years. They have three children together.
Meleasa has worked on a number of well-known gospel songs, such as "Our Presence," "Jesus in the Center," "Rez Power," and "Your Presence Is Heaven."

Quick Facts About Meleasa Houghton

NameMeleasa Houghton
BirthdayMarch 1, 1964
ProfessionGospel singer
Net worth$4 million to $5 million

Meleasa Houghton Biography

Meleasa Houghton was born on March 1, 1964, in the United States. She gave her lifeto Christ and the spread of the gospel when she was very young. She met her future husband, Israel, while she was working in the Christian ministry.
Meleasa has talked about her childhood, but the media hasn't been told much about her family or early life. She recently thanked her mother on social media for bringing her up in a way that honored God and taught her to be strong by what she did. It is evident that his family was a close-knit Christian.

Marriage With Israel Houghton

Meleasa met Israel while she was doing ministry in Pittsburgh, and the two started dating. After falling in love quickly, they got married in 1994 and built a home on trust, mutual respect, and love for Christ.
During their marriage, they had three children. Their first daughter, Mariah Houghton, married her longtime boyfriend, Byron Rideau. Their other two children were Israel II Houghton and Milan Houghton.
After she got married to Israel, she joined his band, Israel and Breed, where she began her gospel music career for real. In 2015, she won the Gove Music Artist Gospel Award for "Traditional Gospel Song of the Year" because of how hard she worked and how much she cared.
Meleasa was also nominated for a Grammy in the "Best Gospel Performance/Song of 2016" category. She has written a number of well-known songs, such as "Chasing Me Down," "How Awesome Is Our God," "This Isn't Isn't Finished," and "Alpha and Omega."

Meleasa Houghton Biography- The ex-wife of Israel Houghton | Hollywood Stories

Divorce And Affairs

Meleasa and Israel Houghton had been married for more than 20 years. Israel is a well-known cult leader who also writes songs and makes music. Since 1997, he has put out more than 13 albums, 11 of which are on his own music label. He has been nominated for and won a number of prestigious awards, including two Stellar awards, six Grammy awards, and eleven GMA Dove awards.
Isreal and Meleasa broke up in the end, and Isreal admitted openly that "he sinned in his marriage." Even though he didn't say what his sin was, people have thought and decided that he was unfaithful to his wife. They broke up in 2014, and on February 22, 2016, their divorce was finalized.
The confession of Israel has caused a lot of discussion among evangelical Christians. He has been kicked out of his job as worship leader at Lakewood Church, which is led by Joel Osteen. People were angry that a well-known gospel singer could be involved in such a scandal.

People Also Ask

Who Are Meleasa Houghton Children?

Meleasa was married to Israel for 22 years. During that time, she had three children, two girls and a boy. Their names were Mariah, Sonny (their son), and Milan, also called Lillie. Meleasa is a proud mom, and she posts pictures of her kids on her page all the time.

What Is Meleasa Houghton Net Worth?

Some sources say that Meleasa has about $8 million in net worth. Most of this money came from the divorce settlement she got from her ex-husband.

Why Did Meleasa Houghton Divorce Her Husband?

Israel had affairs with other women and even had children with them. He has two sons with his mistress DeVawn Moreno. Their names are Kingston and Khristian.


Meleasa Houghton is one of the few women who can handle the shame of cheating as well as she does. She has shown that life doesn't have to be bad after a divorce, and that separated parents should focus on raising their children well together. Meleasa didn't pay attention to the rumors that were going around. Instead, she focused on her music and her family.
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