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The Rising Star Melody Hurd - Illuminating Hollywood In 2023

Melody Hurd is a Maryland-born American child model, Instagram sensation, television personality, and social media influencer. She is well-known around the nation for her exceptional acting and modeling skills. Melody has made many appearances in movies and TV series, such as Trick, Entertainment Tonight, Battle at Big Rock, and We Are Washington.

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Melody Hurdis a Maryland-born American child model, Instagram sensation, television personality, and social media influencer. She is well-known around the nation for her exceptional acting and modeling skills. Melody has made many appearances in movies and TV series, such as Trick, Entertainment Tonight, Battle at Big Rock, and We Are Washington.
She became well-known after playing the character of Gracie Emory in the horror television series "Them." Melody Hurd has furthermore been on the catwalk at a number of kids' fashion events, such as the JWJ Fashion Show and others. She has also participated in a variety of live performances and award ceremonies. After making an appearance in the Netflix film "Fatherhood," Melody Hurd became well-known. For additional details on this gifted young woman, scroll below.

Profile Summary

NameMelody Hurd
Date Of BirthOctober 30,2011
Place Of BirthMaryland, United States.
ProfessionChild actor

Early Life

Melody Hurd wearing a yellow blouse
Melody Hurd wearing a yellow blouse
On October 30, 2011, Melody Hurd was born in Maryland, in the United States. Melody Hurd is the woman's real name. She is now 12 years old and a citizen of the United States. She identifies as a Christian and practices Christianity.
Mother Nisha Hurd and father Fred Hurd are the parents of Melody. Lyric Hurd (Older) and Rhythm Hurd (Younger), two of her sisters, and a brother make up her family of three. While her mother is a model and an online personality, her father is also a social media influencer. She began her career early in the entertainment sector. She is one of the most well-known young actors and models in America. She is presently pursuing her studies at a nearby private school in her hometown.

Melody Hurd Education

at termsof her education, Melody is now enrolled at a local private school in her hometown that is close by. Additionally, she pursues a performing career as a specialization. One of the most well-known American toddler actors and models right now is Melody Hurd.

Career Of Melody Hurd

Melody Hurd smiling
Melody Hurd smiling
Melody Hurd started taking part in youth modeling contests. She started her modeling career as a kid model and has taken part in several live performances and children's modeling events. A little kid actor named Melody also took part in the JWJ Fashion Show in Atlanta, Georgia.
Additionally, she has appeared in a few magazine pieces. Melody Hurd made her on-screen debut in 2017 on the program We Are Washington. In the following year, she was chosen to play Kadisha in the short film Battle at Big Rock. She portrayed Janice in Trick as Janice, Gracie Emory in Them, and Battle at Big Rock as Janice.
She then played Maddy Logelin in the Netflix movie Fatherhood. In the Netflix film Fatherhood, Hurd portrays the actor and comedian Kevin Hart's daughter. One day after her birth, her mother passes away suddenly, leaving her father to take care of her.
They both share a father-daughter connection in the movie, which depicts the lifeof a single parent. Like Hurd, a distinguished American child actor, Jack Messina and Dante Pereira-Olson had intriguing careers.

Melody Hurd Filmography

Melody made her on-screen debut in 2017 with the television program "We Are Washington," according to IMDB. After that, she was offered the chance to play the role of Kadasha in the 2019 short film Battle at Big Rock. She had an appearance as Janice in the movie Trick the same year.
Melody was selected for the major role of Gracie Emory in the TV series "Them" due to her excellent acting abilities. After that, she appeared as Maddy Logelin in the Netflix movie "Fatherhood." She collaborated on this film alongside Kevin Hart, Alfre Woodard, DeWanda Wise, Lil Rel Howery, and other well-known actors. Melody had significant success at a very early age.

Movies And TV Shows List

  • We Are Washington
  • Entertainment Tonight
  • Battle at Big Rock
  • Trick
  • Them
  • Fatherhood.

Melody Hurd Physical Appearance

Weight (approx.)109 cm
Height (approx.)30 kg
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Black
Skin Tone Curly and Short
Shoe Size4.5 Us
Tattoo None
On social media, Melody Hurd is gaining more followers. She is active on Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. She discusses her profession and offers tidbits about her personal life and interests on these websites. A mixture of personal and professional information can be found on Hurd's Instagram page (@melodyhurd), including behind-the-scenes images and videos from her acting roles, pictures of her friends and family, and postings about causes and concerns that are important to her.
She further utilizes her platform to inspire and uplift her fans. Hurd engages with her fans and followers on Twitter by retweeting their comments and providing newsabout her work (@themelodyhurd). Additionally, she has advocated for significant social concerns and spoken out against injustice and inequality on Twitter.
Overall, Melody's social media activity demonstrates her positive outlook on life and her strong desire to utilize her platform for good. As her career progresses, her social media presence will only increase. Her interactions with her fans and followers help foster a feeling of community and connection.

Boyfriend & Dating

Famous teenage actress Melody Hurd is too young to be dating anybody. She loves time spent with her loved ones and friends. Ray Sean, Melody's closest friend, and she participated in many contests for young models. She also likes to play with her siblings and friends.

Interesting Facts

Melody Hurd wearing braided hair
Melody Hurd wearing braided hair
  • Melody Hurd is an actress known for her talent and versatility in various roles.
  • She made her acting debut at a young age, showcasing her passion for the craft.
  • Melody gained recognition for her role in the horror series "Them" on Amazon Prime.
  • She has appeared in both film and television projects, demonstrating her adaptability as an actress.
  • Hurd often shares insights into her life and career on her social media profiles.
  • She has expressed admiration for her co-stars and colleagues in the industry.
  • As a rising star, Melody Hurd garnered attention and acclaim for her performances.
  • Her family has played a supportive role in her pursuit of an acting career.
  • Melody's authenticity and emotional depth in her roles have been praised by both critics and audiences.
  • She is known for taking on diverse and challenging characters in her projects.
  • Melody Hurd's early success in the industry has made her an inspiration to aspiring actors.
  • Fans and industry insiders were eager to see what projects she would take on next.
  • She has the potential to make a significant impact on the entertainment industry in the future.
  • Hurd's journey in the world of acting highlights the possibilities for young talent in Hollywood.
  • Her dedication and passion for acting have contributed to her rising popularity in the industry.

Melody Hurd Net Worth

Melody gained prominence and a large following after debuting as a model and appearing in high-end runway and stay shows. Everyone started to like her writing, and gradually she was offered dangerous roles in films that might compensate for her labor of love. Melody Hurd is an actress and model, and it is estimated that she has a net worth of $2 million (about).

Melody Hurd Success And Achievements

  • In 2021 she shared display screen areas with professionals like Shahadi Wright Joseph.
  • Ashley Thomas, Alison Pill, and Deborah Ayorinde whilst gambling Gracie Emory’s character.
  • She made a net worth of $1.2-2 million.
  • She went to one-of-a-kind competitions on modeling.
  • She additionally participated withinside the JWJ Fashion Showin Atlanta, Georgia.
  • She was given a large fan base in one-of-a-kind social media.
  • She was regarded on The Ellen Show in 2016.

Melody Hurd’s Impact And Representation In The Entertainment Industry

Melody Hurd wearing the polka dot blouse
Melody Hurd wearing the polka dot blouse
Furthermore, Melody Hurd's presence in the entertainment industry is crucial for a variety of reasons. She is a crucial role model for how Hollywood should treat people of color as a young Black actress. She has emphasized the value of seeing many narratives and points of view on television, particularly for younger viewers who are still finding out who they are and how they fit into the world.
Hurd portrays a little girl in "Them: Covenant" who experiences racism and other sorts of prejudice in a community that is mostly made up of white people. Her performance serves as a compelling illustration of the struggles faced by many young Black people and puts emphasis on pressing concerns that are sometimes downplayed by the media.
Hurd's accomplishments in the entertainment industry also provide young people of color performers with a critical opportunity to see themselves in the media. She will undoubtedly inspire others to do the same and pursue their aspirations as she continues to take on new positions and advance her career.
Overall, Melody's impact on the entertainment industry is a remarkable illustration of the importance of representation in Hollywood and the significance of having a wide range of perspectives and points of view. Her effort makes the business better for everyone in the long run by helping to open doors for others.

FAQs About Melody Hurd

Who Is Melody Hurd?

Melody Hurd is a skilled American infant actress, model, tv personality, social media influencer, and an Instagram big name from Maryland, United States.

Where Melody Hurd Is Living Now?

She is living in Washington, DC.

Which Religion In Melody Hurd?

Melody Hurd is a Christian.


Young actress Melody Hurd is well-known for her skill and potential. She has appeared in both movies and television shows. Despite her youth, she has established a reputation for herself in the entertainment sector. Her captivating performances have attracted a lot of interest. Hurd has a great work ethic and is committed to her trade, therefore she will no doubt continue to make waves in her industry for years to come.
Hurd also maintains a pleasant and uplifting online persona. She connects with her fans and followers while advocating for worthwhile issues on her platform. Despite the fact that she is becoming more well-known, she maintains her modesty. As long as she keeps trying new things and showcasing her acting talent, she has a bright career ahead of her.
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