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Molly Cookson - The American Actress Of The Movie 'Outsiders'

Actress and production manager Molly Cookson hails from the United States of America. Outsiders (2016), Chasing the Green (2009), and Shouting Secrets (2011) are some of the films that brought her fame.

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Actress and production manager Molly Cooksonhails from the United States of America.
Outsiders (2016), Chasing the Green (2009), and Shouting Secrets (2011) are some of the films that brought her fame.
We are going to share with you some fascinating information regarding the celebrity's life.

Quick Facts About Molly Cookson

NameMolly Cookson
BirthdayApril 30, 1979
ProfessionActress and Production Manager
Net worth$1 million

Molly Cookson Early Life

On April 30, 1979, Molly Cookson was born in the United States to American parents who raised her as an American citizen. She is of Caucasian race. She went to high school in Santa Monica to pursue her education.
It is believed that she may have spent her childhood in California because the college is located in Santa Monica, California. She has studied music and drama at the London Academy of Music since she was young to extend her acting studies after high school. She ultimately received her degree from Loyola Marymount University.

Molly Cookson Career

In the year 2009, Molly Cookson made her acting debut in the film Chasing The Green, playing a golf pro shop cashier. Later, she made her debut as the post-production manager. She played Ann in the following short film Homesick in 2011. The same year, she starred as Annie in the film Shouting Secrets.
She starred as Eela Shay in the 2017 television series Outsiders. The two brothers who became millionaires in their early 20s and are on the verge of losing everything are the subject of the film Chasing The Green.
Shouting Secrets is a movie about a modern Native American family that tells a wonderful and uplifting global message. It is a tale about the constancy, frailty, and significance of family as well as love. Also, Outsiders is a tale of power struggles set amid the untamed and enigmatic Appalachian hills.
Molly Cookson wearing a red sleeveless gown with her husband Ryan Hurst wearing a black suit with a purple shirt and black tie at the Satellite Awards
Molly Cookson wearing a red sleeveless gown with her husband Ryan Hurst wearing a black suit with a purple shirt and black tie at the Satellite Awards

Molly Cookson Marriage

It is true that Molly Cookson is married. She is married to renowned American actor Ryan Hurst. Since 1988, Molly has been Ryan's manager. Their shared professional experience is likely the key to their long-lasting relationship.
In 1990, they both experienced love and began dating. After that, they dated for over fifteen years before being married in 2005. Being a celebrity, the couple has already been together for 28 years and have been married for 13 years, which is very astounding.

Molly Cookson Net Worth

The estimated net worth of American actress Molly Cookson is $1 million. She is very wealthy thanks to her career.
She is also quite successful in the entertainment industry as an actress. However, it is estimated that her husband's wealth is around $4 million.

People Also Ask

Is Molly Cookson On Social Media?

She doesn't seem to be extremely active on other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. On Twitter, however, she has a @mollycookson account with 243 followers that is not verified.

What Is Molly Cookson Body Weight?

The pretty lady has a slim body and weighs about 55 kg. Her chest is 34 inches wide and her waist is 23 inches wide.

What Is Molly Cookson Net Worth?

Cookson hasn't had a part that has changed her life, despite a long career in the entertainment sector. Molly Cookson's net worth is estimated to be $1 million in 2022, which is a respectable amount of money.


Despite the fact that she made her acting debut in 2009, Molly Cookson has not yet established herself as a prominent player in the entertainment world; yet, she has been able to provide well for herself. She is currently married to Ryan Hurst, although there is not a lot of information available about her family or her relatives.
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