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The Effects Of Multiple Reiki Attunements

This is one of the reasons why some students choose to progress quickly through Reiki 1, 2, and 3. Others choose to take multiple Reiki courses at the same level with different Masters, believing they have not been attuned "properly" or that their Reiki will stop working after months—or years—of inactivity.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
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Multiple Attunements is one of the reasons why some students choose to progress quickly through Reiki 1, 2, and 3. Otherschoose to take multiple Reiki attunementscourse at the same level with different Masters, believing they have not been attuned "properly" or that their Reiki will stop working after months or years of inactivity. Some Reiki Masters vehemently object.
While we don't want people to become "attunement junkies," having multiple attunements at the same level does help widen the Reiki channel, allowing for more Reiki flow.
Indeed, you may recall that in Japan, Reiki students typically meet with their Master approximately once a month to share treatments, ask questions, and receive a simple attunement/ empowerment called Rei-ju. This is not the same as the attunement process used to initiate a person during a Reiki course. Yet, it increases the amount of Reiki they can channel and benefits their spiritual development.
Waiting a reasonable amount of time between attunements is prudent because it gives your physical body time to adjust to the new, higher vibrational rate created by the previous attunement. This is true whether you intend to take multiple attunements at the same level with the same or different Masters, and it is especially true if you wish to progress from Reiki 1 to Reiki 2 or from Reiki 2 to Reiki 3.
Each level of Reiki trainingexpands your Reiki channel. This raises your energy body's vibration and frequency, allowing more Reiki to flow through you. Before attuning to the Third Degree/Master's level, we recommend waiting three months between Reiki First and Second Degree (most students wait a year).
For those aspiring to be professional practitioners or Reiki Masters, this allows you to gain valuable treatment experience while practicing self-healing.
Two human being in a colorful world doing reiki attunement
Two human being in a colorful world doing reiki attunement

Sensations Of Reiki Flowing Through Your Hands

Specific individuals have a highly visual perception of the world and thus perceive energy as colors while experiencing slight physical sensations in their hands. Others perceive the world kinesthetically, being much more aware of bodily sensations caused by the flow of energy - they may even taste or smell the energy, though this is less common.
When they place their hands on themselves or others to practice Reiki, some people experience an immediate sensation of warmth or gentle warmth in their hands, a cool sensation as if a breeze is blowing on them, or tingling, prickling, tickling or buzzing in their hands and fingers. A few people report experiencing these sensations traveling up their arms, and these sensations are occasionally felt in the crown chakra.
On the other hand, other people feel nothing and are naturally disappointed, especially when compared to others who are gushing about all these sensations. Their natural apprehension is that the attunement did not work or simply not adept at Reiki.
This is most definitely not the case. Attunement is always effective. It is always successful. It is impossible to fail a Reiki course if a qualified Reiki Master performs the attunement. You will be able to channel Reiki from this point forward. However, you will likely experience no sensations, at least initially.
If your energy body has a lot of blockages, it may take a little longer to establish a total flow, and you may begin to feel some sensations after a few weeks or months—provided you use Reiki. If you immediately give up, you are unlikely to clear the blockages sufficiently to restore full Reiki flow. You have not lost your ability to channel Reiki; you are simply not using it.
Eliminate the notion that some people are "bad at Reiki"; everyone who has been attuned has approximately the same potential to be a good Reiki channel, and the Reiki that flows through a brand-new Reiki First Degree student is identical to the Reiki that flows through their initiating Reiki Master.
It does not flow as freely or as quickly, but the quality counts, not the quantity. True, a few people are exceptional at channeling Reiki - and receiving treatment from them is like being under a waterfall of pure healing. However, that ability is uncommon, and have no plausible explanation.

Final Thoughts

Another effect of a Reiki attunementis that Reiki begins to flow out of the palms of your hands whenever you intend it to do. Students perceive this in a variety of ways. Reiki adjusts to the individual recipient; some people are relatively clear channels, to begin with, and more Reiki can flow through them; the more Reiki flows through, the more sensation you are likely to experience. However, individuals perceive energy in unique ways.
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