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OA Musculoskeletal Medicine - A Multidisciplinary Open Access Journal In Basic And Clinical Research

OA Musculoskeletal Medicine is an open-access and peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal covering scientific and clinical research on all areas of musculoskeletal medicine.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Dec 23, 202231 Shares668 Views
Musculoskeletal Medicineis a multidisciplinary journal that publishes basic and clinical research concerning all aspects of musculoskeletal medicine, such as prevention, diagnosis, management, molecular genetics, pathophysiology, and epidemiology.
OA Musculoskeletal Medicine is a peer-reviewed journal that is open to the public and is accessible online.
OA Musculoskeletal Medicine is dedicated to publishing high-quality, "peer-reviewed" publications highlighting the most significant and "cutting edge" advancements in all aspects of musculoskeletal medicine.

Why Publish In OA Musculoskeletal Medicine

OA Musculoskeletal Medicine makes it easier for authors to submit articles and ensures the articles' quality quickly using a procedure called "peer review," which formats the submitted articles.
It processes them to produce a final product with high visibility, an effect and sparks discussion.

Indexing And Archiving

The OA Musculoskeletal Medicine journal has adopted the following models:
  • Creative CommonsAttribution License (CC-BY 2.0 UK)
  • Editorial Policy Statements of the Council of ScienceEditors (CSE)
  • Recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE)
  • Ethical Rules of Disclosure of the Association for Medical Ethics (AME)
  • Publication Integrity and Ethics (P.I.E.) Guidelines
Monitored and indexed by Google Scholar, JournalSeek, CrossRef, EZB Nutzeranfragen, RoMEO, AcademicKeys, CNKI, and J-Gate.

Courses Conducted Via Teleconferencing

Our publisher has negotiated a discount for its editors, reviewers, and authors to participate in (distance learning—completely online) short courses about research integrity and publication ethics, law and medical ethics, research governance, good ethical practice, leadership, and management. The Publication Integrity & Ethics Committee has given its stamp of approval to these classes.

Association For The Ethics Of Medicine

The Association for Medical Ethics is dedicated to improving patient care without considering the potential for monetary benefit or loss associated with a particular manufacturer's products, hospital or surgery center, surgical equipment, or implant.
For all of its publications, OAPL has decided to adhere to the Ethical Rules of Disclosure established by the Association for Medical Ethics.

The Integrity Of Publication And Ethical Behavior

A non-profit organization with its headquarters in the United Kingdom that publishes rules and a code of conduct to foster integrity and ethics in the publishing industry.
The primary objective of P.I.E. is to pave the road for a more ethical publishing environment by establishing the norms of decent and ethical editorial behavior.
While P.I.E. advocates for editorial independence, it also ensures that this freedom is not infringed upon by unethical editorial practices like plagiarism and other forms of intellectual theft.

Statements Of Ethics From OAPL

OAPL writers can add statements of ethics that are typical for OAPL.
In the articles that they have contributed. It is expected that all of the original research studies, research investigations, hypotheses, methods, brief communications, case studies, case reports, and case series that have been presented have been carried out following the most stringent ethical standards.

People Aso Ask

Which Types Of Articles Does OA Musculoskeletal Medicine?

OA Musculoskeletal Medicine will accept original research studies, systematic reviews, case studies, short topical reports, case series, editorials, hypothesis, methodology, short communications, study protocol, critical reviews, letters-to-editor, and meeting reports.

How Much Are Article Processing Charges Of OA Musculoskeletal Medicine?

At the time of publication, OA Musculoskeletal Medicine charges an Article Processing Charge (APC) of £200/€235/$310 for each article. OA Publishing Londonwill eliminate article processing expenses for authors from low-income, lower-middle-income, and upper-middle-income nations. Authors from institutions in upper-middle-income countries must pay administrative fees of £20/€24/$30. These fees are anticipated to be paid before the article is published.

What Is Peer Review?

Peer review verifies research, develops a system for evaluating it, and expands networking opportunities within research groups.


The open-access journal OA Musculoskeletal Medicine covers fundamental and clinical research on all areas of musculoskeletal medicine. It enables article submission, brief article quality assurance via peer review,' article layout, and processing to a finished output with high exposure and discussion.
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Suleman Shah

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