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Nidhi Shah An Indian Television Actress

Nidhi Shan is a renowned model and actress in her own country of India. The television show "Tu Ashiqui" made the actor popular for her performance as Poorva Sharma in the show. Mere Dad Ki Maruti was the film in which she made her first appearance.

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Nidhi Shahis a renowned model and actress in her own country of India. The television show "Tu Ashiqui" made the actor popular for her performance as Poorva Sharma in the show. Mere Dad Ki Maruti was the film in which she made her first appearance.

Quick Facts About Nidhi Shah

Full Real NameNidhi Shah
Birthday20 October 1998
ProfessionActress, Television personality, and social media star
Birth PlaceMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Age24 years old
Net worthINR 2 Crores
Alma MaterMithibhai College, Mumbai
HeightIn Feet Inches: 5′ 5″
Sun SignLibra

The Early Life Of Nidhi Shah

Nidhi was born on October 20th, 1998, in the dazzling metropolis of Mumbai, which is located in the state of Maharashtra in India. She comes from an upper-middle-class family. Her parents have always been supportive of her since she was a child. In addition, the actress is a devotee of Hinduism. Brahmin is the caste she belongs to.
The actress was born in November, which places her zodiac sign as Sagittarius. She had her early education at a local private school, and afterward, she graduated from Mithibhai College in Mumbai, India. Her early education was received at a local private school.
In addition to being an accomplished actor, Shah is also a talented dancer. In addition to that, when she was in high school and college, she competed in a number of other dance and acting contests. Nidhi Shah's older brother, Karan, was an integral part of her upbringing.

Nidhi Saha's Career

In 2011, when she was just 13 years old, she made her debut as a child actress in the online series titled "That's So Awesome." The next year, in 2013, she appeared in brief cameo roles in two Hindi films: "Mere Dad Ki Maruti" and "Phata Poster Nikla Hero," respectively.
She made her debut in the television business in the year 2016, at the age of eighteen, with the television series "Jana Na Dil Se Door," in which she portrayed the part of Shweta Kashyap (Guddi). After that, between 2017 and 2018, she became well known for her performance as Poorva Sharma Shetty in the television series "Tu Ashiqui," which she played alongside Kiran Raj.
The next year, she made her debut in "Kavach... Mahashivratri," playing the role of Suman Patwardhan. After that, in the year 2020, she played the character of Shanaya Arora (Shanu) in the television series "Kartik Purnima," which was shown on Star Bharat. Chirag Mahbubani was her on-screen co-star.
During the same year, she portrayed the character of Vidhi in the online series "Dating Siyapaa." Next, beginning in July 2020, she began playing the part of Kinjal Dave Shah (Kunju) in the television serial "Anupamaa," which she did while Anish Mehrotra was her co-star.
She was able to make significant progress in her professional lifebecause of this series, and it will continue to date," which she did while Anish Mehrotra was her co-star. She was able to make significant progress in her professional life because of this series, and it will continue to date. She became well-known after making an appearance on the program known as Anupamaa.
It is a drama series that was introduced to the public for the very first time on the Star Plus Network on July 13, 2020. In addition to that, it is an updated version of the Bengali television show Sreemoyee that airs on Star Jalsha. Rajan Shahiis the one responsible for the drama's production at Kut Productions.
Relatively recently, in 2021, she collaborated with the well-known musician Qaran on the music video for the song "Hope You Don't Mind." There is no question that Nidhi Shah is a very talented actor. She has been nominated for a "Gold Award" in the category of Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her work in the television series "Anupamaa," which she won for her outstanding performance in front of the camera.

Personal Life Of Nidhi Shah

Nidhi Shah is a young woman who exudes beauty. She is dating Harish Chandnani after doing online research on her boyfriend. Her partner's name is Harish Chandnani. Additionally, they were seen together a lot of the time. To this day, she has not mentioned him on any of her social media platforms. Even yet, she did not publish any photographs of him online.
It is not surprising that she would want to keep the specifics of her relationship a secret from others. There has been no public announcement about her upcoming wedding or engagement to her current spouse as of yet.

Nidhi Shah's Physical Appearance

She is a lovely lady in termsof bodily proportions, and she has an outstanding and cool attitude to go along with it. Nidhi Shah has a height of around 5 feet and 5 inches and weighs close to 53 kg. She maintains a healthy body figure and seems to be in excellent shape overall. Her eyes are also dark, and her hair is the same color.
Nidhi Shah hairs On One Side Looking Straight
Nidhi Shah hairs On One Side Looking Straight

Some Interesting Facts About Nidhi Shah

  • She was raised in Mumbai, in the Indian state of Maharashtra, where she was born and raised.
  • With the television series, That's So Awesome, she made her television debut in 2011 as a young artist.
  • In 2013, she appeared in the movie Mere Dad Ki Maruti in a cameo role.
  • She had an appearance in the Star Plus TV series "Jaana Na Dil Se Door" in 2016.
  • She and Jannat Zubair, a popular online figure, both made an appearance in an episode of Tu Aashiqui.
  • She enjoys having fun and hanging out with her buddies.
  • She played Purnima's sister Shanaya in the Star Bharat television serial "Kartik Purnima" in 2020.
  • Since 2020, she has been doing the voice of Kinjal on the Star Plus TV show Anupamaa, where she stars with Rupali Ganguly, Aashish Mehrotra, and Sudhanshu Pandey.
  • She also appeared on screen in the Kavach television series.
  • She had an appearance in the 2021 music video Hope You Don't Mind, which was performed by QARAN, featured The Rish, and had lyrics written by QARAN and Siddhant Kaushal.

The Net Worth Of Nidhi Shah

Nidhi Shah's net worth is said to range between 40 and 80 lakh rupees. Acting success is the main source of Nidhi Shah's income.

People Also Ask

What Is Nidhi Shah's Zodiac Sign?

She is a Libra by birth.

What Year Did Nidhi Shah Become A Citizen?

Nidhi Shah was born on October 20, 1998.

What Country Does Nidhi Shah Hail From?

She is from India.


Nidhi Shah is an Indian actress who mostly appears in Hindi television programs. She is a youthful, picture-perfect beauty. She achieved an enormous reputation after participating in the Anupamaa television program. Many people admired her acting abilities, and she became quite well-known in the television industry. We wish her the very best in the future.
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