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Noah Shannon Green - Megan Fox's Son Who Likes Wearing Dresses

Noah Shannon Green is the eldest son of Mean Fox and Brian Austin. Noah Shannon Green is the son of the most talented woman in cinematography. He was born in September 2012.

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Noah Shannon Greenis the eldest son of Mean Fox and Brian Austin. Noah Shannon Green is the son of the most talented woman in cinematography. He was born in September 2012.
Megan Fox began her professional career as a schoolgirl and, as a teenager, began to appear in bits and pieces that made her realize what career she wanted to pursue in the future.
Then, after completing her education, she moved to Hollywood to conquer it and did many small roles, but in the year 2007, she made her acting debut in the drama "Holiday in the Sun" and later in "Sitcom Hope."
Megan Fox with her three sons enjoying a festival
Megan Fox with her three sons enjoying a festival

Quick Facts

NameNoah Shannon Green
Born In27 September 2012
ParentsMegan Fox and Brian Austin
Age9 years old

Biography Of Noah Shannon Green

Megan Fox and Brian Austin of Spain welcomed Noah Shannon Green into the world on September 27, 2012, even though his father was already expecting a child with Vanessa Marcil.
When Megan was 18 and Brian was 30 years old, they first met on the set of a movie in 2004. After two years of dating, they moved in together. In 2010, they finally got married, and they were married on Hawaii Island.
After a few years, Megan was about to file for divorce against Brian when she found out she was pregnant. So, they had Noah Shannon Green in 2012, Bodhi in 2014, and their third son in 2016, which kept them from getting divorced.

Noah Green Education

From a young age, Noah Shannon Green was a fashion idol. He currently attends primary school in the United States at the age of about ten. Noah Shannon Green went to elementary school in the United States. He also worked on his acting skills and liked to play soccer.

Noah Shannon Green Now

Noah Shannon Green is nine years old. He is occupied with studying in elementary and primary school while also enjoying every day by donning a variety of outfits of his choosing, discovering his sense of fashion despite being so young, and fortifying himself to withstand the unkind remarks of others.

Noah Shannon Green Instagram

Since Noah Shannon Green is too young to join Instagram, his mother, Megan Fox, posts all of the images of him; you can view Noah's photos on Megan's Instagram.

Noah Likes To Wear Dresses

Noah Shannon Green has frequently been dubbed a girl by cruel people. He defies gender norms with his hairstyle and wardrobe choices. But, according to Megan Fox, this has been an issue since her child was a toddler.
Because of the clothes he wears, Noah Shannon Green is in the spotlight, and his parents are teaching their children to be self-assured and to not listen to or be influenced by such people.
Megan stated that Noah is a huge fashion enthusiast and that he enjoys it so much that when he sometimes gets dressed independently, he doesn't want to stop wearing dresses.
Megan Fox raises her kids with the understanding that childhood is all about having fun, especially her oldest son Noah, who is so interested in fashion that he feels that dresses are so cool that boys shouldn't be the only ones to wear them.
Megan said in an interview that Noah is a strong fan of fashion. And he enjoys it so much that he wants to continue wearing dresses even when he sometimes gets dressed by himself.
Noah Shannon Green with his father and younger brother walking
Noah Shannon Green with his father and younger brother walking
When Megan was trying on a yellow dress, Noah very confidently said that if they wrapped it in a certain way, it would look like a diaper. Megan said in one interview that Noah suffers from criticism and thus said that some friends of Noah approach him and tell him that "boys don't wear dresses" or "boys don't wear pink."
Thus due to such comments, Noah has become more self-conscious. In 2017, Megan shared a family photo on Instagram in which Noah was dressed as a character from the Disney film Frozen.
People immediately began to judge Megan and to make derogatory remarks about the young boy, but his father, Brian Austin, stood by Noah against these remarks.

People Also Ask

How Many Daughters Does Megan Fox Have?

She does not have any daughters.

How Old Was Megan Fox When She Had Her First Baby?

At the age of 26, Megan Fox says having a kid "saved" her and gave her lifemeaning.

Who Is Megan Fox's Oldest Son?

Noah Shannon Green is Megan Fox's oldest son.


Brian and Megan, who only sporadically give their fans updates, have kept the life of Noah Shannon Green private. But Brian made an exception and told the world on social media that how much he loved Noah.
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