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Oneness - Finding Wholeness In The Universe

Imagine that the entire universe is you, and that you are completely happy and content. Imagine there is only the present—no past or future. Imagine that there is only unbounded eternity—neither space nor time.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
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Imagine that the entire universe is you, and that you are completely happy and content. Imagine there is only the present—no past or future.
Imagine that there is only unbounded eternity—neither space nor time.
Imagine a world of unending harmony, love, and peace.
Imagine a world without fear and where everyone and everything is equal. That is Oneness.
Sadly, we will never be able to fully comprehend it.
We must compare everything to something else in order to comprehend or experience it, which plunges us into duality.
Oneness is incomparable by definition. There are many surprises in the cosmos.
We are unable to see or comprehend all of it, but something about it still appears to be calling to us.
Oneness with the universe is something we all aspire to, but how can we get there?
It might not be as challenging as you think. In this article, we talked about a few simple but unique things you can do to feel like you are one with the universe.

What Is Oneness?

Oneness is a truly transcendent feeling. We have a sense of connection to the cosmos when we are in a state of oneness.
Many diverse techniques exist for experiencing this sense of connection.
In other words, it simply means that you are conscious of and comprehend that eventually, we are all one or entire, and as a result, feel at one with everything in the cosmos.
We're supposed to give up individualism and materialism for the good of society as a whole, because everything we know and everything we experience comes from the same awareness.
Whatever form it takes, oneness is a condition of being that brings harmony and peace into our lives.
When we feel this connection to the universe, we are able to appreciate the beauty in everything and try to make the world a place of light and love.
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What Does Oneness Feel Like?

The experience of unity is hard to describe.
In this condition of total harmony and integration, there is no sense of difference between oneself and the outside world.
There is a strong sense of harmony and well-being, and everything seems interdependent and interwoven.
When you're in this situation, you can access a higher wisdom that extends beyond the individual mind.
There is a sense of deep connectedness to all living things as well as an enhanced awareness and understanding of them.
Oneness is the ultimate state of fullness and unity.

How Do You Experience Oneness With The Universe?

There are numerous ways to feel at one with the universe.
Some people practice yoga or meditation to connect with the greater whole.
Otherscould have a feeling of connection while they are in nature or with their loved ones.
The following are some ideas about how you can achieve oneness in your own life:

Spend Time In Nature

Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to feel a connection to the universe.
Being around trees, rivers, and mountains for any length of time can make us feel small and insignificant relative to the rest of creation.
When we're surrounded by stunning scenery, it can be easier to put our troubles aside and just be in the moment.
Spending time in nature can help us realize that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves, even though we may not always be able to influence what is going on in the world.

Release Resistance

We feel distant from the world around us because of resistance.
It is the conviction that we are not deserving of love, acceptance, or good enough.
This resistance puts up a wall, separating us from the rest of the world and keeps us from realizing how truly one we are.
We need to first let go of this resistance in order to connect with the universe.
By cultivating self-acceptance and love, we can achieve this.
Just be curious and detached while you observe your feelings, rather than criticizing or battling them.
Allow yourself to experience all of your feelings, both good and bad, without attachment or condemnation.
By letting go of resistance in this manner, you can expand your capacity for comprehension and insight.
You'll feel more in tune with the flow of the cosmos as you let go of the impulse to manage your experience.

Connect With Your Breath

When we focus on our breathing, we can become aware of our own rhythms as well as the rhythms of the environment around us.
We can use our breath to energize and motivate ourselves or to quiet and focus our minds.
By simply becoming aware of our breath, we can start to have a stronger sense of connection to everything that exists.
Just sit or lie down somewhere comfortable and pay attention to your breath as it comes in and out of your body.
Keep an eye on how your stomach moves, how your chest rises and falls, and how you feel the air passing through your mouth and nose.
Simply bring your focus back to your breath whenever you notice that your mind is wandering and allow your ideas to come and go without judging them.

How to Experience Oneness

Practice Mindfulness

Being attentive means being fully in the present without judgment or attachment.
This enables us to see things clearly, untainted by our own prejudices and presumptions.
We can start to let go of our ideas and feelings as we become more conscious of them, which releases us from the constraints of our unique selves.
Instead, we start to feel a sense of connectedness with everything that exists as we start to identify with the larger world around us.
This means that while we still have our own distinct identities, they are no longer what define us.
We can feel separate from the rest of the world while maintaining our individuality.

Listen To Your Heart

Our intuition, which is the language of the soul, may be accessed through our emotions.
We can communicate with our higher selves and the universal wisdom when we pay attention to our hearts.
This inner guidance can help us live more honest and fulfilling lives and can take us to higher levels of consciousness and comprehension.
Simply sit quietly for a while and concentrate on your chest to connect with your heart.
Allow your mind to settle and focus on your heartbeat.
Simply ask your heart for direction at that point and pay attention to its response.
You could experience inspiration as a notion, a sensation, or an image.
Trust what comes to you and listen to your heart's direction.

Connect With Your Body

We experience the world through our bodies, which are the temples of our souls.
We must first connect with our bodies before we can connect with the rest of the universe.
Through activities like yoga and meditation, we can learn to calm the mind and communicate with the body's wisdom.
By paying attention to our physiological feelings, we can gain a better understanding of who we are and our place in the world.
We can establish a closer relationship with the universe when we are in touch with our bodies.

What Prevents Us From Experiencing Oneness?

We are unsure of our desires. We are merely trying to duplicate what we have observed others doing.
We behave like pre-programmed robot copies of the earlier robots that did the programming for us.
No single definition of contentment, happiness, or fulfillment exists.
We all define the aforementioned ideas differently.
We achieve happiness by amassing either material possessions or learning new things.
Anything acquired only serves to improve the imaginary self.
Many people hold the conscious or unconscious belief that attaining knowledge through reading and rationally comprehending spiritual scriptures can liberate them.
But it's the same ego changing forms and revealing a different side. The entire nature of the ego is deceit.
A representation of the human head with the brain having lines of colorful sparks
A representation of the human head with the brain having lines of colorful sparks
Many western philosophers erroneously believe that the "hard problem of consciousness" can be solved intellectually.
In the first sentence, it seems like consciousness is a problem that needs to be fixed, which isn't true.
Because cognition is a byproduct of illusion, how can it possibly contribute to its eradication?
Don't try to prove that the world is an illusion; instead, destroy the illusion, said a renowned yogi.
Ego is to blame. Furthermore, since the ego is the produced object of divine consciousness, it cannot possibly understand its maker.
It is similar to a wave seeking to understand the ocean. How is that possible? It's the ocean.

People Also Ask

What Does Oneness With The Universe Mean?

The universe and you merge into one. Your consciousness is infused with a comforting sense of balance and kinship with the planet.
It's a chance meeting that makes you realize how much you depend on and are connected to the rest of the world.

What Does Oneness Mean Spiritually?

Oneness is often used as a synonym for non-duality or non-dual awareness.
Most people think of it as a state in which a person sees consciousness in its true form as having no subject-object differences.

What Is The Theory Of Oneness?

According to the concept of oneness, "Human beings are intimately and inexorably interwoven and share a shared destiny with the other people, creatures, and things of this earth."
Egocentrism, or putting too much focus on yourself, is a big obstacle to achieving oneness in this way.

What Does "Oneness With Nature" Mean?

Oneness with nature is "an experience where the borders between the self and the rest of nature are obliterated, and a deep sense of serenity and connectivity pervade consciousness," according to environmental philosopher Glen Albrecht.


We frequently concentrate on our individual selves when we feel cut off from the universe.
We lose sight of the fact that we are a part of something much bigger as we become mired in our own issues and lives.
To experience oneness, you must change your attention from the individual self to the group as a whole.
Recognize that everything is connected to everything else.
Recognize that we are all a part of the same whole and that everything in the universe is interconnected.
Open your heart to the world around you as you start from this position of knowledge.
Give yourself permission to experience the love and compassion that are at your disposal.
You will experience a strong sense of connection to all beings as you proceed.
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