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Past Lives - Signs That Your Soul Has Visited Here Before

Those who believe in the afterlife think that clues about our past lives may be discovered in our dreams, bodies, and souls.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
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Many people believe in the theory of past lives, and there is various evidence that your soul has had past lives.
The belief that individuals are born and reincarnated and that we have all had past lives stretches back at least 3,000 years.
Reincarnation is a big part of New Age ideas, and ancient cultures like India, Greece, and the Celtic Druids also talked about it.
Those who believe in the afterlife think that clues about our past lives may be discovered in our dreams, bodies, and souls.
The following mental, emotional, and physical events may tell us something about who we used to be.

What Are Past Lives?

Past lifetimes are about the soul circling on its journey to find the profound truth of who we are, to be our best selves, and grow in the light.
Soul memories and experiences are stored (like luggage) inside our cells and DNA, and we take our lessons to the next train station.
Consider this scenario: we decide to return to Earth's "school."
Because we live in a free society, we create the courses and curriculum for what we want to learn and work on and the problems we want to overcome.
But then, at age 5, the angel of forgetfulness kisses us, and we are dragged into the illusions of life, unable to recall our true home.
We lose sight of our spiritual inheritance, the challenges and concerns we wish to overcome, and our aspirations to soar.
Three-dimensional reality has got us again.
You only realize you're in a former life topic when you start experiencing familiar anguish and suffering.
Sometimes you won't be able to recover until you acquire past-life awareness and more profound answers.
This is when the deeper radar of previous life knowledge comes into play to explain the incomprehensible.
Exploring former lifetimes assists us in resolving the "riddle of the soul" and what I call "soul wounds," which are long-ago ancient wounds, profound core difficulties that you carried with you and were reinforced in early infancy around the age of 5.
Unless the soul is returned, one will be trapped in a never-ending loop, encountering the same people and themes over and over.
What counts in this therapeutic technique is the karmic transition point in the tale that shows what you can heal, modify, or make a new decision, not whether you were a king, queen, or famous person.

Do We All Have Past Lives?

Many people think that we have all lived before in an infinite number of different ways.
Like individual drops of water that make up the ocean as a whole, they each have their own identity while contributing to the total.
Just as it is impossible to recall each drop of water that goes into making up the ocean, so too is it impossible to remember each life that has come before.
But just as the water never really goes away, our previous existences neither.
We can't separate ourselves from them, and they impact who we are now.
A soul's age is not measured in years.
A person's soul age reflects their illumination and depth, as well as where they are on the evolutionary tree.
The amount of light, frequency, and vibration of the soul increases as one ascends and progresses.
You can see their eyes' brightness and their loving energy.
Old souls with many incarnations improve their spiritualityand care more about greater things than ego and material possessions.
A developed spirit is naturally inclined to assist othersand the earth.
It's worth noting that we are now living in the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, the period of Resurrection, and the birth of the New Earth.
It is a period of awakening in which everyone is asked to participate in change and collective awareness.
The great professors have all departed, leaving us to undertake the "great task."
Many of us light workers knew deep within our DNA and cells that we yearned to be here to assist in bringing in the new timeline but that it would be a brutal war in which we would have to become masters.
It's as though time has suddenly sped up.
It used to take years to develop and evolve, but now there is no time to squander.
The moment has come.
Two girls are using telescope at night
Two girls are using telescope at night

Signs Your Soul Has Been Here Before

A Strong Attachment To A Certain Place

There are several indications that your soul has already visited this location.
One of the most prevalent is a strong attachment to a specific place.
This connection might be difficult to articulate, but you may feel like you've been here before or that it's somehow familiar.
You can even feel homesick for a location you've never been to before

Recurring Dreams Or Visions

Do you ever experience the same dream or vision repeatedly?
If so, you may have been here before.
These dreams and visions may take many different shapes, but they often incorporate themes from prior lives or incarnations.
They may even reveal glimpses into future occurrences in rare circumstances.
If you have these dreams or visions, it may be worthwhile to investigate further to see if they have any deeper significance.

Intuitive Or Psychic Abilities

Intuitionis a powerful tool.
Some individuals have an unshakeable gut sense that something is real, even if they can't articulate why.
Some people think of it as a psychic ability to know things about people or situations they wouldn't say otherwise.
If you discover that you have great intuition or psychic powers, this might hint that your soul has already visited this location.
This is because your soul has learned and grown from all of its past lives and can now use that knowledge and wisdom in this one.
You may find that you can read the energy or feelings of individuals around you.
You may also discover that you can look beyond the curtain of this reality and into other worlds or dimensions.
If you have these skills, it is critical to learn to trust and utilize your intuition for direction since your soul knows things that your conscious mind does not.

A Feeling Of Déjà Vu

If you've ever felt that you've been someplace or done something before when you know you haven't, it might be a clue that your soul has been here before.
This sensation, known as "déjà vu," is one of the most prevalent symptoms individuals experience when they believe they have lived a previous life.
Even though déjà vu often happens by chance, if it happens often, it could mean that your spirit has unfinished business from a past life.
Paying attention to your experiences of déjà vu is a smart place to start if you attempt to find out whether your soul has been here before.

Past-Life Reminiscences

People sometimes have unfathomable recollections of prior lifetimes.
These memories may manifest as dreams, visions, or random flashes of remembrance.
If you have unexplained recollections of a previous life, your soul may have been here before.
These memories may be buried deep inside your mind, and bringing them to the surface may require some effort.
However, if you believe you have previous life memories, it is worthwhile to investigate deeper to see what they may represent for you.

Phobias Or Irrational Fears

Do you have an unexplainable dread or phobia?
If this is the case, it might be a hint that your soul has visited this location previously.
These worries or phobias may be tied to anything that occurred in a previous life.
For example, if you are terrified of heights, it is possible that you fell from a tremendous height in a previous incarnation.
If you're frightened of water, it's possible that you drowned in a previous life.
These illogical worries or phobias frequently have a deep origin in the subconscious mind.

Impenetrable Abilities Or Skills

Some abilities or talents cannot be described.
They seem right as if we've done them before.
Maybe you're a natural-born musician or artist; perhaps you have a talent for languages.
Whatever ability or talent you have is something you are attracted to and comes naturally to you.
You may have been here if you have a skill or ability that you cannot explain.
Pay attention to the things that come readily to you and examine whether they might be evidence that your soul has already visited this location.

A Perception Of Having A Life Goal Or Purpose

Many individuals go through life without ever questioning their purpose.
They drift from one day to the next, not understanding why they're here or what they're meant to do.
However, some individuals have a strong sense of purpose.
They know precisely what they want to accomplish in life and are set on making it happen.
A strong feeling of purpose may indicate that your soul has been here before.
You could have had a similar task in a past life, or you might have been brought here for a particular reason.
In any case, it's critical to trust your instincts and believe that you're on the right track.

Knowing Things You Shouldn't Know Intuitively

Knowing things you shouldn't say indicates that your soul has been here before.
You may not be able to articulate how you know some things, but you do.
It's as if you have a built-in GPS directing you to your next location.
This inner direction is the consequence of your soul's prior life experiences.
Because it has been there before, your spirit knows the path.
So listen to your instincts and follow their lead. It will guide you to your destination.

Soul Connections With Certain People

Have you ever met someone and immediately felt a connection with them?
As though you've known them before, in a previous life?
This isn't a random occurrence.
It indicates that your soul has been here before.
You are drawn to certain people because you used to be the same as them in a past life.
Your mind may not recall what occurred, but your soul remembers.
That's why it's so simple to connect deeply with these folks.
They feel familiar because they are.
Don't resist it if you find yourself drawn to particular folks.
Accept the connection and see where it leads you.
Maybe you'll uncover a new aspect of yourself along the way.

Not Afraid Of Death

If you're not terrified of dying, it's probably because you've done it before and know it's not the end of the world.
Death is only a passage from one life to the next, and your soul has already gone through the cycle countless times.
This does not imply that you are irresponsible or careless with your life; it just means that you appreciate life and want to enjoy it to the fullest.
But you don't dread death because you know it's not the end of the world.

You Are Wise Beyond Your Years

If you're intelligent beyond your years, it's because your soul has lived many incarnations and accumulated a wealth of knowledge.
You might not think of your past lives, but your soul remembers them all.
This is why you may find yourself providing advice to others even though you are the same age or younger than they are.
Your soul's knowledge is coursing through you, and you can't help but share it.

Nothing Feels Fresh

Have you ever glanced around and thought, "I've been here before."?
Maybe you can't pinpoint it, but something about your surroundings feels familiar.
If you've experienced this sensation previously, it might mean you've been here before.
Your soul has a vast memory and always uses what it knows from the past to help you in the present.
That's why nothing seems new to you; you've seen it all in a previous life.

People Also Ask

What Is My Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is a mild form of hypnosis that transports a person back in time to a previous life or incarnation by gaining access to memories and experiences ordinarily locked in the subconscious mind.

What Is The Meaning Of Life In The Past?

To obsess about something that occurred, You must accept his absence and quit living in the past.

What Do You Call A Person Who Lives In The Past?

You may describe them as nostalgic.

The Bottom Line

There are several indications that your soul has already visited this location.
If you recognize any of these indicators, you have most definitely incarnated several times and accumulated a tremendous wledge in former incarnations.
Use this wisdom to guide you through your life's path.
Accept your former incarnations and utilize them to help you live your best life today.
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