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Prayers To Archangel Raphael - Most Effective Prayer For Healing

By praying, we make ourselves available to God so that he can send his grace through us. We also pray to ask for God's forgiveness and to praise, thank, and ask for God to help us and others. As God's children, we should feel free to ask him for anything we need or want, as long as we do it in a humble way.

Author:Suleman Shah
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By praying, we make ourselves available to God so that he can send his grace through us.
We also pray to ask for God's forgiveness and to praise, thank, and ask for God to help us and others.
As God's children, we should feel free to ask him for anything we need or want, as long as we do it in a humble way.
The healer is what people call the archangel Raphael. God's healing is what his name means.
In this article, you'll discover the most effective prayers to Archangel Raphaelfor healing.

Prayer To Archangel Raphael

O Glorious Archangel St. Raphael, you are known for your wisdom and grace. You are a great prince of the heavenly court. You are a guide for people who travel by land, sea, or air. You comfort the hurting and are a safe place for sinners.
I beg you to help me with everything I need and everything that hurts me in this life, just like you helped young Tobias on his travels. Because you are the "medicine of God," I humbly ask you to heal my soul's many problems and my body's illnesses.
I especially want you to do (insert your special request here) and give me the great grace of purity so that I can be a home for the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Short Prayer Archangel Raphael

St. Raphael, the archangel, arrow, and medicine of Divine Love, we beg you to pierce our hearts with the burning love of God and never let it heal, so that we can always stay on the path of love and overcome everything through love, even in our daily lives. Amen.

Archangel Raphael: The Angel of Powerful Healing - Angels and Demons - See U in History

Consecration Prayer To Archangel Raphael

Holy Archangel Raphael, I honor you as God's best friend and messenger because you are so close to God's throne and bring our prayersto Him. I want to love and obey you like young Tobias did. I give you my whole being, all of my work, and my entire life.
I want you to be my Guide and Counselor through all of my life's dangerous and hard problems and choices. Remember, Saint Raphael, that God's grace kept you in heaven with the good angels when the proud ones were sent to hell.
So, I'm asking you to help me fight against the world, my body, and the devil. Protect me from every danger and every chance to do wrong. Show me the way to peace, safety, and salvation at all times. Offer my prayers to God just like you did for Tobias, so that I can get the graces I need for my soul's salvation through your help.
Remember me, and always pray for me in front of the Face of God's Son. Help me to love and serve God with all my heart, to die in His grace, and to earn the right to join you in heaven to see God and praise Him forever. Amen.

People Also Ask

Why Do We Pray To Archangel Raphael?

Saint Raphael is known as the patron saint of doctors and people who help people find love. He is one of the seven Archangels who stand before the Lord's throne. People often say that he can see the light of heaven and that all good things happen because of his prayers.

What Is A Saint Raphael Prayer?

Holy Raphael! I beg you to help me with everything I need. and through all of life's hard times. And since you are God's "physician," I ask you to heal my soul of its many illnesses and my body of its illnesses, if this is possible.

What Kind Of Angel Is Raphael?

In the Bible, Raphael is one of the angels. In the apocryphal Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) Book of Tobit, he is the one who, dressed as a human and using the name Azarias (which means "Yahweh helps"), went on an exciting journey with Tobias and beat the demon Asmodeus.


The Book of Tobias tells us most of what we know about the archangel Raphael. St. Raphael is asked for help on trips and at important times in life because he was a great healer and young Tobias' travel companion, guide, and counselor. Tradition also says that Raphael is the angel who stirred the water in the sheep pool in Bethesda so that it could heal people.
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