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Protesters Riots In Paris After Deadly Attack On The Kurdish Community

Protesters riots in Paris after deadly attack on the Kurdish community after a tragic attack. Participants in the protest that took place on Saturday tipped over automobiles, set fire to some of them, and threw objects at police officers. In response, officers fired tear gas onto the crowd.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Dec 25, 2022
Protesters riots in Paris after deadly attack on the Kurdish communityafter a tragic attack. Participants in the protest that took place on Saturday tipped over automobiles, set fire to some of them, and threw objects at police officers. In response, officers fired tear gas onto the crowd.
The attack on Friday took place at a restaurant and a cultural center that was associated with the Kurdish people. It resulted in the deaths of three persons. A psychiatric facility is now housing the suspect, who is said to have referred to himself in racist termsbefore his transfer there.
An examination conducted on Saturday resulted in the 69-year-old defendant being freed from detention for reasons related to his health, according to the prosecution. He has not yet been called to testify in front of the judge.
Following the shootings, the suspect reportedly stated that he had a deep-seated hatred for people from other countries, according to a source that spoke with the AFP newsagency earlier.
According to the same source, the assailant commenced his attack using a pistol that had been "much used." He was also found to be in possession of a box containing at least 25 cartridges and "two or three" loaded magazines.
According to eyewitnesses, the assailant, who was described as being tall, white, and elderly, shot and killed two men and a lady in the 10th area of the city. There were also three people who were hurt, and one of them is still in severe condition.
Before the suspect was taken into custody without a struggle, he opened fire on three separate locations, including the Ahmet-Kaya Kurdish Community Center, a restaurant in the area, and a hair salon.
The suspect, a retired train driver, was taken into custody on suspicion of murder and attempted murder. Subsequently, he was accused with acting with a racist motive in mind when he committed the crimes.
It has come to light that he was freed on bail just a few days before the assault, despite the fact that he has a historyof committing crimes with weapons. The previous year, he was arrested on charges of racist violence in connection with an incident that occurred at a migrant camp located in another part of the French city.
A few hours after the shootings on Friday, unrest broke out. People were seen breaking car windows and lighting fires in the streets on video footage that was captured.
As protesters attempted to breach a security perimeter, the police responded by firing tear gas into the crowd.
The latest violence on Saturday took place after hundreds of Kurds had assembled without incident in the Place de la République to pay their respects to the three people who had been killed there. It was unclear what caused the fights to break out between the two groups.
It was reported that 31 police officers and one demonstrator had been hurt, and 11 people were taken into custody. In the wake of the shootings, members of the Kurdish community in France have voiced their demand for increased security from the government. On Saturday, representatives from the community talked with the chief of police in Paris.
The attack that took place on Friday took place almost ten years after the murder of three Kurdish women activists in the capital of France; the crime remains unsolved.


A lawyer for the Kurdish democratic council in France (CDK-F) stated that the community was once again "terrified" after being "traumatized" by the murders that took place in January of 2013.
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