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Putin Warns Of Nuclear War Risk If The West Deploys Troops To Ukraine

Putin warns of nuclear war risk if the West deploys troops to Ukraine, asserting that Moscow possesses the capability to target Western assets.

Author:Suleman Shah
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Putin warns of nuclear war risk if the West deploys troops to Ukraine, asserting that Moscow possesses the capability to target Western assets. During his yearly state of the nation address on Thursday, Russian President, Vladimir Putin dismissed allegations of Russia planning an assault on Europe as unfounded.
However, he cautioned that Russia could resort to nuclear strikes against Western nations. Putin alluded to a suggestion made by French President Emmanuel Macron, who suggested on Monday that the option of sending Western troops to Ukraine should not be dismissed.
Everything that they are coming up with now, with which they threaten the entire world - all this really threatens a conflict with the use of nuclear weapons, and therefore the destruction of civilization - don't they understand this, or what? They must ultimately understand that we also have weapons - and they know about it, just as I now said - we also have weapons that can hit targets on their territory,.- Vladimir Putin
Putin has invoked the specter of nuclear weapons multiple times since Russia initiated its full-scale invasion of Ukraine over two years ago. Last year, Russia relocated tactical nuclear weapons to neighboring Belarus, and according to reports this month, Russia is actively pursuing the development of a nuclear space weapon capable of satellite destruction.

Support For Macron

Although Macron's proposal to deploy Western troops to Ukraine has been rebuffed by numerous European leaders, Lithuania's foreign minister expressed his full support for Macron's stance. Gabrielius Landsbergis stated to reporters that "like-minded countries" could assist Ukraine in its struggle by sending personnel to the country to offer support.
Most likely we're not talking about combat troops, but it could be training, it could be other thoughts of assistance to Ukraine. I have to stress here that we're not talking about NATO action, not EU action, but it could be a group of countries, group of allies who would think the same way, who would be ready to assist Ukraine in that matter, in that way.- Gabrielius Landsbergis
Landsbergis said he saw "a number of signs, rhetorical, practical, military signs that Russia is not about to stop" with Ukraine.
"We hear that it is likely that they will be mobilizing an additional 400,000 troops and it's not omitted that they will be placed on NATO’s border. It has to be very clear that Ukraine has to win if we don't want this conflict to spread and spread also into NATO countries," he added.
In response to Putin's remarks, the US State Department labeled them as "irresponsible rhetoric," emphasizing that they had not observed any indications of Russia preparing to deploy nuclear weapons. However, they stated their commitment to closely monitoring the situation.
"We have communicated in the past privately and directly with Russia about the consequences of the use of a nuclear weapon," State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller told a press briefing.
Vladimir Putin pointing a finger up as he makes a speech
Vladimir Putin pointing a finger up as he makes a speech

On The Campaign Trail

Putin's speech, which lasted over two hours and set a new record according to Russian state media TASS, occurred just ahead of the March 17 presidential election in Russia. It is widely anticipated that Putin will secure a fifth term, extending his rule until at least 2030.
During his address, Putin praised the advancements of Russia's military, stating that they are making significant progress in various operational areas and reclaiming more territories. He asserted that Russia now holds the initiative in Ukraine, particularly following the recent retreat of Kyiv forces from the eastern town of Avdiivka.
Furthermore, Putin announced plans to reinforce Russia's military presence along its Western border to counteract the perceived threats posed by NATO expansion, especially after Finland and Sweden's decision to join the alliance after Moscow invaded Ukraine.
In his speech, Putin praised Russia's economic performance and unveiled new national projects ahead of the upcoming election. With no credible opposition, as the country's sole anti-war candidate was disqualified and Putin's most significant opponent, Alexey Navalny, recently died in an Arctic prison, Putin faces minimal electoral challenge.
Despite facing Western sanctions, Putin highlighted that Russia's economy has outpaced global trends, particularly when compared to other G7 nations. Acknowledging demographic challenges, Putin noted that Russia is not experiencing its demographic peak due to societal shifts such as young adults prioritizing career pursuits and delaying starting families. Like many countries, Russia is contending with declining birth rates.
"Supporting families with children is our fundamental moral choice. A large family with many children should become the norm, the philosophy of social life, the guideline of the entire state strategy," Putin said, announcing social support programs for mothers.
Discussing Russian healthpolicy, Putin advised citizens to follow a Soviet-era motto, "Stop drinking, start skiing." He commended individuals who participated in the "special military operation," Russia's term for the conflict in Ukraine, stating that veterans will have the opportunity to pursue higher education and obtain civilian specialties in top universities.
Putin hailed these veterans as Russia's genuine elite, contrasting them with individuals who enriched themselves during the economic turmoil of the 1990s as the Soviet Union collapsed.
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