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The Quarterbacks To Watch In 2023

The NFL regular season got under way on Thursday, September 7, and has already delivered some surprises, as fans have come to habitually expect of the NFL. That first day of the season saw the Detroit Lions defeat the Kansas City Chiefs, the defending Super Bowl champions, 21-20 at the Kansas team’s own home stadium.

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The NFL regular season got under way on Thursday, September 7, and has already delivered some surprises, as fans have come to habitually expect of the NFL. That first day of the season saw the Detroit Lions defeat the Kansas City Chiefs, the defending Super Bowl champions, 21-20 at the Kansas team’s own home stadium. Later in the week, the Dallas Cowboys surprised everyone by steamrollering all over the New York Giants in a 40-0 shutout victory.
Draft and free agency activity have also given fans reason to anticipate exciting happenings in the season. The biggest headline was the move of Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets, but draft activity by the Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bears saw some big moves that could turn around their teams, too. Of course, all eyes were going to be on Aaron Rodgers and how he settled into lifeat the Jets, but an Achilles injury in the team’s opening game means fans will have to wait a little longer to discover that. Below are more quarterbacks who you should be watching in 2023.

Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the No.1 quarterback in the world. He’s also the only player in NFL historyto have won more than one Super Bowl, more than one Super Bowl MVP and more than one regular season MVP before he’s turned 28. If you’re thinking of placing any NFL player propsbets, Mahomes is one player you might consider.
Mahomes is naturally confident and brings a real swagger to his game. His accuracy has improved each season, and he has the ability to drive the ball to all areas of the field, regardless of the mechanics. He has a capacity to improvise and extend plays, which enables him to make big offensive plays. He can threaten defenses outside of the pocket and generally makes safeties and corners wary of him throwing over the top, so they can’t commit to him taking off when he looks for home run downfield plays.

Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow is the main man in the quarterback position for the Cincinnati Bengals and just about single-handedly turned the whole Bengals franchise around in the last three seasons. He’s built five playoff wins during his career, which is as many as the entire franchise managed before he joined them.
Burrow has an ability to stay calm and focused in big moments and games. This and his competitive toughness make his teammates gravitate towards him and strike fear into the other AFC teams. He’s not just all toughness and presence though. He has excellent vision and can throw passes to catchers that take them away from coverage and into space. He also shows belief in catchers, confident in his touch and that they’ll receive the ball without fumbling it. His timing is superb, and he can make explosive off-schedule plays while on the move.

Josh Allen

Josh Allen is the man of choice in the quarterback position for the Buffalo Bills and is one of the best quarterbacks there has been in decades. He has amazing throwing accuracy and, with stars such as Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley around him, he has really shone in the role. As a rushing quarterback, he’s highly efficient, and in general he’s sometimes impossible to defend against.
Last season, Allen did everything in his power to help the team find themselves sliding Super Bowl rings onto their fingers. His two-game performance in the playoffs was historic and made him the favorite for the 2022 MVP. He’s highly competitive and highly ambitious, which sometimes works against him as he chalks up turnovers sometimes. He’s every inch a leader. This and his competitive spirit make him an exciting quarterback to watch.

Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert is the main quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers and the team has been extremely keen to keep him. So much so that they’ve just extended his contract until 2029and will pay him $262.5 million for the privilege of keeping him as their quarterback until then.
Herbert has been described in one article by Sports Illustrated online as having a “canon for an arm” and is a safe player in so far as he doesn’t allow many turnovers. He views the entire field and can rifle the ball to anywhere on the grid, whether he’s in motion or in a stationary position. He’s patient when making short passes to running backs or tight ends.
Herbert is fluid and athletic, and he’s got strong running ability, an ability which the Chargers don’t exploit as much as they should. He’s opportunistic when carrying the ball and can burn defenses on scrambled plays.
The NFL regular season is now under way and fans can expect lots of excitement. Other quarterbacks to watchout for in 2023 include Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys), Jalen Hurts (Philadelphia Eagles) and Matthew Stafford (Los Angeles Rams).
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