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What Is A Research Paper?

A research paper is a synthesis of research, critical thinking, source evaluation, organizational skills, and writing skills that has been completed.

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A research paperis a synthesis of research, critical thinking, source evaluation, organizational skills, and writing skills that has been completed. It has two purposes; first, it advances the body of knowledge in the subject field, and second, it provides you, the student, with a chance to expand your own knowledge base within the topic field.
It is a written report on the findings of a research project. It delivers entirely new insights and original conclusions that go above and beyond what is already known in the field. Consider whether it will analyse previous outcomes or develop a whole new idea. If a research paper or a conference presentation is published in a journal or at a conference, it is considered a published research paper or a publication.
Printed books of journals
Printed books of journals

What Is The Main Purpose Of A Research Paper?

In academic writing, a research paper is a necessary component. It allows you to provide your assessment, interpretation, or addition based on a particular issue. Writing a research paper may make a significant difference in a student's career. Writing a research paper has several advantages for students. The following are some of the most important benefits:
  • Before forming an opinion on a particular topic, we must conduct an extensive study and consider the subject carefully. Without it, we won't create an informed view on the subject. As a result, we can think carefully about that issue by producing a research paper. We will convey our points of view in more innovative and relevant ways if we improve our critical thinking skills.
  • If an author publishes an original paper without conducting comprehensive research and making logical connections, the material will be complex. Your writing should have an appealing aspect. The research paper's consistency aids in the development of logical thinking and creates interaction between the reader and the writer. As a result, your communication abilities will increase.
  • Improve research skills: When we start studying, we ingest a lot of info. We begin with the how, what, and why. Then we choose the appropriate piece for the topic from the collected data, analyse the material, and write about it. A well-researched research article gradually enhances extracting useful information from large amounts of data.
  • If you are researching a new domain, it will be perplexing. When the author goes deep into the subject, he will learn extensively. A well-researched essay can assist you in expanding your topic expertise.
If you're writing a research paper, you'll be able to tap into all of these advantages. As a result, students should produce a research paper rather than avoid it.

Research Paper Structure

When writing a research paper for a Bachelor of Sciencedegree or a research report, you will likely need to structure your research paper according to selected journal recommendations. According to American Psychological Association (APA), style research papers that report on the experimental study will typically have a Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, References sections and a References section. Many will also have illustrations and tables, and otherswill include an Appendix or a series of Appendices.

Types Of Research Paper

  • Analytical Research Paper
  • Argumentative Research Paper
  • Cause and Effect Research Paper
  • Experimental Research Paper
  • Problem-Solution Research Paper
  • Report Paper
  • Survey Research Paper

Analytical Research Paper

The term "analytical research papers" refers to papers analysing facts, events, topics, and concepts. In this method, the researcher first explains many points of view on the study topic, analyses all of the provided issues by gathering relevant information from other researchers and ultimately concludes. During Analytical Research, the researcher must maintain objectivity, which means that the paper should not support one side while opposing another.

Argumentative Research Paper

As the name implies, an argumentative research paper comprises two opposing opinions on a specific study topic. In this form of study, the researcher must define the issue from two opposing perspectives, examine them for merits and negatives, and then endorse one. This research paper is mainly concerned with persuading readers to support your viewpoint.

Cause And Effect Research Papers

The researcher first defines the problem, then explains its causes and consequences, and ultimately concludes this research report.

Experimental Research Paper

The researcher conducts the experiment, shares his valuable experiences, and ultimately provides the required data and summarises his findings. Biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and sociologyare the most common subjects for these research articles. The researcher must describe his experiment in this research article, together with supporting data and experimental analyses.

Problem Solution Research Paper

As the name indicates, the Problem-Solution Research Paper tries to identify solutions to specific issues. In this research work, the author presents the problem, analyses the existing data, proposes feasible solutions, and supports them with examples, details, and statistical data.

Report Paper

The researcher must acquire all relevant information about the study issue, characterise the most critical data qualities, and finally summarise his results in the Report Paper. This paper aims to provide all of the facts and information regarding the study issue.

Survey Research Paper

The researcher must do research, examine data, analyse findings, and draw conclusions in this report. The survey is carried out by asking respondents questions. This explores how people behave in various situations.


To conclude the above-described clear explanation, a research paper is essentially an academic work that gives analysis, interpretation, and argument based on in-depth independent study. A research paper, therefore, necessitates the demonstration of thorough knowledge of your subject matter, engagement with a number of sources, and the creation of an unique addition to the discussion.
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