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Reshma Shinde - Known For Her Lead Role In Rang Maza Vegla As Deepa

Reshma Shinde is an Indian actress who is active in the Marathi entertainment business. The majority of her work is done in films and television series. Reshma Shinde was the star of the well-known television program Rang Maza Vegla, which Star Pravah produced. The show was shown on Star Pravah. Within the context of the television show Rang Maza Vegla, Reshma Shinde portrayed the character of Deepa.

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Reshma Shindeis an Indian actress who is active in the Marathi entertainment business. The majority of her work is done in films and television series. Reshma Shinde was the star of the well-known television program Rang Maza Vegla, which Star Pravah produced. The show was shown on Star Pravah. Within the context of the television show Rang Maza Vegla, Reshma Shinde portrayed the character of Deepa.
Bandh Resmache was the name of another Marathi television soap opera in which Reshma Shinde featured. She appeared in recurrent episodes of the soap opera Bandh Resmanche as a supporting character.

Quick Facts About Reshma Shinde

Real NameReshma Shinde
Date of Birth27 March 1987
Age36 Years
Birth PlaceMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Reshma Shinde In Red And Blue Dress
Reshma Shinde In Red And Blue Dress

Early Life Of Reshma Shinde

Reshma Shinde is an actress who works on Marathi television. She was born on March 27th, 1987, in Mumbai, and she was also raised in Mumbai. She was raised in Mumbai, where she was exposed to the vibrant lifeand rich cultural variety of the city throughout her formative years.
Early in her life, she pursued a variety of academic endeavors while also maintaining active involvement with the artistic and cultural communities around her. The beginning of Reshma's scholastic adventure took place in Mumbai, where she finished her primary and secondary education and went on to get her degree.
She was exposed to a wide variety of influences that sparked her interest in the performing arts when she was growing up in a city that is well-known for the rich creative tradition it has. However, even at an early age, she stood out due to the natural skills she had as well as the commitment she showed to her work.
From the very beginning, Reshma Shinde showed a significant interest in cultural events and celebrations. Throughout her childhood, she was a very involved participant in a wide variety of cultural activities and events.
Not only did these early involvements allow her to demonstrate her excitement, but they also served as a platform for her to refine her abilities and engage in conversation with otherswho had similar interests. When Reshma wanted to investigate her creative interests, the cultural scene of Mumbai was the perfect background for her to use.
She was able to immerse herself in a broad variety of artistic experiences because of the city's thriving theater industry, festivals showcasing a wide variety of art forms, and the city's varied populations. These experiences unquestionably played a part in molding her into an artist and fostering her enthusiasm for the entertainment business.

The Career Of Reshma Shinde

Reshma is a well-known film and television actress who performs in Marathi. She is also fluent in English. It was in 2010, when she took part in the Marathi reality show Maharashtra Superstar, that she made her first appearance on television. After seeing her perform, the creators of the Marathi television series Bandh Reshamache decided to use her in one of the programs that they make.
In addition, she has made guest appearances in a variety of television shows, such as Chahul, Kesari Nandan, Lagori Maitri Return, and Nanda Saukhya Bhare. The role that she played in the television series Nanda Saukhyabhare, which was shown on the Zee Marathi network, is widely regarded as one of the most important and memorable of her whole career.
With the Murali Nallapa-directed film Deva Ek Atrangi, Reshma made her debut in the movie industry in 2017. The film was produced under the banner of Murali Nallapa. Since then, she has acted in a number of further films, including Rang He Premache, Ekk Albela, and Lalbaugchi Rani, among others.

The Physical Appearance Of Reshma Shinde

Reshma Shinde has a commanding presence in termsof her physical appearance. Her height is 5 feet 5 inches and her weight is about 54 kg. Her dark brown eyes emanate a compelling depth, and her jet-black hair perfectly suits her whole appearance. Reshma is a devotee of the religion of Hinduism, and she discovers a spiritual resonance in her beliefs.
She is proud to be an Indian since she exemplifies the colorful and varied culture of her country of origin, and she takes great pleasure in her ethnicity. Due to the fact that she was born under the sign of Aries, her personality most likely exhibits characteristics such as initiative, vitality, and inventiveness.
The unique strands of Reshma's identity, both on and off screen, are woven in part by her striking physical characteristics, which, when added to her cultural heritage and astrological pedigree, form an intricate tapestry.

Reshma Shinde Role In "Rang Maza Vegla"

Deepa Devkule-Inamdar is a significant character, and Reshma Shinde plays her in the continuing soap opera "Rang Maza Vegla," which is performed in the Marathi language. The creative minds of Shashi Mittal and Sumeet Mittal came up with the program, which Shashi Sumeet Productions produced and debuted on Star Pravah on October 30, 2019.
Shashi Sumeet Productions is the name of the production company. The depiction of Deepa by Reshma provides the story with a foundation as well as a sense of depth and feeling. "Rang Maza Vegla" is a notable adaptation of the popular television show "Karuthamuthu," which was first produced in Malayalam and serves as the show's foundational source of inspiration.
Deepa's adventure is at the center of the plot, which also explores issues with family, custom, and personal identity. The drama explores the complexity of Deepa's life while taking place against the background of current Marathi culture. The character of Deepa Devkule-Inamdar, portrayed by Reshma Shinde, serves as the focal point of the story.
Her character stands out for having a blend of strength and fragility as she overcomes the obstacles presented by cultural norms and individual desires, which is appropriate given the situation. The program does a masterful job of examining her development and progression as she struggles to reconcile her roles as a daughter, a wife, and a person attempting to express herself.
The plot of "Rang Maza Vegla" carefully develops with an emphasis on Deepa's relationships, notably her marriage and the dynamic she shares with both her husband and her in-laws. The primary focus of the plot is on Deepa's relationships. The tensions and harmonies that exist within her family sphere act as a mirror through which the intricacies of contemporary goals versus traditional values may be examined.
As the story develops, Deepa's journey will eventually become a tapestry that is weaved with a variety of feelings, challenges, and victories. Reshma Shinde's portrayal of Deepa brings out her nuanced personality, allowing viewers to connect with her on a fundamental level. The musical is able to capture the emotional breadth of the human experience thanks in large part to her performances.
The song "Rang Maza Vegla" brilliantly conveys the spirit of society's expectations as well as the ongoing conflict between personal aspirations and obligations. The emotional impact of the tale is amplified by Reshma Shinde's depiction of Deepa, which also makes the narrative more sympathetic and interesting to the spectator.
Reshma Shinde In Red Dress
Reshma Shinde In Red Dress

Awards And Nominations Of Reshma Shinde

Despite the fact that she had an outstanding performance in "Rang Maza Vegla," the Indian actress Reshma Shinde has not been nominated for or awarded any individual accolades. The success of the play, on the other hand, demonstrates how significant her participation was. The series itself was recognized with a number of awards and nominations, most notably taking home the prize for "Best TV Show" at the prestigious Zee Marathi Awards in 2020.
Although Reshma Shinde's performance may not have earned notoriety on its own, her participation unquestionably played an essential part in the success of the event and the accolades it received within the industry. Her abilities continue to make a significant contribution to the success of the play and its reputation as a renowned production.

Reshma Shinde Appearance On Television

Reshma Shinde Appearance On Television
Reshma Shinde Appearance On Television

My 1st With Reshma Shinde | धमाल प्रश्नांची धमाल उत्तर | Rang Maza Vegla | Lokmat Filmy

Some Interesting Facts About Reshma Shinde

  • Reshma Shinde is a television actress who performs in Marathi. She was born in Mumbai on March 27, 1987.
  • She was brought up in Mumbai and, from an early age, was exposed to the vast cultural variety that the city has to offer.
  • During the years that were most formative for Reshma, she gave equal attention to her studies and her creative pursuits.
  • Since she was a youngster, she has been actively participating in a variety of cultural activities and events, which has helped her develop both her abilities and her interests.
  • Her creative leanings were greatly influenced by the vibrant theater business and cultural environment of Mumbai, which both contributed significantly to her development.
  • By taking part in the Marathi version of the reality program "Maharashtra Superstar" in 2010, Reshma was able to get a lot of attention.
  • Her first appearance on television was in an episode of the Marathi program "Bandh Reshamache."
  • Reshma has appeared as a guest on a number of popular television programs, including "Chahul," "Kesari Nandan," "Lagori Maitri Return," and "Nanda Saukhya Bhare."
  • Her performance on the Zee Marathi show "Nanda Saukhya Bhare" is widely regarded as one of the most memorable moments of her career.
  • She made her film debut with "Deva Ek Atrangi," which Murali Nallapa directed and released in 2017.
  • In addition, she has been seen in movies such as "Rang He Premache," "Ekk Albela," and "Lalbaugchi Rani."
  • The roles that Reshma has played in movies and television shows span a wide variety of genres and subgenres.
  • In the Marathi soap opera "Rang Maza Vegla," she was cast as the main character, Deepa Devkule-Inamdar.
  • It was first shown on Star Pravah on October 30, 2019, and is an official remake of the television series "Karuthamuthu" that first aired in Malayalam.
  • In the play "Rang Maza Vegla," Reshma examines concepts of family, custom, and individualism through the character of Deepa.
  • She has shown her skill in a variety of roles, ranging from antagonistic parts to protagonist characters to roles in which she competed.
  • Her journey in the industry demonstrates her flexibility as an artist, having worked in both television and movies.
  • The path that Reshma has traveled is illustrative of her commitment to the performing arts and her unending capacity for improvement as an artist.

Net Worth Of Reshma Shinde

It is believed that Reshma Shinde has a net worth of between 2 and 5 million dollars, and the majority of her wealth comes from her profession as an actor in Marathi television programs and Hindi television serials. In addition to that, she has performed in films in supporting roles.

People Also Ask

What Is Reshma Shinde Known For?

Reshma Shinde is known for her lead role in the show "Rang Maza Vegla".

Which Tv Serial Did Reshma Shinde Work In?

Reshma Shinde has worked in the TV serial "Kesari Nandan".

Which Tv Serial Did Reshma Shinde Receive Appreciation For Her Role?

Reshma Shinde received appreciation for her role in the TV serial "Nanda Saukhyabhare".

What Was Reshma Shinde's Famous Role In The Tv Serial "Lagori Maitri Returns"?

Reshma Shinde's famous role in the TV serial "Lagori Maitri Returns" was Purva.

In Which Reality Show Did Reshma Shinde Participate As A Contestant?

Reshma Shinde participated in "Maharashtracha Superstar 1" as a contestant.

What Was Reshma Shinde's Debut Role In Marathi Tv?

Reshma Shinde made her debut in a side role with the Marathi TV daily soap "Bandh Resmache."


In the world of Marathi television and cinema, Reshma Shinde is recognized as a talented individual who is both flexible and committed. The fact that she went from being a cultural enthusiast to an outstanding actor is evidence of her dedication to developing her trade. She has shown her versatility and range as an actress through the parts she has played in a variety of films and television series.
Reshma's work highlights her personal evolution and voyage of discovery, beginning with her first encounters in Mumbai's vibrant creative scene and continuing through her representation of a broad cast of characters. She is a well-known character in the field of Marathi entertainment due to the fact that her presence never ceases to enthrall audiences.
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