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Small Spells Tarot Cards Are Available In Two Variations

Small Spells offers a lot of things along with tarot cards and decks. Small Spells tarot decks and cards in Black and White and Colored versions. Keep reading to learn more.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
May 29, 202317K Shares500.4K Views
Small Spellsoffers a lot of things along with tarotcards and decks. Small Spells tarotdecks and cards in Black and White and Colored versions. Keep reading to learn more.

Colored Small Spells Tarot Deck

This Small Spells Tarot Deck and guidebook are in a colored version. Rachel Howe, a writer, and artist who lives in Los Angeles, made the art. It was published by Discipline Press.
  • Deck of 78 cards.
  • 92-page guidebook.
The five years of therapeutic and creative work Rachel has done for herself and her community have culminated in the Small Spells Tarot Deck. The Major and Minor Arcanas' 78 cards are all present in the deck.
The guidebook includes reproductions of the drawings along with notes by Rachel about their associated meanings. Rachel draws inspiration from both tradition and her own research and intuition.
Small Spells Tarot deck in colored version
Small Spells Tarot deck in colored version

Black And White Small Spells Tarot Guidebook And Deck

This Small Spells Tarot Deck and related manual are in a black and white colored version. Rachel Howe created, drew, and wrote the piece by Discipline Press for publication.
  • 2.75 x 4.75-inch, 78-card deck in a tuck box.
  • 92 page, 5.5 x 8.5-inch manual.
  • Each is packaged with a unique, printed wraparound label.
Her distinctive visual and written language, which mix relatable honesty, humor, and genuine dialogue with high vibrational energy and loving care, are used to filter the card designs and the writings in her book.
Her paintings draw inspiration from cartoons, tattoos, hand-drawn art, and low-tech graphic design while embracing mysticism and remaining firmly entrenched in modern design culture.

Small spells tarot☺️

Other Products

Tarot Spread Guide Cloth

A vibrant silky cloth that can be used as a reading tool for tarot spreads There are examples of prompts for a generic, approachable tarot spread. It is explained to you how to lay your cards out and what each position means.
It comes with detailed instructions and is packaged. is also capable of serving as a scarf to carry and wrap your tarot deck. Although it has a soft, silky feel, it is robust enough to hold you in position while you read. Simply iron on the nylon/synthetic setting if your clothing becomes wrinkled.
It is 100% polyester, 26 x 26 inches, with stitched edges.
Tarot Spread Guide Cloth by Small Spells
Tarot Spread Guide Cloth by Small Spells

Astrology Club Membership

Small Spells' Astrology Club is a members-only area where 2-4 brief essays are published each month regarding astrological transits and how they will impact Small Spells.
Regular articles cover the new and full moons as well as any other transits, such as retrograde motion or significant conjunctions and oppositions. The Astrology Club provides a streamlined method for learning about significant astronomical events and their effects on your daily lives. Members have the option to interact with posts by leaving comments.
You can view every post from the past and future with a single payment. Following your purchase, you will get an email with the password to the "Astrology Club" page.
Members will receive email reminders on a regular basis to visit the Astrology Club, but you are welcome to look at the page whenever you are interested in what the planets are doing.

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There are two variations available in Small Spells tarot cards and guidebooks. The Black and White and Colored version both costs about $35.00 on Small Spells' official website.
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