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Soul Contracts - What Are These And How Can We Break Them?

Soul contracts may be both good and valuable, as well as bad and restricting. Soul contracts are the unspoken promises you've made to yourself in the past that have stopped you from moving forward.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Nov 05, 2022
A soul contract is an agreement struck between your soul and another soul, sometimes before you were born, to work out a shared lesson or experience.
Soul contractsmay be both good and valuable, as well as bad and restricting. Soul contracts are the unspoken promises you've made to yourself in the past that have stopped you from moving forward.
These soul contracts help us to fulfill our life's mission. In a nutshell, these people help us learn what we need to know about humanity. These relationships are often thought to have a spiritual connection.
During our stay on Earth, we feel best around those with whom we've made soul agreements. However, certain relationships give us unbearable pain to help us advance in life. These bonds include both love and pain.
According to the notion of a soul contract, we connect with a certain soul before incarnating in this lifetime. The two spirits then meet and agree to work and flourish on Earth together. To accomplish so, we need the assistance of other people—and other souls.
These agreements are not set in stone. Like every other choice we make in life, these are intended to promote our spiritual progress. When two spirits are intended for one another, their connection will bring them the most joy.

What Are Soul Contracts?

Soul contracts are founded on the idea that our souls correspond to the souls of othersbefore incarnating into a new body. Human souls form arrangements to cooperate and grow on Earth during these prenatal encounters.
To paraphrase Aldous Huxley, "both positive and negative events shape our souls." However, to engage in them, we need the assistance of other people—and other souls.
Best-selling author of "Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance," Soul contracts, according to Danielle MacKinnon, are "agreements we form inside ourselves at the very deepest level, the soul level."
According to Danielle, soul contracts, on the other hand, aren't always a smart idea. "When we make a soul contract, we do it to combat a negative opinion we have about ourselves, such as that we are not safe or that we are not good enough.
We've all signed soul contracts before; some are greater than others, but they all impact our lives somehow.
Danielle states,
A soul contract influences every single part of our lives. As a tiny kid, for example, I made a soul contract of invisibility to shield myself from my abuser. This helped me feel less vulnerable in the eyes of my attacker.
But, as I grew older, being invisible interfered with other aspects of my life. Friends ignored me; it was difficult to get attention at work, and I never felt that anybody acknowledged me. "
Before you worry and believe you're bound to the bad side of the soul contract for the rest of your life, realize that they may be undone. Danielle explains,
Although soul contracts seem to be negative, they are not." The benefit of a soul contract is that once we master it (or even simply begin to recognize it), the barriers connected with it disappear, and we may progress in life toward our soul's growth,

Recognizing A Soul Contract

Recognizing that you have a soul contract is the first step in breaking it. "Soul contracts manifest in our lives as recurring problems and patterns." indicates a soul contract at work.
For example, I worked hard to stand out at work. I flourished, became an expert, and everyone knew who to turn to in my profession. On the other hand, my supervisor didn't notice until I discovered the lesson underlying my invisibility soul contract: I could be secure even if others saw me. "I got promoted once I learned that lesson and let go of my urge to be invisible," Danielle says.
  • If you're still unsure if you have a soul contract, here are some frequent indicators to check for:
  • You keep finding yourself in the same unpleasant scenarios.
  • You are having problems getting ahead in life or reaching your objectives.
  • You feel trapped in one aspect of your life.
It's also important to remember that not every unfavorable or tough scenario results from a soul contract. Sometimes we are given profoundly unpleasant circumstances in which we are expected to do many tasks, and this is not a soul contract but karmic debt.
Karmic debt occurs when we have unfinished business from a past life that we must complete. It is often heavier and more difficult to handle than a soul contract.
Soul contracts and karmic debt are similar, yet every relationship or experience with soul contracts serves a greater purpose.
Unlike karmic debt, which is always unconscious karma, we are drawn to but did not choose before incarnation. It picks us, draws us to it, and we must labor with it until the obligation is paid.

How Do Soul Contracts Work?

Soul contracts exist to teach people about humanity. Throughout our lives, we are given a family that allows us to experience what life is like in the physical world. These soul agreements are beneficial to both excellent and negative souls.
Optimistic Souls are intended to educate you about humanity. People with a pure heart develop them, and their good intentions benefit others. For people with this kind of soul, the ultimate objective is to build knowledge and continue to study life, the world, and everything.
Negative souls are created by those that are manipulative and harmful to others. They want attention and a desire to be the center of everyone's world. Negative spirits lack empathy and are just concerned with themselves.
But if they aren't seen as much, bad spirits lose their power and stop existing in that form.
Neutral souls are derived from well-balanced people who lack significant positive or negative attributes. Depending on the circumstances, they may be leaders, followers, or everything in between.
When souls are divided into three energy components, they become pure white light. This supernatural ability enables them to generate new lives without losing power or influence.
A girl is praying in the sunset background.
A girl is praying in the sunset background.

Soul Contracts Types

Danielle informs us that no one has just one soul contract; we all have them.
"There are infinite soul contracts, and no individual has just one." Here are a few examples of popular soul contracts:
  • Soul Loyalty Contract: We choose to stay loyal to someone no matter what to show ourselves that we are friendly people.
  • Soul Sacrifice/Martyrdom Contract:we choose to put our wants aside to demonstrate to ourselves that we are good, worthy, or beloved) to a soul.
  • Soul Control Contract: We see that if we can control everything, we can secure an excellent ending to show ourselves that we are worthy or lovely, and so on.
  • Soul Independence Contract:We prefer to accomplish everything ourselves since we do not trust other people. This makes us feel secure and supported in the world since we will never be disappointed by someone else failing to provide.
Each soul contract exists to refute a false belief. As long as those bad ideas persist, a portion of us will cling to the soul contract to protect us," Danielle adds.

Effects Of Soul Contracts

Healing Effect

Soul contracts may have an impact on healing in a variety of ways. For example, when you sign a soul contract, the process of spiritual healing begins instantly. When we speak of healing, we typically mean physical and mental healing.
When we speak about spiritual healing, we're talking about your relationship with spirit and how it affects your health.
Overall, spiritual healing is the process that occurs when you respond to your spiritual needs for them to be met to the greatest degree feasible.

Attract Love Energy

Soul contracts connect you to the spirit of love by assisting you in recognizing when you need love and compassion. It allows you to demonstrate empathy and create a feeling of compassion that will serve you well throughout your life.
When someone is filled with love, they are at peace with themselves and those around them. This means you can know when love is there and take advantage of it as much as you can.

Boost Consciousness

Soul contracts improve awareness by teaching you to be in charge of your happiness. You are accountable for your life decisions, which impact how happy or sad you are. A higher degree of awareness may lead to a stronger connection with Spirit, which can lead to increased levels of well-being.

Help In Listening To Your Soul

Soul contracts assist you in listening to your soul. When you don't listen to your soul, you may experience bad thoughts and feelings of loneliness. Soul contracts will help you make the best choices for your future, giving you a feeling of purpose.
It is possible to live a meaningful life without adhering to universal principles, but it may come at a high cost that you cannot bear. If you don't finish your soul contract, you may feel guilty or ashamed because these are feelings connected to past events.

Help In Discovering Your Purpose

Soul contracts assist you in discovering your particular destiny by developing intuition. When your soul contract is completed, you may live a satisfying life with the purpose for the people around you.
When the opposite happens, and the soul contract is broken, you are more likely to feel fear or guilt because past events caused these feelings.

Assist Spiritual Development

Because it creates a feeling of equilibrium, the spiritual contract aids spiritual growth. Because the spiritual contract is associated with unconditional love, you may feel pleasure and happiness due to the unconditional love you get from others. As a consequence of this, your life will feel more purposeful.

Sync With The Universe

Soul contracts give birth to synchronicity and divine direction. It indicates that when your soul contract is completed, you will attract others who can assist you in completing it. But if someone gets in the way of your soul contract or breaks it, you will feel shame and guilt.

Breaking A Soul Contract

If you've read this far, you wonder, "Can a soul contract be broken?" The solution, however, is not as easy as that. Soul contracts are not something you can break, but rather something you can develop out of.
According to Danielle, "our soul contracts were made to shield us from our own toxic thoughts." The objective is not to break the soul contract but to investigate it and seek out the underlying negative mindset. "
Once you recognize the negative thought, it starts to alter, and the pressure placed on your life by the soul contract shifts as well.
"If I gradually come to realize, through my own understanding of my own actions, ideas, and emotions, that maybe I am safer than I thought or that maybe I am more loving than I thought, those soul contracts won't have such a strong grip on me anymore." To be free of our soul contracts, we must begin to believe differently about ourselves." Danielle elaborates.
So, soul contracts can't be broken, and they don't just go away. Instead, our relationship with them changes. The soul contract no longer influences us, and as we become aware of it, we gain power and perspective. We may consider various acts and make different decisions from there.

Knowing About The End Of A Soul Contract

Many of us are curious as to whether or not a soul contract has expired. Danielle says,
Once we have begun to learn the lesson that a soul contract has brought to our life, the repeating negative pattern that the soul contract has generated reduces and finally evaporates,
The more positive the idea behind Soul Contracts moves, the less negative behavior will appear-and the less that Soul Contracts will play a part in our lives until one day we glance around and find that it's entirely gone.
It's crucial to understand that this does not happen immediately and that breaking free from the grasp of a soul contract may require significant time, energy, and effort. But it is possible, and you may start moving down a new path with awareness and purpose.

People Also Ask

Can You Change Your Soul Contract?

The soul contract's natural beauty is that it may be altered with the assistance of a psychic.
Rather than attempting to teach you the same things you have previously learned, it may be rewritten to steer you toward fresh life lessons and experiences that will generate new value for your life.

What Is A Karmic Soul Contract?

Karmic contracts imply experiencing and living what has to be shared and lived. Contracts educate you, establish equilibrium, help you grow as a person, and even cure you. Karmic agreements are made to purge harmful activities (karma).

How Do You Break A Soul Contract?

Tell the person's soul that you wish them well and all the best in life but that you no longer want to be in a relationship with them.

How Do You Know If You Have A Soul Contract With Someone?

A soul bond is the feeling that another soul is in your life for a purpose. For example, if your life is busy and you meet a new potential friend or business partner, the feeling that you have a soul connection with this person may push you to make time for the relationship.


Having a feeling of purpose and satisfaction in your life is necessary. Otherwise, you will feel guilty. Because these feelings come from things that have happened in the past, the obstructed contract may cause worry or shame.
Soul contracts are a normal part of life, but we don't have to be controlled by them. We may begin to break free from their control and build a new reality for ourselves by being aware of the negative thoughts that they are based on.
If you feel you have a soul contract, realize that it is never too late to begin working on breaking free.
Fulfilling your soul contract may provide pleasure, joy, and significance in the lives of people around you.
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