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Spells For Weight Gain - Is This For Real?

If you are thinking that spells for weight gain exist or not. Then yes, they do exist. Actually, there are good and bad uses for spells for weight gain. These spells are ideal if you want to damage your opponent's appearance and force them to buy new clothing.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Nov 04, 2022
If you are thinking that spells for weight gainexist or not, then yes, they do exist. Actually, there are good and bad uses for spellsfor weight gain. These spells are ideal if you want to damage your opponent's appearance and force them to buy new clothing.
Or it can be used for weight gain if you or someone you know desires to do that. The spell will only make the person's active lifestyle worse if they lead one. It won't negate the natural effects of food and exercise on the body. A spell that causes weight loss can be used to negate this curse.
A Quora user, Raven Zachariah who is a practitioner of magick said:
There are two spells that can be used to make you gain weight.
The first is a healing spell. If you’re particularly slim due to illness, then a healing spell should correct the underlying issue that is making you slim.
The second is more dangerous.
A curse can be tweaked such that the “only” ill effects you suffer, are weight gain. The curse cause your body to gain (on average) a pound a week, every week - sometimes more.
That said, excessive weight gain is extremely dangerous to your health. This curse effectively means there's a very strong chance you will develop diabetestype 2, acid reflux, sleep apnea, heart disease, cancer... You are basically cutting YEARS off your life.
As you can imagine I don’t like doing these spells, so I always build in a "safety switch" - a ritual that the client must perform morning and evening to keep the curse alive. Fail to perform the ritual, and the curse will stall. Fail to perform it enough times and it will collapse. But, by performing the ritual the client is affirming that they understand the health risks and wish to continue.
Below is a spell for weight gain by SpellsOfMagic:
"Gods and goddesses above me please oh please.
Hear my plea.
I want to extend my belly so fat so wide.
If this dont work at least I tried.
Please please I beg thee fatter.
I command my belly grow grow and grow some more until I can barely fit out the door.
Please God hear my plea.
Make me have a big belly!"
But REMEMBER: Magick can affect bodily changes like weight gain or loss and beauty, but it won't happen right away; you'll need to put some work into making it happen in your life. It doesn't specify how to use this chant; it is merely a chant.
Spells for weight gain can work if you recite it before a workout or meal, for example - something you can do to further your goal - because you are giving it energy by doing so. This chant has a far lower probability of working if you say it and then go to bed or carry on with your daily activities because you're not aiding the spell in any way.

People Also Ask

Is There Any Book On Spells To Make You Gain Weight?

Yes, there is a book, "Spell To Cause Weight Gain: Make Your Enemies Pack On The Pounds", that is available on GoodReads.

Is There Any Spell To Make You Gain Weight?

Yes, you can try this, "Oh, great Lord, let this magick potion help me gain weight."

How Can Witchcraft Or A Black Spell Make A Person Fat?

The use of a curse is the only way to make someone fat using witchcraft. Essentially, a curse is the spiritual counterpart of a virus. The majority of curses are exceedingly deadly, however, it is possible to restrict the harm they can cause to "weight gain."


It won't help to just state, "I want to gain weight" or any spells for weight gain Charge your energy, make an intention, and then envision your goal before chanting. The energy around you would be charged to support you in achieving your objective, but without constant effort, nothing would happen.
The fact that magic does not defy nature and that you could gain weight while doing so would be acting against your metabolism should also be taken into account.
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