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Spiritual Awakening - Why Losing Friends Is A Possibility

People often experience spiritual awakening when they begin to doubt their religious beliefs. Trauma, mental disease, or any other type of stress might cause it. Anyone who has experienced a spiritual awakening can attest to the beauty and suffering that can accompany it. On the one hand, having a new perspective on the world and feeling a part of something bigger than yourself may be immensely empowering.

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People often experience spiritual awakeningwhen they begin to doubt their religious beliefs. Trauma, mental disease, or any other type of stress might cause it.
Anyone who has experienced a spiritual awakening can attest to the beauty and suffering that can accompany it.
On the one hand, having a new perspective on the world and feeling a part of something bigger than yourself may be immensely empowering.
However, waking up may also be an isolating and perplexing experience, especially when it comes to relationships.
People going through a spiritual awakening frequently lament that they feel as though their friends are evaporating.
This article will help you comprehend why this occurs and how to handle the loneliness that frequently follows a spiritual awakening.

Why Do We Lose Friends After A Spiritual Awakening?

No one likes to feel like they're losing friends, but most people feel this way when they have a spiritual awakening. When people have a spiritual awakening, the most common reason they lose friends is that they change into someone different from who their friends knew them to be.
Their friends stay the same, but they change and grow quickly. As you go through the awakening process, your values and priorities are likely to change.
What was important to you before might not be as important to you now, and vice versa. The hobbies and things you used to enjoy may no longer make you happy.
In short, your spiritual awakening makes you a different person than you were before. This can be beautiful, but it can be hard for other people to understand and accept.
Your friends might not know how to deal with the new you, so they might lose interest or try to hold on to the old you and fight the changes you are making.
Think of it this way: a spiritual awakening can be like getting too big for your clothes. You change and grow so quickly that the clothes you used to love don't fit you anymore. So you buy new clothes that fit your new body and your new sense of who you are.
In the same way, when you have a spiritual awakening, you may find that your old friends don't fit with your new way of thinking and being. You'll outgrow them, and you'll have to find new friends who are more like the person you've become.

Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms (Are You Experiencing Any of These Things?) | Awakening Process

First Time Letting Go

Whether you like it or not, spiritual enlightenmentwill require you to let go. It is no longer up to you to decide what the cosmos will do; everything happens is in the hands of actual nature itself.
It might be a painful experience to notice your attachments sliding away from you, your friends, hobbies, and desires. It's a time-consuming process. For at least two years, I didn't feel right, and the adventure continued.
Lifeis a letting go process. Everything will be released at some point. On your spiritual journey, you will discover over and over that whatever it is, it must be let go of.
If you are concerned that losing friends is a terrible thing, I urge you to take a close look at what is going on right now.
Were your pals truly aligned with your life's mission? Did your buddies always encourage you on your life's journey? Do you feel at ease around them, or are they a source of toxicity in your life?
You may discover that your previous friendships were founded on ego rather than genuine bonds. You become more conscious of the truth now that the ego has nothing to protect it because a piece or all of it has been destroyed.
Being honest with yourself can be a difficult undertaking. A spiritual awakening compels you to be truthful. Take that honesty and put it to good use. Don't worry, nothing bad will happen, just follow your instincts.

Life Without Friends

If you have chosen to keep your distance from friends throughout your spiritual awakening, it can feel awful. People who you had known for years suddenly disappeared.
The flow of life means that sometimes you have many friends and other times you don't. You may occasionally have a lot of money and other times none.
The easiest way to deal with losing friends is to simply accept the fact that there is nothing you can do. Do not attempt to combat the world; rather, be at its entire mercy. It pushes back more forcefully the more you struggle.
Recognize precisely what is occurring for you at this precise time. It's okay if you're sad about losing your buddies if you are. Instead of fighting it, enter it. Think about it. Be as much of the agony as you can.
Your life will change, your work may change, and your interests may change. Go with the change instead than resisting it.
All of these difficult early lessons you acquire will eventually make sense as you advance. It's faith in the universe or something more significant.

How To Cope With Friendship Losses During A Spiritual Awakening

It is crucial to know that you are not alone if, during a spiritual awakening, you find yourself losing friends.
This is a normal occurrence for many individuals experiencing an awakening. And while it might be painful, it is also a chance for development.
Here are some suggestions to assist you manage this process:

Be Kind With Yourself

It's normal to feel depressed and lonely after losing friends, so try not to be too hard on yourself. Keep in mind that everyone is traveling on their own trip and that you are exactly where you should be.
One door will close, another will open, and eventually you'll make new pals that more accurately represent who you are right now. It's time to move on from your former buddies who entered your life for a certain reason.

Spiritual Awakening Signs | spiritual | enlightenment

Discover Your New Tribe

Discovering your new tribe, or the people who share and support your journey, is one of the nicest things you can do after losing friends. Look for like-minded people in spiritual communities or internet networks.
You might discover that new pals are calling to you in unexpected areas. Wherever you find them, treasure them and allow them to support you during this journey.

Spend Quality Time In Nature

Nature has a way of showing us that we are part of something bigger than ourselves and that we are connected to the universe.
You can recall that you are not alone and that everything happens for a reason by spending time in nature. You may feel more grounded and your emotions of isolation or loneliness may be lessened.

Write Your Thoughts And Feelings

You can process your thoughts and emotions well by writing. Whatever you are thinking and feeling, no matter how unfavorable it may seem, write it down.
It can be calming to get your feelings and thoughts out of your head if you're experiencing tension or anxiety. Additionally, it may enable you to view your circumstances differently.

Engage In Self-Care

It's critical to take care of your physical and mental needs when things are changing. Make sure to consume wholesome foods, engage in regular exercise, and obtain enough rest.
Also, arrange some time for activities that bring you joy, such as reading, spending time with loved ones, or engaging in creative endeavors. You'll be better able to face any difficulties that come your way if you take care of yourself.

Stay Away From The Past

We all do this to some degree, so wanting to cling to the past is understandable. You can't, though, cling to the past indefinitely. You must eventually let go of your attachment to your former life and move on.
This doesn't imply that you should forget about your previous acquaintances, but rather that you should accept what happened and put your attention on the here and now. Being in the moment will enable you to view all of the fresh options at your disposal.

Maintain An Open Heart

Finally, keeping your heart open is one of the most crucial things you can do after losing friends during a spiritual awakening. It may be tempting to withdraw emotionally after being injured, but doing so will only prevent you from making new and enduring friendships.
Allow yourself to experience your emotions, but don't get caught up in them. Remember, you are not alone; there are otherswho understand what you are going through.
A man wearing a white shirt and black pant standing in a green field with his hands spread out in the air
A man wearing a white shirt and black pant standing in a green field with his hands spread out in the air

People Also Ask

What Happens During A Spiritual Awakening?

A subjective experience in which an individual's ego transcends their typical, finite sense of self to encompass a wider, infinite sense of truth or reality is referred to as spiritual awakening.

What Are The Signs Of Spiritual Awakening?

Observing your patterns, feeling connected, letting go of attachment, experiencing inner peace, growing your intuition, having synchronicity, increasing your compassion, and letting go of fear of death

How Do I Complete My Spiritual Awakening?

Begin by making space, then examining your beliefs, being mindful and intentional about what you think, expanding your mind, sleep assistance, going outside, there is energy, spirit, and enchantment in the outdoors, taking care of yourself, and learning to let go.

What Are The Five Stages Of Spiritual Awakening?

Overcoming ignorance, seeing a vision of your spiritual journey, catching a glimpse of spirit, conducting a more in-depth investigation, selecting a path, traveling along the path, becoming one with the path, and finally merging with the path.


Your deepest parts of your soul will undoubtedly experience the initial shock of awakening. Now is the right time to consider your prior decisions introspectively. In retrospect, it may not have been apparent to us, but after awakening, you will begin to see how many of your acts weren't in keeping with your true purpose.
I would caution you against making any significant decisions right away if you have just begun to awaken. Make the important decisions after taking some personal time to determine exactly what you need to face. Even today, I informed my best friend that "we aren't aligned anymore," which was a mistake and something I regret saying.
As you continue on, take caution. You are being thrown around by life in all directions, so it's fair to feel unsteady. There is nothing to be ashamed about, so take your time readjusting to your new surroundings. At first, the early stages of awakening seem so terrifying, but as time passes, you'll realize that they were required for you to progress.
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