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9 Tech Hacks That Will Help Students

Being well-versed in technology isn't enough these days. With students relying on technology for everything from online classes to taking tests, it has become crucial to have a few tech hacks under your sleeve.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Sep 27, 202216 Shares511 Views
Being well-versed in technologyisn't enough these days. With students relying on technology for everything from online classes to taking tests, it has become crucial to have a few tech hacksunder your sleeve.
In this article, we will tell you about some of the most interesting tech hacks that will be useful for students.

Get Help With Homework

Gone are the days when you had to spend hours in the library to complete an assignment, and now, you only have to turn to the internet. However, an even simpler tech hack is to use resources such as paper edit on WritePaperthat are created to help students with homework and other assignments.
So, these platforms work with academic experts who can offer sample essays for students on the same topic. You can place an order, mentioning the word count and any particular notes you have. What's more, you can even choose the writer you want. Then the platform will send you a tailored essay that you can use as a reference for your homework.
This hack can be used not only for homework essays but also for college term papers, dissertations, and even a thesis - no matter your study field.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

This might not seem like a new tech hack, but if you aren't using keyboard shortcuts, you are missing out on a life-changing tip. You can easily open new windows, new browser tabs, split screens, and more - right with your keyboard.
And accidentally closed a tab in your browser window? There is a shortcut for that topo, and perhaps the most useful one out of all.
  • On mac: command + shift + t
  • On Windows: ctrl + shift + t
To find more keyboard shortcuts, students can simply search for them or find a video. These are not too hard to memorize, and you will get used to them after a few days.

Find Sample Exam Papers

You already know that one of the best ways to prepare for an exam is to consult previous test papers. They offer insight into how exams are formatted and know what kind of questions to expect. Of course, you can simply do a Google search to find them.
But if you want more accurate results, you can do a Google search phrase - site:edu [subject] exam.
So, suppose you are taking an HTML course, and there is an exam coming up. In your browser, open Google, and enter site:edu HTML exam.
And the search engine will instantly show you results from educational and academic websites - which you can use for practice. You can use this hack to find exam papers across all subjects.

Find Textbooks Online

Another Google search hack is to find study materials online in PDF versions. For this, you can use the search tag: [book name] + filetype:pdf.
You can also type in the subject instead of the textbook name or try other file formats such as epub. Even without using this search hack, you will be able to find study materials online. This can be a great way to save money instead of having to go to a bookstore to find textbooks.

Create Gifs from YouTube Videos

Gifs have become the new way of communication. But, of course, not all of us have the talent or the required skill to make gifs from scratch. But instead, we can use some tech hacks to convert our favorite videos into gifs.
Head over to, and paste the URL of the YouTube video. The website will instantly convert the video into a gif so that you can share it with your friends right away.

Listen to Ambient Sounds When Studying

Sometimes, playing songs in the background can be very distracting when trying to focus. On the other hand, not having any background music can also be uncomfortable.
Instead of using YouTube to find the perfect music background, try Coffiitivty. This website allows users to access background sounds from different cafe settings - such as in a hotel lounge, a university campus, or a cafe. The free selection is only a handful; nevertheless, it will serve the purpose of most students. And if you opt for a premium version, you will be able to find dozens of tracks based on different themes.

Use Pomodoro Technique to Focus

Thinking about how to maintain your concentration on studying? Here is a tech hack that you can use with just your phone. The Pomodoro technique is a time management method in which you will focus on a task for 20 minutes. This sounds reasonable, right? Once you complete one session, you can take a five-minute break.
After four sessions, you can take a long break. You can either set the alarms on your phone or download a Pomodoro app on one of your gadgets- bet it your laptop or tablet.
Some of these apps even let you block certain sites during the study sessions, so you will not be able to get distracted so easily.

Get Tips on How to Pick the Right Classes

The right professor can make a lot of difference in how much you end up liking a class. Now, there is a dedicated website that allows first-year studentsto leave comments about their experiences with professors.
Check out to receive input on how students managed to excel in a particular professor's class. Based on these comments, you will get valuable insight into deciding whether or not you want to choose a specific subject for college.

DIY hack for Boosting WiFi

Finally, here is a tip that can be a lifesaver for bad WiFi. If you are plagued with bad reception or other signal issues, try making a DIY disc with the help of aluminum foil. Place it on top of your WiFi router - and voila, you will notice an instant boost in your WiFi signals.
These tech hacks can be incredibly useful for students, helping them save time and focus on work more efficiently.
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