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The Devil Tarot Card Meaning - Major Arcana

Although the tarot cards feature a few religious symbolism and images, they are not specially identified with any one specific faith. One such emblem is the devil card from the tarot deck. This article will let you know about the devil tarot card meaning, so in order to learn about it in detail, continue reading.

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Although the tarotcards feature a few religious symbolism and images, they are not specially identified with any one specific faith. One such emblem is the devil card from the tarot deck. This article will let you know about the devil tarot card meaning, so in order to learn about it in detail, continue reading.
The devil tarot card, the fifteenth trump in the Major Arcana, symbolizes our aspirations as humans, especially those that are connected to the material or physical world. The main theme of this card is having a bad connection, either with other people or with oneself. This card also represents the darkest, most primal emotions we as humans have.
Although this card may seem depressing, it does not always portend disaster when it comes to reading. You are advised to concentrate on the aspects of your lifethat you feel out of control in and make an effort to alter those aspects.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning And Significance

The Horned Goat of Mendes, often known as Baphomet, is seen on the devil card. This figure, who is half human and half goat, represents the harmony between good and evil in both human and animal nature. This person became a leading representative of the occult and all that is seen as evil throughout the centuries.
The events that take place when you give in to your most primal cravings are symbolized by the devil having wings that resemble those of a vampire bat. His magnetic stare, which enslaves those who come too near, draws anybody who glances at him for more than a few seconds to him.
An inverted pentagram, a representation of occultism and black magic, is seen above the devil. The devil raises his right hand in a Vulcan Salute (a gesture like the Jewish Blessing), and he carries a torch in his left hand that is on fire.
At the podium where the devil is seated, a man and a woman are chained. They seem powerless and are at the foot of the devil. But it seems as if they are being held here against their will. You can see that their neck chains are slack and might be taken off if you look attentively.
Small horns are seen on the heads of both the male and the lady. This is a sign that they are gradually becoming bad as long as they are under the devil's influence. Their shared tail serves as a representation of their primal urges and animalistic tendencies. The grapes they are holding stand for human passion and enjoyment.

The Devil Tarot Keywords

Check out the collection of keywords connected to this Major Arcana card to get an idea of the meaning of the upright or inverted devil tarot card.
  • Upright - Attachments, Materialism, Playfulness, Extravagance, Addiction
  • Reversed - Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Freedom, Emancipation, Regaining Control
  • Numerology - 15
  • Planet - Saturn
  • Element - Earth
  • Yes or No - No
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign - Capricorn

The Devil Upright Card Meaning And Guide

The devil upright tarot card symbolizes both the dark forces that are holding you back from greatness and your inner darkness (your shadow self). These include dangerous mental patterns, poisonous relationships, addictions, unhealthy habits, and negative influences.
You've been sucked into a vicious cycle of both short-term happiness and long-term misery. Similar to the lover's card, the devil represents choice and duality. The devil card suggests that your decision to pursue instant satisfaction will eventually have an impact on your happiness and quality of life. It seems as if you have sold your soul to the devil.
The devil card is likely to show up in your spread when you've been tricked into thinking that you have no power and control over your shadow self (your dark side) or these negative forces. If you want something, you will go to any lengths to have it, even if it means going against your moral convictions.
You harm both yourself and other people when you give in to these baser cravings and desires. You are well aware of this. The first step to getting rid of destructive habits in your life is recognizing and admitting them.
When the devil tarot card appears in a reading, it suggests that you have the ability to make harmful influences visible to you so that you may take steps to break free from their hold. Concentrate on getting rid of the bad habits that have been hindering you for so long. You will start to observe these patterns disappearing over time.
The devil tarot card predicts that you won't be able to instantly overcome your addictions and obsessions since they are extremely strong patterns. It will take a lot of courage and determination on your behalf to escape from its hold. Know that it is possible even if you don't think it is.
The devil upright tarot card may also represent a strong tie between two people, as is that between a mother and her newborn child or a fledgling relationship that is still in its infancy.
It's crucial to keep in mind that if you don't remain in touch with your inner guidance or protect your own boundaries, this healthy attachment might develop into a toxic, overly reliant relationship.
Alternatively, the devil may stand for both your illogical and lusty sides. You could be thinking about bondage, fetishes, and your most horrifying desires. If done in a spiritual, upbeat, and secure setting, this may be a really illuminating experience.
Establish clear boundaries and make intelligent relationship choices. Avoid being too devoted to people or things. If a relationship begins to suffocate you or you don't enjoy it, be prepared to end it at any time. The only thing that counts in the end is you.

The Devil Reversed Card Meaning And Guide

The devil reversed card may appear in your reading when you're about to enter a new phase or have a breakthrough. You must first let go of any poisonous attachments or restrictive ideas that could be keeping you from realizing your full potential.
You often have to face your own darkness before you can embrace happiness and accomplish greatness. Whatever the issue, addiction, a poor relationship, work that is uninteresting, etc. It might be a problem. Give up whatever restrictions you may have placed on yourself that are hindering your development. It turns out to be simpler than you imagine.
In order to free oneself from the constraints of self-limiting ideas, harmful relationships, and pointless commitments, the devil reversed card pushes you to confront your own fears and concerns.
Get rid of the things you know are harmful to you to take care of your inner awareness and yourself. Whether you want to eat healthier, exercise more, or spend more time with loved ones, making minor lifestyle adjustments may help you get more of what you want out of life.
Keep your attention on the primary goal of independence, which is to change your life for the better.
Whether you're prepared or not, a reversed devil card may appear when you're about to explore your innermost, darkest, and most hidden regions. You become stronger, more self-assured, and more courageous when you choose to go in this direction.
In order to either let them go or utilize them in a positive way in your everyday life, you're on a mission to get a deeper awareness of your deepest self. You can discover that you are quite different from who you once thought you were. However, you must do it unwillingly or against the opposition.
You can feel anxious or depressed, or you might have unsettling ideas that you don't entirely understand. Please see an experienced therapist if this speaks to you.
The devil reversed can be an indication that you're hiding your darkest, most secretive side from other people. There are thoughts, desires, addictions, and behaviors you may prefer to keep to yourself out of embarrassment or shame.
If you can open out to at least one trustworthy person about your darker side, you could feel less guilty, since holding secrets can make you feel worse.
It's equally important to accept and forgive one's own viewpoints. If you think you could hurt yourself or someone else, you should get professional treatment right once.
You are urged to distance yourself from materialistic pleasures by the reversed devil card. Buddhists believe that through practicing detachment, you may transcend your hunger for things, people, or ideas about the world and become free of all shackles.
You still value people and things, but you are no longer dependent on them to make you happy. When the devil reversed appears in a tarot reading, you can find that picturing breaking the connection with someone else helps you let go of unhealthily attached relationships.

The Devil Tarot In Love And Relationships Readings

When the devil tarot card appears in a love reading, it is unfavorable newsfor both you and your significant other. The devil is a metaphor for a selfish, violent, and disloyal individual.
Relationship problems might also be brought on by issues with addiction or mental health. To resolve these relationship problems, both you and your spouse need to get the right counseling. If you are willing to work on your relationship, it is not doomed.
If the problems are not addiction-related, then the devil denotes that someone in your connection or relationship is feeling constrained.
If you're single, you can think that you'll never find the right person. It's still conceivable that things aren't going according to plan even if you're totally committed.
Don't be too quick to break up with or end a relationship when it comes to love. Take a vacation instead, and spend some time doing what you actually love to do to rejuvenate your body and mind.

The Evil One Reading The Tarot For Yes/No

The devil is a thundering "No" in a yes-or-no interpretation. It delivers more than simply a warning due to its negative implications, which include violence, misery, and abuse.
The devil tarot card's inclusion in a yes-or-no reading signifies that your wishes will not be fulfilled. We need to reconsider our strategy.

The Devil Card In Money And Career Tarot Reading

Are you unhappy at work right now? Do you have a debt problem? When the devil card appears in a financial or career reading, it signifies helplessness. Even if you're always moving physically, you have a sense of inner stagnation or stuckness.
If that's the case, you must pause to reevaluate your circumstance and discuss your alternatives moving forward with a close relative or friend. The devil warns you that a con artist is around, so if you're going to confide in someone, be sure it's them!

The Devil Tarot Card In Health And Spirituality Reading

In a healthreading, the devil tarot card represents a lack of self-care. It highlights the impact bad habits and worry may have on your body and psyche.
It is important to be conscious of any areas of your life where you could be overindulging since this might be harming your general health. Find strategies to progressively become better at them. If you are experiencing any kind of mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, or another condition, you should think about getting help right away.
Spiritualityreadings with the devil tarot card often focus on the issue of self-doubt about one's own psychic abilities. It's conceivable that your subconscious has been conditioned to see metaphysical connections and divination as wicked endeavors.
Recognize that this is untrue! It is crucial to put an end to these false beliefs. You must first honestly assess your own particular belief system in order to advance spiritually.

Drawing The Devil Card In Tarot Reading

The tarot card meaning for the devil is finished. If the devil card appears in your tarot spread, it means you need to quit giving in to your impulses and wants. Instead, work to achieve your life's mission and advance the things that are really important.

People Also Ask

What Does The Upright Devil Tarot Card Mean?

The devil card represents illusion. Addiction, depression, and unhealthy relationships may make you feel powerless over your life, thoughts, and choices.

What Does The Devil Tarot Card Mean In Love Readings?

The devil in a love tarot reading is egoistic, manipulative, and disloyal. This card suggests seeking expert help. If you want to recover your relationship, prioritize reconciliation.

What Does The Devil Reversed Card Mean In Tarot?

The reversed devil comes in tarot readings when you're ready to transcend. To attain greatness, let rid of harmful attachments.


The article’s goal is to provide you with a better understanding of the devil tarot card's meaning. We would be very interested in hearing from you about whatever is on your mind. Please comment below, we would love to respond to you.
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